Would you like to “resurrect” your lost lover with AI technology?


Editor’s note: This article comes from the Universal Editing Department, author Kardashian 粽, 36 氪 released with permission.Source: pexels After three months, Li Yang heard the voice of her deceased daughter again.She was reading a composition aloud, and that composition was praised by the teacher.To be precise, this is not the daughter’s own reading, but the imitation of the daughter’s voice synthesized using AI technology.And when he heard it for the first time, Li Yang couldn’t help but say, “It really looks like it.” This may be just the beginning: a composition reading, a very similar voice … Let this Shanghai’s “lost independence” motherAs if to see her daughter “rebirth”.She might wonder if the daughter who died prematurely could return to her, or participate in the future life in a special way, with the bonus of technology.It ’s been a year since the daughter of Chen Jin, who has “resurrected” her daughter using AI.That year, she suddenly left because she had “T lymphoblastic lymphoma” and was only 14 years old.In Li Yang’s memory, her daughter was just young and full of aura.”She likes to run around, loves to travel, and math is also very good.” Her daughter will always change her pattern to find parents to earn pocket money. After getting a fixed copy from her mother, she will also give her a “work” massage and earn money.One copy, without paying attention, tens of thousands of dollars, but never spend money arbitrarily … Recalling the little bit of her daughter, Li Yang still remembers it.As a mother, Li Yang always felt that she owed her daughter too much.Because of her illness, she failed to satisfy her daughter’s desire to travel to Australia and Turkey; nor was she able to give her more love, more pampering, or even a hug in the last stage of her daughter’s life.After the child left, the family was quiet.Without the sound of chirp, this often makes Li Yang feel empty.Li Yang works in the pharmaceutical industry, and her professionalism allows her to have a calm and objective understanding of death.She had forced herself to become “optimistic”, and she told herself that life would continue.She always goes to her daughter’s favorite cafe and orders an American coffee for her and her daughter. This is their common habit.Li Yang misses her daughter more than that.She often wondered if she could keep her daughter’s voice and her daughter’s thinking through some technical means, put everything about her into her mobile phone, and let her stay with her all the time.Long journey.Li Yang’s whimsy was miraculously supported.By accident, Li Yang found Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Lab on Weibo.She sent a request to Ali’s engineers to use AI to make her hear her daughter speak to her again.Even if it’s not so close to what it looks like in memory.It took three months, basically from scratch, and the Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Lab completed the first audio synthesis, which took up to 20 seconds.That was an essay written by Chen Jin, which recorded the story of her going hiking with her mother.When the girl climbed to the mountainside, she was exhausted and wanted to go down the mountain halfway home. At this time, “Mom smiled and answered meaningfully: ‘Children, I remember a celebrity once said that success is persistence and success is not a big thingThe strength depends on how long you can persist. As long as you persist, you will be able to climb to the top of the mountain as soon as possible! ‘”After listening to the encouragement of the mother, the daughter” again ignited the fighting spirit and pulled the mother’s hand and rushed upI repeatedly gritted my teeth and persisted, exhausting the power of flooding in my body. Finally, I finally reached the top of the mountain, and I was so excited that I jumped and jumped, as if a general who had won the battle. “I heard Chen Jin again after a few monthsLi Yang didn’t cry, but just calmly said, “The tone of the beginning of this audio is almost the same as that of my daughter.” It is difficult to reproduce love, and AI is no exception. Can AI fill the emptiness of human mind?Just from the point of love, using AI to help a painful and lost mother, so as to create an object that can constantly “respond”, and fill her regret that she cannot rest, which is impeccable.But things don’t stop there.Ali engineers, Luo Hantang experts, and external psychologists are also arguing over possibilities outside of technology.Alibaba’s Luohantang found Tang Renzhi, a psychologist at Beijing Normal University. During her work and research, she came into contact with many families who lost their independence.She described it as “the most painful thing in the world” when she gave her black hair to someone with white hair.Judging from Tang Renzhi’s understanding, Li Yang was generally calm.But when it comes to her daughter, her voice will still have a smile, just like when others talk about her daughter, it seems that just Chen Jin went out to play, and she will be back soon.However, psychologists believe that this “quietness” actually means deeper depression.If it is said that today AI has taken a small step to help the resurrected daughter of the lost mother, can it be believed that this will overturn the inherent definition of death in humans.After all, the question of death