Focusing on industrial AI + RPA, “Taodao Intelligence” provides enterprises with a cloud industrial security PaaS platform

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The further development of artificial intelligence and the practice at the landing level in the past two years have revealed that close integration with industry is an important future direction.Among them, the application of AI in the industrial field is a relatively hot trend in the near future, and the more traditional attributes of this industry have placed higher requirements and challenges on the technology, data and industry understanding of artificial intelligence.Established in 2018, the industrial AI company 湃 道 INTELLIGENCE hopes to penetrate the traditional industrial markets such as petroleum and chemical industries to provide AI + RPA solutions in the field of industrial security for large enterprises.Founder and CEO Zhang Zhaozhi introduced 36 氪. The market entered by Marty Intelligence has two characteristics: First, the market is more traditional. With the development of technology, the degree of automation has also increased to a higher level-this refers to production information.The level of informationization is high, but the management informationization is slightly behind.Take the oil industry intelligently targeted by Martial Arts as an example. After decades of construction, the hardware level of domestic oil companies has reached the international average level, but after the automation of production equipment, personnel are still needed to monitor and control. With experienceThe old employees are gradually retiring or changing jobs, and the management level of the central control room has become a great obstacle to improve production efficiency and safety.The high incidence of accidents is largely due to the incomplete construction of EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) system for frontline managers.Second, safety issues are crucial in the production process, and very small human errors can cause great losses.Founder CEO Zhang Zhaozhi is a serial entrepreneur.He previously led a team from a drone unicorn company into the industrial drone field, providing a large number of industrial customers with equipment and facilities such as drones, as well as software and hardware.Real-time image inspection services, petrochemicals account for more than half of this customer group.Zhang Zhaozhi said that serving a large number of industrial customers made him know the importance of safety of people and equipment. Every accident in an industry is often accompanied by the loss of life, the deterioration of the surrounding ecology and the regional economy.Therefore, Marty Intelligence hopes to use AI to change security management from passive to active.For national pillar enterprises such as the petrochemical industry, Marty Intelligence can also make full use of the company’s original resources in hardware, equipment and scheduling to improve management efficiency.Specific to the product, the intelligent solution relies on real-time image processing, visual small sample analysis, AI and RPA technology, and uses hardware + PaaS platform to assist front-line personnel to manage various production systems distributed in the factory (such as all generating devicesDCS system) and personnel, using a similar unmanned central control scheme to fundamentally prevent systemic errors in the industrial field.We look at the intelligent business and product logic from the perspective of platform functions.The main product of Marty Intelligence is Cloud Industrial Security Prime Safety +, which is mainly divided into three parts: On-site monitoring platform Prime Eagle: through hardware + software products, bypassing the CCTV system, real-time perception and analysis of person activities and specific behaviors, and real-time detection of security threatswarning.Zhang Zhaozhi said that the current solutions on the market are mainly based on video images and big data for analysis, but the industrial field scene is complex and the data is extensive. It is difficult to reflect the real situation of the job scene by collecting data alone, and a single unstable phenomenon is easyNeglected.Eagle’s advantage is that it can perform real-time analysis and analyze the correlation between people, things, and events in the video data, and discover and report hidden dangers and illegal operations.Data and analysis platform Prime Lion: Combined with Eagle’s front-end data and expert experience in the field of industrial security, Lion will comprehensively analyze structured security data and unstructured data, and integrate them with the various settings set by the headquarters or corporate executives.The safety sub-objectives are compared and predicted on the safety side.Lion can flexibly interface with customer management ERP and other management information systems through other modules to establish an intelligent management system.Once there is a hidden danger, Lion will pass the built-in alarm system to the corresponding management.RPA Robot Prime Chipmunk: Chipmunk combines AI vision capabilities, which can monitor and operate all screens in the factory by simulating the eyes and hands of human employees, including industrial systems such as DCS, Enablon, Rockwell, etc. commonly used in the industrial field, and general-purpose systems such as ERP systems.Business system.Chipmunk currently adopts a manned mode, which can monitor these systems in real time, 7 days * 24 hours, to assist human employees to avoid potential safety hazards caused by mistakes or neglects. It will previously require 5-6 administrators to operate all systems, leaving them to 1Just do it.At present, many AI companies in the landing industry field will also do systems such as automatic control, operation and maintenance, etc. What are the advantages of Martial Intelligence?CEO Zhang Zhaozhi made two points.First of all, most of the systems used in factories are separate. Large factories may have dozens of DCS systems and sensor systems, which belong to different operating departments.We intelligently and innovatively integrate AI vision technology and composite algorithms into these systems, simulate human employee monitoring systems, web pages, paper document recognition, etc. in the form of RPA, and simulate mouse clicks to locate specific sensors to see if there are any current anomalies.Behaviour happens.The advantage of RPA is that because the system interface of DCS changes slowly, the machine can automatically recognize the operation based on the operation interface. For the closed attributes of various industrial systems, RPA can also bypass the difficulty of opening the interface between the systems and achieve rapid, an important problem in the field of AI landing industry is that the data in the industrial field is not as thick as those in finance and other industries, and it is difficult to quickly apply artificial intelligence algorithm architecture.At this level, Marty Intelligence applies small sample algorithms at the video surveillance level, and combines the experience of experts in the petrochemical industry to implement specific algorithm strategies to break down the monitoring points of hidden safety incidents into enough details, such as monitoring human actions and physical space changes., External conditions (sound, light, heat), etc., combined with historical data, calculate the correlation between them to make an early warning.The differences in algorithm strategies brought by these product thinking and expert experience are the core competitiveness of Marty Intelligence.At present, Marty’s intelligent products have basically matured and entered the commercialization stage.Zhang Zhaozhi said that the accuracy rate of the early warning of abnormal events on the Prime platform is 98%, which can shorten the discovery time of faults and security incidents to less than 1 second.In terms of market landing strategy, Martyll Intelligent charges a one-time deployment + annual fee + follow-up maintenance costs, mainly for large enterprises. Existing benchmark customers include Royal Dutch Fubao, Sinopec and various safety supervision departments in various places.In terms of team, founder and CEO Zhang Zhaozhi is an MBA from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University. He has 20 years of management experience and has worked for a unicorn company in the drone industry, building industry drone products and systems and services.More than 90% of the business has successfully landed in Europe and the United States..

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