Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “letter list” (ID: wujicaijing), Author: Tan cold night, 36 krypton release authorized.”Why are there no Huanong Brothers?” This is the comment with the highest appearance rate in various discussion posts after the B station announced the 2019 Top 100 UP main list not long ago.The Huanong brothers who are popular because of fancy eating bamboo rats have nearly 5 million fans at station B. They will update more than ten videos every month. Most of these videos updated in 2019 will be played with more than 2 million.There are many shortlisted up hosts, with two or three million followers and hundreds of thousands of individual videos. If they can be selected, there is no reason for the Huanong brothers to lose.Also in the B station with excellent data but failed to be selected are Ao Factory Manager and gourmet Wang Gang. Another similarity between them and the Huanong Brothers is that they all have cooperation or signing relationships with the headlines.The loss of these hot-up hosts may be a defensive action at station B. The aggressive headlines are trying to break through all directions of station B to compete for users.”It’s clear that the watermelon video is going to grab the market of station B, but it is more appropriate to say” counter-attack “rather than grabbing, because many stations of station B are hot, such as the Huanong brothers who came from the watermelon video.”Bit B station old user Wsns said.Bytebeat’s Watermelon Video is the position where Huanong Brothers released videos in the early days. Now Huanong Brothers is still launching videos on Watermelon Video, which will be updated one day at Station B. In addition, it will also provide exclusive videos for Watermelon Video.Huanong Brothers But the popularity of Huanong Brothers has greatly benefited from the B station.As of January 8, Huanong Brothers had 4.842 million followers at station B and 3.75 million followers in headlines (including Douyin, watermelon videos, etc.).Huanong Brothers posted a video of “A Dream of Bamboo Rats Last Night for Me” on Watermelon Video on December 28th. I wanted to eat bamboo shoots and dig for them to stew it. The views were 100,000 times, and I updated it at B Station the next day.The same video was played at 3.036 million and 57,000 barrage.In the same picture, Huanong Brothers got 100 replies on the watermelon video, 324 likes, and got 2082 comments and 23,000 likes on the B station.The scramble and counterattack of Watermelon Video has already begun.In addition to watching dramas, watching “Returning Pearls” at station B became a trend with the barrage. There was also a divine drama gathering area in the station’s TV drama area, including “Love in Deep Rain and Rain”, “Telling Dragons Against the Sky”, “Iron Teeth””Bronze Tooth Ji Xiaolan”, “Family Has Children” and other classic plays.Watermelon Video has also followed these classics since last year. In June 2019, a number of classic old dramas began to be exclusively broadcast on Watermelon Video, including “Bright Sword”, “Little Soldier Zhang Ga”, “Severe Case Group 1-4”, etc..The byte bounce also “started” for the master of station B.The first batch of game up owners at station B. In 2018, the director of the Ao factory with the highest number of fans turned the position to the headlines.In May this year, the factory manager Ao posted a “Weibo stop change” notice on Weibo. “At present, the headline platform is more in line with my temperament. Therefore, my Weibo stop will change in the future. My latest updates will beTransferred to today ’s headline. ”The hot comment on this Weibo is“ There are only four characters in the whole article, and I want to have dinner. ”At the end of June, the director of Ao began to produce an exclusive video“ The Director Is Here ”for today ’s headline.The factory director Ao, who has over 6 million fans at the B station, also did not appear on the 2019 top 100 UP main list. Many fans speculated that this was related to his cooperation with Toutiao.The director Ao issued a dynamic rumor especially at station B. “I don’t really like to attend many people’s occasions. Station B invited me last year. I thought for a long time and didn’t come, but recorded a video to receive the award. This yearStation B invited me again. I don’t think you need to take a seat if you don’t come this year. “But this has not stopped people’s speculation.A director of Ao ’s B station up analyzed the letter list. In the past, the watermelon video focused on sinking and trained a group of creators in the fields of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers.The most effective way is to cut corners. Station B, which is complementary to watermelon’s user base and has a similar video duration, has become the most suitable corner cut object.Not only the head-up master was dug, a young up-master with 5,000 fans at station B also said that he had been dug by the headlines before.In the field of short video, today’s pattern is Douyin and fast-handed. Xiaohongshu of Station B has its own strengths, but the unique cultural atmosphere of Station B has generated strong community stickiness. The depth and diversity of its content are within the headlinesThe product is not yet able to match it. In the future, in addition to the fast hand, the headline enemy list may also have station B.01 High loyalty of young users is a threat to headlines.In China, the community atmosphere and content form of Station B is the one closest to YouTube. Station B, which started from the second dimension, gathered a group of highly loyal users, and thus formed a high-quality barrage culture and community.Atmosphere, which is reflected in the high retention rate of new users on the data.When B stood for the pre-IPO roadshow in 2017, it had announced that its 12-month retention rate was 80%. By the second quarter of 2019, this figure has exceeded 80%.This brand style and user stickiness are envied by Internet companies.One of the main reasons for the increased danger of station B is its continuous generalization of content in recent years.After many years of hard work, the second dimension still failed to become the