Ping An develops the medical ecosystem and builds a new pattern of “medical + technology”


The aging of the population has long been an “old talk” problem. The World Population Outlook report released by the United Nations in 2018 shows the seriousness and urgency of this problem. This year, the world ’s elderly population surpassed the young children for the first time.quantity.Along with this came a series of social needs for medical health and retirement rehabilitation. The National Health Commission issued related policies one after another, encouraging medical institutions to entrust independent medical testing laboratories, pathological diagnostic centers, and medical imaging diagnostic centers to provideThird-party professional services, which is one of the important reasons for the rapid development of China’s third-party medical service industry.Ping An Healthcare (Testing) Center, a subsidiary of Ping An Medical Health Management Co., Ltd. (“Ping An Medical Insurance Technology”), is a rising star in the deployment of third-party medical service institutions in China. It has now established more than 400 health testing centers nationwide, covering 27Provinces and plans to open 1,000 health testing centers within 5 years.Faced with the current problems of cost reduction and control, limited equipment, and uneven resource allocation in some medical institutions, Ping An Health (Testing) Center is exploring breakthrough points.With the development of the medical and health industry, the “Trinity” innovation model will eventually be replaced by personalized and precise prescriptions, and this is the opportunity for the combination of out-of-hospital and in-hospital—Ping An Health (testing)The center can serve as an independent diagnostic institution for patients, or as a partner of public / private hospitals at all levels to jointly build a regional medical ecosystem and achieve a reasonable allocation of high-quality medical resources.Different from other third-party medical institutions, Ping An Health (Testing) Center has pioneered the comprehensive medical model of “Trinity” of image diagnosis, medical examination and precision inspection in the country.36 氪 It is learned from the relevant person in charge of the enterprise that the “Trinity” service model has achieved a high degree of synergy among the three formats, which can provide comprehensive systematic diagnostic evidence for clinical medicine, and provide accurate and efficient medical services for patients.The integrated medical service model places higher requirements on the company’s internal operating capabilities. For this reason, Ping An Health (Testing) Center has proposed a strategy of “many people in the world”.Tian, ​​refers to Skynet, which is the smart medical cloud platform; ground, refers to the ground network, which represents the ground service network covering the whole country; people, refers to the People’s Network, bringing together authoritative experts; multiple, refers to multiple formats, on the basis of the “Trinity”,Build a shared medical platform; strong, refers to strong technology, and applies cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence in services to enhance the medical experience.In terms of equipment, Ping An Health (Testing) Center has introduced world-leading “scientific research-grade imaging equipment”, including PET / CT, which is known as “the crown of modern medical technology”, and is suitable for the three major tumors, brains and cardiovascular diseases.Screening for health-threatening diseases can also be used for early diagnosis of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.Co-construction of a new pattern of “medical + technology” Ping An Health (Testing) Center has established a third-party health testing service network covering the whole country through self-construction, co-construction, joining, hosting, mobile, smart imaging, etc.Intelligent technologies such as computing, medical AI technology, and face recognition have greatly improved the quality of diagnosis and the customer’s medical experience.In cooperation with medical institutions at all levels, the self-developed “Ping An Good Imaging” online platform system is used to carry out remote film reading and expert consultation to help improve the level of primary medical care.It is because of the efforts made by Ping An Health (Testing) Center to promote the implementation of graded diagnosis and treatment, innovative medical models, and technology to empower the ecology, etc., it has won the title of “King of Medical Services” in the 36th year of the New Economy in 2019.It is reported that Ping An Health (Testing) Center has also developed first-class testing services to people at the grassroots level and in remote areas through the development of fully digital mobile detection vehicles and mobile CT imaging vehicles. As of December 2019, Ping An Health Mobile Detection Vehicles have surpassed 12Provinces, sent nearly 100,000 person-times for free health examinations and expert free consultation services.In addition, ISBI, the world’s top medical imaging conference, released the latest international competition results in 2019. Ping An Technology, a subsidiary of Ping An Group, won three competitions: lung cancer pathology segmentation (ACDC), endoscopic image quality control (EAD) and pathological myopia detection (PALM).World championship with six sub-tasks.It is foreseeable that, relying on Ping An Group ’s huge online and offline customer resources and years of accumulated scientific and technological advantages, Ping An Health (Testing) Center can smoothly incorporate institutions in the same field into the network through high-quality system certificationProvide users with non-discriminatory services with standardized service processes.Medical Examination Standards The government report of the “two sessions” of the country in 2019 stated that it is necessary to steadily promote the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system and promote the society to run doctors.The grading diagnosis and treatment policy has gradually opened up the grassroots market. The demand for medical examinations at secondary and lower-level hospitals is significant. In this regard, third-party medical examination institutions play a role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency.Compared with the hospital laboratory, the third-party medical laboratory is larger and has more types of tests.General hospitals only have less than 1,000 tests in the laboratory, while the average independent medical testing agency can reach 1,000 to 2000.Ping An Health (Testing) Center is a joint venture with SRL, a subsidiary of MIRACA Group, a leading global medical testing service, to set up provincial medical testing laboratories across the country, introduce international precision technology and quality management systems, and conduct third-party medical testing services.At the same time, the implementation of extremely strict quality supervision standards-passed ISO15189 quality standard certification, procurement of equipment with higher accuracy and more advanced performance, including Beckman PE pipeline, Sissemcon pipeline, etc., to comprehensively improve the accuracy of inspection results andsafety.Among them, the equipment in several independent areas of Ping An Good Medical Laboratory is quite distinctive: “Microbial Culture Area” includes the US BD-FX200 blood culture instrument and Beckman automatic bacterial identification instrument, the former has higher sensitivity and can be moreBacteria and fungi are quickly detected; the latter has a processing capacity of 96 detection boards for microbial identification and drug sensitivity analysis systems, and more than 500 species can be identified.”Linework area” is equipped with the world’s leading “full-automatic five-class blood analyzer”, which not only has fast test speed and high degree of automation, can complete 200 specimen tests per hour, but also has a large failure rate due to its extremely low failure rate.Reduced error results.In fact, only in terms of improving efficiency, Ping An Good Medical Laboratory can achieve fully automated operation and multiple test systems running at the same time.Regular projects can be completed within one hour and automatically issued reports, which can be completed in the fastest half an hour, and the error rate is controlled at 3.1 / 10,000.However, the development of third-party medical institutions also faces many challenges.First, the local government held a cautious attitude before the related policies were promulgated; second, strict control over medical and health qualifications and construction qualifications.According to incomplete statistics, only one imaging center is opened, and at least 40 licenses are required before and after.In addition, the problem of mutual recognition between third-party inspection results and hospitals requires time and policy support; reducing testing costs, allowing large hospitals to decompress and focus on clinical technology also needs to be resolved.In general, the market for third-party medical service organizations is in an era of arrogance.In this arena, the advantages of Ping An as a typical cross-border leader are obvious: in the third-party medical service market that is generally “heavy invested”, there are not many players who can have such a strong industrial chain and capital chain.We believe that Ping An Health (Testing) Center will soon play an effective role in solving the problem of the allocation of social medical resources by virtue of its original “Trinity” medical model..

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