Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “New Retail Business Review” (ID: xinlingshou1001), Author: Zhang Wei Wei, 36 krypton release authorized.”Low-profile WeChat, high-profile fan show, can Internet peripheral development become a business?” Not long ago, the annual WeChat public course swept the screen in the circle of friends again. For many WeChat fans, even if they bought 1699 this year,Yuan’s admission ticket was still difficult to see Zhang Xiaolong’s glance; and this mood seemed to be satisfied in another way: the gray sweater worn by Zhang Xiaolong in the video speech that day was sold out within three days.In the circle of friends, Zhang Xiaolong’s same sweater appeared to become another carnival for WeChat fans.Low-profile WeChat, high-profile fan show, can Internet peripheral development become a business?Fans carnival, who drove the business who “finally grabbed Zhang Xiaolong’s sweater.” On January 10, Xiao Ao, a new media practitioner, posted a “Always Beta” (WeChat open class theme slogan) in the circle of friends.) Grey sweater.As a fan of WeChat’s father Zhang Xiaolong, this sweater is full of his idol worship.A shirt and sweater, or a hooded sweater-compared to the casual dressing of Zhang Xiaolong in the WeChat open class two years ago, this year, although he didn’t come to the scene, obviously Zhang Xiaolong was “well prepared.”In the video, Zhang Xiaolong only appeared for 12 minutes, and then he fired a niche tide brand. Within three days, this “endorsement” by Zhang Xiaolong did not print any WeChat official logo, nor did he see WeChat large-scale publicity.The sweater was quietly sold out.This WeChat Open Class and COMMON GENDER’s joint-designed sweater is officially priced at 899 yuan, which is much higher than the average pricing of WeChat’s own peripheral products.Zhang Xiaolong’s WeChat Open Class The same sweater is in Westore, a small mall around WeChat. The price of a gray hooded sweater is only 200 yuan; but after co-branding with the brand, the price of clothing has increased by about 4 times. According to the positioning of COMMON GENDER, 1000 yuan up and down only meet the standard of the basic models.Three years ago, WeChat conducted a crossover with another clothing brand GAP for the first time and launched a T-shirt with a WeChat emoji package. Through the brand crossover, WeChat emphasized the basic brand concept of “WeChat is a lifestyle”, but both partiesNo final sales were disclosed.This time, WeChat, through Zhang Xiaolong’s endorsement, seems to have taken greater steps in cross-border joint names.As a trendy brand targeted at men, COMMON GENDER explained the original intention of cooperating with WeChat Open Class on its public account: the gray sweater expresses a sense of street youth, reflecting the unfinished WeChat is always “constantly debugging”Young state.Entering the ninth year, WeChat is trying to enrich and extend its brand connotation by crossing boundaries with younger brands.But whether it is cross-border with GAP or COMMON GENDER, WeChat is too passive and low-key.In IP development, Internet companies with good fan genes still have a long way to go.IP: The super cultural symbol, whether it is the classic Coca-Cola Red, or Supreme, which has taken advantage of the domestic hip-hop trend in the past two years, the IP path of the two is very similar: outside the main business, they are trying to make the brand a superCultural symbols, through a variety of cross-border cooperation, complete a strong cultural output, the formation of the spread and diffusion of the community among young audiences, when its brand logo evolves into a classic IP symbol, it can complete the promotion of the main business.As a traditional beverage brand, Coca-Cola’s IP-based thinking is unusually forward-looking.In 1913, Coca-Cola issued more than 100 million derivatives, including thermometers, calendars, notebooks, Japanese fans and other daily necessities. All items were marked with the prominent Coca-Cola logo, thus forming “Coca-Cola”Mass minds everywhere in life.In 1991, Coca-Cola began to try to establish an exclusive “IP theme exhibition”.Coca-Cola has built an exhibition hall called “The World of Coca-Cola” in its headquarters in Atlanta, which attracts millions of tourists every year.Today, this IP exhibition has developed into a more ceremonial sense, using the brand logo and Coca-Cola Red and other elements to meet the needs of many young people to take photos and check in.The Coca-Cola World IP co-branded in Atlanta is no stranger to Coca-Cola.In the promotion of Coca-Cola’s street photography, almost all young people took Coca-Cola in hand. They created the Coca-Cola IP logo with red and white colors as a fashion trend symbol, and printed brand elements on clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, etc.All kinds of fast fashion products seem logical, which directly opens the millennial consumer market.Coca-Cola is handy in the strong connection between IP and culture.Supreme was