mainstream culture. The station B, which used the second dimension as its core, gradually opened the door to the three-dimensional world.At the end of 2017, Station B launched a documentary support plan for the ACG category that is not a core advantage of the platform. During this period, the platform continued to tilt towards lifestyle content.The salient features of the content in the living area are high traffic and low thresholds, which can attract new owners to join.Supporting life content, it is particularly cost-effective for the expansion plan of station B.According to DT financial statistics, in May 2014, the cumulative play volume of the “Game” area exceeded the “Fan Opera” for the first time, and then there was a short staggered upper position.The times are drifting away.In December 2016 and February 2018, the cumulative playback volume of the “Life”, “Entertainment” and “Film and Television” districts also surpassed the “Fan Opera” district in turn.At the end of 2018, Chairman Chen Rui of Station B mentioned that lifestyle video was the category with the fastest growth in the number of broadcasts and content on the platform in the past year, with an increase of 80% year-on-year.From the changes of the top 100 UP master districts in the past two years, the changes at station B can also be felt.In 2018, among the 100 major UP masters in Station B, there are 27 game masters, 13 music districts, 12 living districts, 12 ghost and beast districts, 8 gourmet districts and animation districts, and 7 movie and television districts. 2019In the year, the number of finalists in the game area was still the first, with 26, but the number of main participants in the basic zone of the B station such as the music area, the ghost animal area, the animation area, and the film and television area all declined, becoming 9, 9, 7, and 6, in contrast to the rise of living quarters, the number of finalists increased to 19, and the existence of living quarters at station B is getting stronger and stronger.”I didn’t expect it to be a living area!” A user of station B thought that the most frequently visited district would be games before seeing the year-end summary of station B in January this year.”We found that in the first half of the year, most of the content explosions and emerging upsurgers were generated in new categories such as life, entertainment, and technology.” After the second quarter 2019 financial report was released, Chen Rui said that living contributions had accounted for the average submission in the second quarter.47% of the volume, which was not the core category of station B, is slowly becoming the core category.The process of station B’s category expansion and user growth is at the same pace and mutually reinforcing.Chen Rui mentioned earlier that the new users of the platform in 2018 have broader attributes of interest than the old users-the basic disk of station B such as ACG content still attracts users, but the platform users are interested in newly cultivated categories such as documentaries and entertainment.Significantly improved.The more users a platform has, the closer the platform’s attributes will be to the attributes of the country’s average population.Taking the data at the end of the third quarter of 2018 as an example, from the perspective of geographical location, among the new registered users of station B in the year, the number of users in cities below the second-tier increased faster; from the perspective of user content interest, the platform ’s pan-entertainment contentThe proportion is rising, and these are close to the distribution of China’s population and the preferences of most young people in China.The growth of users at station B also benefits from the expansion of content categories.Chen Rui once attributed the main driving force for the continuous growth of users at station B to the expansion of the platform’s content category, the increase in content acquisition channels, and the enhancement of content quality. Attracted new users. The good community atmosphere built between old users has made the platform have a higher retention rate..02 When station B moves from the niche circle to the mainstream of the public, the development speed is accelerated, and it is inevitable that it will be connected with the headline department.In the second half of 2019, station B focused on strengthening the marketing of users who have not used station B or have not heard of station B before.”This is the highest priority job and can play an important role in the future growth.” Chen Rui said, “Before we rarely brand marketing, so although we are widely known among young user groups, but in a wider scopeInternal, such as older or non-urban users, we did not do marketing. “This is also one of the reasons why station B holds the New Year’s Eve party, in order to get out of the circle.In this online party, there are popular artists in mainstream entertainment markets such as Wu Yifan, Mayday, and Deng Ziqi, as well as Fang Jinlong, a national music master representing the minority culture, and classic IP of anime games. They also came to the ghost station in B stationGao’s CCTV host Zhu Guangquan served as the host of the party.”As far as possible to avoid pure two-dimensional or pure three-dimensional things.” Gong Peng, the director of the party, said the standard when selecting the party.This kind of out-of-circle content may be a starting point for station B. COO of the station B Li said previously that this year, the platform will have more positive actions to allow more content and users to integrate into station B.Station B is still strengthening the live broadcast business. In January, according to the Beijing News, station B will focus on the live broadcast business this year, and plans to invest 1.8 billion yuan. Station B did not respond to this.At the end of December last year, station B signed the well-known anchor Feng Timo.In terms of guiding e-commerce, station B has also collided with the headlines.At the end of 2018, Station B reached a cooperation with Taobao. A few months later, Taobao officially invested in Station B, accounting for about 8% of the shares.According to a