Technology | French VR training developer “Immersive Factory” completes £ 850,000 financing, mainly from WaterStart Capital


Editor’s note, this article comes from WeChat public account @ 映 维 网 ARVR (ID: “YivianXR”), the original author @ 映 维 网, the original title “VR training developer Immersive Factory completes £ 850,000 financing”, reproduced with permission from 36 氪,Slightly cut.According to the news released by on January 15, 2020, the developer of open VR training content “Immersive Factory” recently announced the completion of a £ 850,000 financing (about 7.62 million yuan), funded by WaterStart Capital.This financing is mainly used for further program development and will help “Immersive Factory” expand global customer support and iterate training methods on occupational health and safety.Companies around the world are realizing the benefits of virtual reality training because VR / AR training allows companies to teach new skills to employees at a lower cost and more securely.According to, customers of “Immersive Factory” include Shell, Colas, Siemens, Yue Hennessy, Suez Group, Volvo, Procter & Gamble, Engie, Airbus, EDF, Veolia Environmental Group and Saint-Gobain Group.In addition, “Immersive Factory” has established an international retailer network with more than 40 partners.The company team currently has administrative and sales headquarters in Paris, France, and its R & D center in Albi, France, has nearly 30 employees.The company has created a series of VR training content designed to reduce the incidence of accidents at work and improve employee work behavior.Olivier Pierre, CEO of Immersive Factory, stated in a statement: “Virtual reality allows us to reproduce a realistic work environment and is a course tailored for new employees. At the same time, itIt is a valuable asset for improving client’s occupational health and promoting safety training. Interesting curriculum methods can stimulate individuals’ interest in learning, enhance their ability to absorb new information, and break cultural barriers. In general, virtual realityLeading technology to achieve such teaching goals. “Olivier Pierre further added:” Since the company was founded, we have been working hard to provide our customers with a complete multilingual catalogue, making VR-basedOccupational health, safety and environmental training courses have become mainstream. “

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