is left to the living.From childhood Chen Jin to “AI Chen Jin”; from never losing love to saying “a word that makes my mother Li Yang’s heart tremble”.AI is taking this step hard.Due to the extremely small amount of material, it is difficult for AI to learn enough samples. It can only be “feeded” by similar speech corpora, and try again and again to simulate Xiao Chen Jin’s tone and tone.In China, this is the first such attempt.There is another precedent abroad.In 2016, the father of the well-known American journalist James Vlahos detected advanced lung cancer. James asked his father to tell his life story in the last few months of his life, and trained AI with a corpus of up to 90,000 words.In the end, just before his father died, he completed an artificial intelligence program tailored for his father. When he and his family wanted his father, he opened this program and talked about it, which gave him and his family great comfort.Li Yang’s “resurrection” of Chen Jin opened a hope.As for the family members who have lost their independence, China has nearly 1 million families who have lost their independence. In the previous “Chongqing man jumped off the building and killed a passerby” incident, one daughter was the only child.There is a debate in “A Wonderful Story”: “If your lover dies, will you leave her memory to the AI?”, Causing a lot of controversy.Player Zhan Qingyun said that each person is unique, and retaining a memory with a certain carrier does not mean that the person from whom the memory comes is saved, so “AI can play all the roles in the world properly through its extraordinary intelligence.But it ca n’t only play love. ”Indeed, even if someone can copy all the memories in his head before he dies, and then use AI to store them, find out the person ’s language habits and thinking patterns, and let the AI ​​machineWith the ability to recognize, understand, and express joy and anger, learning AI’s love words for a lover may not be able to restore the deep affection behind each sentence of his love words.After all, the proposition of death is left to the living.Is AI resurrection facing the dissolution of death or an antidote?Many people believe that the real problem of using technology to heal people is far from being solved by technology.After the Wenchuan earthquake, more than 6,000 families lost their flesh and blood, and the government provided them with the opportunity to give birth to two children for free.This special group of mothers are generally old and in poor physical conditions. In the face of economic pressure and the thought of the children who died, they are struggling to make up for the “dead” by “fertility”.However, the birth of a new life is not a panacea for sorrow.Fan Jian, the director of the documentary “Alive”, said that during the shooting of the story, he and his team focused on not only the process of fertility itself, but also the attitude towards life behind fertility.The narrative of “Alive” is for families who lost their only child after the Wenchuan earthquake. The lens records how they reborn children, faced psychological trauma, and how to treat their psychological trauma through the process of childbearing.”At the end of the film, a boy was born in that family, but they were very sad because they lost a daughter before the earthquake …” Director Fan Jian said in an interview, and later when he went to Sichuan to meet the family,The newborn boy was over six years old, and his relationship with his parents was very special.”Families who have experienced such a catastrophe have a special perspective on the new life. Parents hope that this child can bear the thought of the lost sister, and that this new life can be like the life in the past.” Fan Jian’sObservation confirms some people’s pessimism about whether artificial intelligence can bear the pain of “death”-you see, even if a child is born again, people can’t write off sadness and thoughts.In other words, even if the technology of “AI immortality” is quite complete, no one can think that the problem of death can be removed from human sadness.At this time, how to face death and how to value death for life may be the ultimate “heart medicine”.It is a multiple choice question to talk about whether death must be sad.In the documentary “Before Tomorrow”, when talking about machine companions, death and other topics, Zeng Baoyi said: “Everyone’s death is a gift of life to another person. The departure of my grandpa is a huge one for me.The gift of life, it helps me to stop, take time to examine my life carefully, to sort out my life, of course, sadness in the process, but when I finally understood all this, I did not know the value of this gift. “BackThe story of the lost mother, Li Yang, is more heartwarming. When she first sought help from artificial intelligence engineers, to some extent, she had reached a settlement with herself: “This is a healing method.The psychiatrist is the same as traveling and having fun. The ultimate goal is to help the whole family heal slowly, but using a new method. “” One in the end of the sky, one in the corner of the earth.And the soul is not connected with my dream “, that’s probably it.(Note: Li Yang and Chen Jin are pseudonyms in the text) Part of the content is derived from: Characters: “A lost mother decides to make her daughter AI”.

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