report last year, Douyin and Taobao signed an annual framework agreement of 7 billion yuan, 6 billion yuan in advertising, and 1 billion yuan in commission.B standing on this road will inevitably meet the generals of the headlines one by one.Station B, which has purchased many of the drama’s copyrights, has always been regarded as a competitor of You Aiteng. The watermelon videos cut from the net comprehensive and classic dramas are regarded as new players of the long videos. When they break in from different forks, maybeBefore the fierce war with You Aiteng, the first encounter will be each other.Station B and Watermelon Video are also not interested in You Aiteng, they are fighting for the status of YouTube in China.Unlike B station, which started from the second yuan, watermelon video has been supporting the three agricultural content in cooperation with today ’s headlines in recent years, and has also cultivated creators such as Huanong Brothers and gourmet Wang Gang. If the watermelon video was in the “going to the countryside” for nearly two years,Buying sports rights and making a variety show on Watermelon Video may be “back to town.”In the process of expanding categories at the same time as station B, there will be more and more multiple categories.In the support plan for vlog, the two have already met.In May 2019, station B launched the vlog star plan, which includes 50 billion traffic exposures throughout the year, and 1 million special bonuses per month.In July, Watermelon Video announced the launch of a “10,000-month monthly salary” plan for vlog content, which will tilt tens of billions of traffic to vlog content and invest 100 million yuan in cash.Wsns analyzed the letter list. Watermelon videos are targeted at users of all ages, and Station B is more biased towards young people. The user threshold is high. The next step is that watermelon videos are eroding the market of Station B, and it ’s more like that B is eroding watermelon”Watermelon Video is digging up a lot of B-site up owners, and it is a large-scale digging.” A B-site up owner who was dug up by Watermelon Video told the alphabet list that he felt two competitive upgrades last year, and many up-owners nowIn the watermelon video synchronization is the content, the main side is happy to increase income, but also share the risk.”But whether these high-end content can be adapted to watermelon videos is another matter. In short, they are trying to change.” In 2018, the home page of Huanong Brothers B Station once displayed “more exciting content will be updated in watermelon video APP”, butIt has been deleted now.And several up masters who have cooperated with the headline department failed to appear on the 2019 top 100 UP master list, making the competition between the two public.The attitude of station B must be very contradictory to the bosses of Huanong Brothers who base their base camp on their competitors.Huanong Brothers contributed a lot of traffic to Station B, but Huanong Brothers put the first video rights and exclusive videos on Watermelon Video also means that the hotter they are, the more B Stations draw traffic for watermelon videos.03Wsns believes that the watermelon video is better than the B station in terms of support and technology for the host, and the atmosphere, user stickiness, and tolerance for specific cultures of the B station are higher.The above-mentioned owner, who has been dug by Watermelon Video, also said that the most unique feature of Station B is its community atmosphere, which is also not a substitute for domestic video platforms; the operation of Toutiao is more industrialized.However, there are still many problems to be solved for station B to challenge the headlines.An Internet watcher analyzed the alphabet list. It should be noted that there is still a considerable gap between the daily activity data of station B and the headline system.The latest daily activity updated by Douyin in January was over 400 million. At the end of 2019, the daily video of volcano video was over 50 million. In July 2019, the monthly video of watermelon video reached 131 million and the daily life was 50 million.The latest data from station B is that in the third quarter of 2019, the monthly activity was 127.9 million and the daily activity was 37.6 million.”If you want to challenge the headline department, you need to spend 100 million yuan before you say it.” And the headline department itself is constantly adjusting.Soon after the Douyin Day was announced, Byte Beat also announced another news. The volcano small video was renamed the Douyin Volcano version, and the content of the volcano and Douyin will gradually merge.The volcano small video was previously regarded as a product of byte beat sent and fast hand benchmarking, the fusion of the two is also more like a confrontation with the fast hand sponsored by the Spring Festival Gala.The Internet watcher also said that the generalization of the content of station B is a disruption to the original atmosphere, and it is doubtful whether it can maintain such high-speed growth in the future.With the continuous expansion of the content boundary of station B, its own secondary content is also continuously diluted, and the basic disk content and long-tail content of station B and their fans will inevitably produce cultural conflicts.”Why are there more and more primary school students at station B?” This is a question often encountered by station B in recent years. Primary school students are not a literal meaning, but refer to a younger age compared with the old driver at station B, which is incompatible with the early community atmosphere of station BNew users.Another question is that station B is gradually becoming more hands-on and vibrato.With the influx of life videos on station B, the local flavor video has also begun to appear on station B and continues to increase. This has also made it closer to the temperament of watermelon videos and headlines. The most obvious is Huanong.brothers.”If you want to become a Chinese oil pipe, there must be competition between the two sides, but who can win is still unknown.” Wsns said..

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