Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “iFeng Technology” (ID: ifeng_tech), compiled and compiled Xiao Yu, 36 氪 released with authorization.On January 15, U.S. President Trump tweeted a shelling of Apple Inc. on Twitter.Trump said the U.S. government has helped Apple on trade and many other issues, but Apple has refused to unlock the killer’s phone.Trump tweeted about the conflict between Apple and the FBI and asked Apple to cooperate with the FBI’s investigation.The dispute between Apple and the FBI is whether Apple has provided appropriate assistance to allow the FBI to unlock the iPhone of the suspect in the Pensacola Naval Base shooting in Florida.The FBI cannot be opened because the iPhone is password protected.”We have been helping Apple on trade and many other issues, but they have refused to unlock the phones used by murderers, drug lords and other violent criminals. Now they must start to help our great country. Make America great”Trump said in a tweet.Trump tweets Before Trump bombarded Apple, US Attorney General Barr had expressed his dissatisfaction with Apple.Barr said on Monday that Apple did not provide “substantial help” to unlock the suspect’s two iPhones.Apple responded in a statement released on Monday evening that the company had provided law enforcement with gigabytes of information related to the Pensacola shootings, but would not set up “backdoors” or dedicated software for law enforcement to access.In recent years, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been cultivating friendly relations with Trump so as to be able to influence him and protect Apple from the impact of tariffs.Last December, Apple successfully avoided the impact of a tariff.This is the second time Apple has been involved in an unlocked dispute with the FBI.In 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice brought Apple to court asking Apple to help unlock the iPhone of Syed Farook, a San Bernardino shooter in California.The shooting killed 14 people.In the end, the FBI found an unidentified private company that cracked the iPhone’s security system.At the time, Trump was running for president.”I fully support the court’s ruling. In this case, we should turn on the iPhone.” When receiving a subpoena from law enforcement, Apple will regularly provide law enforcement with server information.According to statistics from Apple’s website, since 2013, Apple has responded to more than 127,000 requests for information from law enforcement agencies.Apple’s senior director of global privacy, Jane Horvath, said earlier this month that Apple has established a team that responds to law enforcement inquiries day and night.Apple has not commented on Trump’s comments.The following is the latest dispute between Apple and the FBI on January 8th (Beijing time): The FBI said that it has asked Apple to assist in obtaining data on the two iPhones.The two phones belonged to Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, the gunman who made the shooting at the Pensacola Naval Base in Florida last month. He is dead.Apple said at the time that when the FBI requested it last month, the company had provided the FBI with all the shooting-related data they had.January 14: US Attorney General Barr said that Apple has been asked to provide assistance, but Apple has not given any substantial help so far.January 14: Apple later argued that the company had answered all inquiries from law enforcement officials and handed over all the information the company could get.Apple said the company received its first inquiry on January 6, but didn’t receive a notification about the second iPhone until January 8.Apple also disclosed that the company’s engineering team has recently held a conference call to provide additional technical assistance to the FBI.January 15: Trump bombards Apple, asking Apple to cooperate with FBI investigations.Reference:

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