born in the era of fast consumption. The difference between Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola is the striking purpose of using red and white colors.But compared to the popularity of Coca-Cola, Supreme focuses more on niche verticals.At the same time, completely relying on the co-branded “superior”-Vans and Supreme have cooperated for 10 years to form a stable co-production mode; Supreme and LV, RIMOWA and other luxury brands are co-branded.Equally hot.Supreme can be said to be a typical example of maximizing the value of IP in the short term.On the basis of clear IP positioning, Supreme has the basic conditions for manufacturing limited joint names “scarcity effect”, such as only 10 stores worldwide, and “one hard to find” has become the main reason for the rapid rise in its IP value.At present, Supreme’s global fan base will have Supreme as a flauntable capital.Followers: It is a bit difficult to bring goods through the influence of IP. There are many overseas brands as precedents. Crossing the border with “tide” is becoming a model for many brands trying to occupy the young market.On the road of imitating Supreme, Li Ning is the most typical representative. With the aid of the “national tide”, Li Ning tried to change his image in the eyes of young people. “China Li Ning” as an IP symbol, tried to launch joint names with many trendy brandsCooperation.However, from the current results, Li Ning’s recognition is slightly lacking compared to Supreme, and Li Ning cannot completely replicate Supreme’s radical marketing method-fast-paced IP image creation. Once the trend direction changes, the brand will be easily changed by the new brand.instead.Relatively speaking, Coca-Cola is more focused on lifestyle IP creation, and at the same time, it updates its IP value with the trend of “fashion co-branding”.This is currently a model that a number of domestic enterprises try to form a positive interaction with the audience through IP.For example, in the domestic Internet giant Alibaba, there is a provision for IP. When the business line reaches a certain volume, it will be required to develop an independent IP and integrate it into Alibaba’s “small animal series IP” system.Are you hungry when you joined Alibaba 2 years ago? Last year, you adjusted its original Little Blue Man IP image to a puppy and formed the brand IP of the “Hungry Little Treasure” taste official.In the opinion of Yang Guojing, senior director of the brand marketing department, Puppy represents the keen sense of smell, while narrowing the audience, conveying the brand’s cultural connotation.Since the birth of this brand’s IP image, it has appeared at the entrances of many head cooperative restaurants as a recommendation for the IP image.At the same time, Hungry is co-branded with a number of brands, including McDonald’s, M & M, GODIVA, The North Face.In the launch of the co-branded doll with M & M, are you hungry and taste the sweetness?According to the rules of the event, it needs to be sent to fans through a lottery. As a result, after the event, there are still fans from all over the country to request the purchase of this limited edition doll.In Yang Guojing’s view, the first step of domestic companies’ IP development is to enhance brand influence through joint names, and the second is to consider “carrying goods” through IP’s own influence, that is, to promote the main business.In other words, for brands, IP co-branded models as separate sales items are difficult to promote the main business.Behind each cooperation, there needs to be a consideration of commercial elements. On the basis of the commercial infrastructure, design the story and content of the brand.Therefore, when choosing a cross-border cooperation brand, are you hungry? Will you choose a brand with a stronger user mind and increase its IP influence?But behind the co-branded IP cooperation, there is also a game element.For example, which brands are co-branded and what kind of business partners are found will affect the sales of IP co-branded products, and IP co-branded sales determine the cost of this co-branded product.”For example, the cost of a joint-model doll developed by Hungry Xiaobao and the China Space Museum is 94 yuan, and the cost can only be recovered if the pricing reaches 160 yuan or more. Behind the over-pricing is the insufficient IP influence and the small scale of production, which leads to this priceOn the high side. “In Yang Guojing’s view, if the IP and takeaway business are to be combined, the cost of the doll can only be set between 20-30 yuan, and it must be sold on a large scale.Therefore, this is also the difficult process that IP co-named faces in promoting the main business.Whether you are hungry or WeChat, the IP image that is currently dedicated to building, including the promotion of cross-brand co-branding, is still to diversify and expand its own temperament to attract more young audiences.The cover image is from pexels.

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