Byte Beat completes investment in Song Zhi Intelligence, and the AI ​​field falls again


Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Financial Doodle” (ID: caijingtuya), author Stone Jin, editor tuya, 36 氪 Published with permission.Original title “Byte Beat Completes Investment in Song Zhi Intelligence: Enabling Manufacturing with AI Technology” According to the company’s intelligence expert “Financial Doodle”, Byte Beat has recently completed its investment in Song Zhi Intelligence, which is positioned to passDevelop AI technology to empower manufacturing.According to the data of Tianyan Inspection, on January 9th, Hangzhou Songzhi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. changed its business. Byte-beating investment entity, Beijing Quantum Jumping Technology Co., Ltd., became the company’s new shareholder.As a company director, the registered capital also increased by 25.71% to 2.64 million yuan.In addition to the byte beating, Beijing Lenovo Intelligent Internet Innovation Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership) also became a shareholder of the company.It can be seen through equity penetration that this investment entity is actually Lenovo Venture Capital.It is worth noting that the investment entity was just established on November 14, 2019, and Songzhi Smart is also the first project it invested in.Before ByteDance and Lenovo Venture Capital, Songzhi Smart also received angel round financing from Yingnuo Angel Fund and Pre-A round financing from Gaorong Capital.Public information shows that Song Zhi Smart, established in 2017, is a technology company engaged in R & D and production of collaborative robots and providing customers with overall intelligent solutions. The company is headquartered in Hangzhou, and its main operations are located in Shanghai and Shenzhen.There is Heidelberg Innovation Center in Germany.Songzhi Intelligent has developed machine intelligent control system AOS, machine intelligent control system AOS-UI, AOS-Libs (algorithm library), AOS hardware-A1 integrated motion controller and other products, which are used in panels, polishing, electronic components,Semiconductor and other industries.According to the official introduction, the founding teams of Song Zhi are all “German returnees”. Among them, Ding Hao, co-founder and CEO, has been studying in Germany for 14 years and obtained a doctorate in engineering.An international safety standard for industrial collaborative robots.It is worth mentioning that this investment in Songzhi Smart is also a relatively rare investment in byte / beat in artificial intelligence / hardware related fields, but the frequency of shots has increased recently.Business card statistics show that of the 77 investment events disclosed by ByteDance so far, Entertainment Media is its main investment track, with a total of 20; corporate services, social communities, education and training are close behind.The last time in August 2019, Byte Beat completed its investment in Zero Rhino Technology, which is committed to bringing AI technology to the front-end technology companies of enterprise-level customers. Its core product “Moses Brain” is based on natural language understanding, multi-Enterprise-level cognitive intelligence platforms built by core technologies such as round dialogue, knowledge mapping, and deep learning have landed in industries such as communications operators, finance, insurance, government affairs, and health.

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