Sailing Daily | TikTok Announces Cooperation with “Netflix in Southeast Asia”; McDonald’s India and Zomato Provide Delivery Services to Consumers


This article from the “36 Krypton sea (micro letter ID: wow36krchuhai)”, Author: Jonathan DAW, 36 krypton release authorized.Southeast Asia TikTok announced that it has partnered with video streaming iflix to bring short videos to Southeast Asian users.36 氪 Zhuhai learned that through this cooperation, TikTok can place short videos on its platform on iflix’s platform, thereby reaching audiences in 13 countries in Southeast Asia covered by iflix.It is reported that iflix hopes that through this cooperation, it will provide subscribers on its platform with richer content and attract more users, especially millennials and Gen-z.TikTok plans to increase product awareness and exposure by delivering high-quality, diversified short video content on iflix.Central Retail Corp, Thailand’s largest retailer, is raising funds for an IPO or raising up to $ 2.7 billion from cornerstone investors.According to DealStreetAsia, this will make it the largest IPO in Thailand’s history.It is reported that Central Retail Corp’s IPO price range may drop to 40-43 baht (about 1.32-1.42 US dollars) per share, but has not yet been determined.A person familiar with the matter said that the company is expected to complete the cornerstone share portion and determine the final price of the IPO later on Wednesday or Thursday.In addition, Central Retail Corp’s IPO will begin on January 29, issuing 1.69 billion shares and placing 169 million shares.Gojek’s Food Delivery Division launches new subscription service in Indonesia.According to Tech in Asia, the Indonesian unicorn Gojek has introduced a new feature, GoFood Plus, for its food delivery division GoFood-allowing merchants to receive a certain number of food orders per day for a fixed monthly fee; GoFood Pickup-allowing consumers to go through the appOrder your food and pick it up at the restaurant; GoFood Turboc-ensure food is delivered within 30 minutes.It is reported that GoFood also cooperates with Google so that users with Android phones can place orders and track shipments through Google Assistant.At the same time, this cooperation is also the first cooperation between Google Assistant and Indonesia’s online food distribution platform.Indonesian unicorn Traveloka has partnered with the National Bank of Indonesia (BNI) to further develop PayLater services.According to KrAsia, through cooperation, Traveloka is able to provide credit services to more users, especially customers with insufficient bank deposits.At the same time, when Traveloka’s PayLater service is linked to the unsecured loan product of BNI Flex, a credit product of BNI, PayLater users will automatically become BNI customers.It is reported that BNI is the second bank to cooperate with Traveloka PayLater.In October 2019, the company launched a PayLater card in partnership with state-owned bank BRI Bank.Akseleran, a P2P lending platform headquartered in Indonesia, completed a $ 8.6 million Series A financing.According to Tech in Asia, this round of funding was led by Singapore-based venture capital Beenext, with participation from Access Ventures and Agaeti Venture Capital.Akseleran said that it will use the new funds to focus on team expansion and technology upgrades.McDonald’s India India has partnered with Zomato to provide takeaway services to consumers in northern and eastern India.According to YourStory, customers in northern and eastern India can now purchase McDonald’s through Zomato’s platform.It is reported that more than 125 McDonald’s restaurants can provide this service.Xiaomi has created 50,000 jobs in India.According to ET, employment areas include manufacturing, after-sales service, offline sales, logistics, and more.It is reported that Xiaomi said at a press conference on Wednesday: “Xiaomi has recruited more than 30,000 manufacturing employees, of which more than 95% are women.” He also added that Xiaomi is also in Bangalore’s corporate headquarters and five regional offices.Employs more than 1,000 employees.Xiaomi has formulated a new strategy to launch a series of high-end devices in India.According to ET, Xiaomi will double the price of its products (including smartphones and TVs) in India by 2020.According to the new strategy, Xiaomi will launch a series of high-end mobile phones under the Mi brand, and will also expand the large-screen smart TV category.It is reported that the company may also consider launching the concept phone Mi Max Alpha globally and in India. In addition to import duties, customers and other fees, the price of this concept machine in India may be as high as Rs 250,000 (approximately $ 3,532).Raghu Reddy, head of Xiaomi India’s online sales and category, said that the future Xiaomi brand will focus on the smartphone segment above Rs 20,000 (about US $ 282).Latin American Silicon Valley’s Twilio acquires Brazilian startup Teravoz.According to Contxto, the amount paid for the acquisition is unclear and the Teravoz name has been changed to Twilio Brazil.Africa Transsion Holdings expects to achieve a net profit of 1.67 billion to 1.88 billion yuan in 2019.36 氪 was informed that Chuan Yin Holdings announced that it expects to realize a net profit of 1.67 billion to 1.88 billion yuan in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 154.10% to 186.31%.The company continues to maintain strong profitability in the African market; at the same time, the Indian market is also in a good position by reducing the impact of tariffs and optimizing its product structure.Other Toyotas led Joby Aviation’s $ 590 million Series C financing.According to TechCrunch, this round of financing was led by Toyota, and the company’s total funding has reached $ 720 million.It is reported that benefiting from the automotive manufacturing experience of strategic partner Toyota, Joby is developing an electric air taxi service.Tencent leads a $ 45 million Series B round of French mobile payment application Lydia.According to TechCrunch, Lydia is heavily used in its home market, while other markets are relatively backward.The financing will help its development in foreign markets.Text | Du Jun @ 36 氪 出海 编 | Zhao Xiaochun @ 36 氪 出海 图 | Pixabay.

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