Not just for environmental protection, Apple wants to implement closed-loop manufacturing with robot Daisy


Editor’s note: This article comes from “Interface Technology”, Reporter | 佘晓晨, 36 氪 Published with permission.Apple’s robot Daisy is helping it become a company that implements closed-loop manufacturing.Recently, according to Reuters, Apple Corp. is using its robot Daisy to disassemble the iPhone to recover minerals for manufacturing.With the growing demand for global electronic products, the demand for mineral resources is also increasing.Apple wants to change the way electronics are recycled, relying on recycling old phone parts to make new phones.Apple says the robot Daisy is part of Apple’s “Become a Closed-Loop Manufacturer” plan-although many analysts find it difficult to achieve.However, there is no doubt that many mining industry executives point out that as electric vehicles become more popular, we will need to mine minerals on a larger scale.In the Apple recycling area in Austin, Texas, Daisy, a recycling robot, completed the recycling task: In an inconspicuous warehouse, Daisy disassembled the iPhone to extract and recycle 14 types of mines, including lithium.substance.Daisy first removed the iPhone battery with an air impact of -80 degrees Celsius, and then ejected parts such as screws and modules.The robot then sends them to a recycling location to extract and refine the minerals.Apple claims that Daisy can disassemble 200 iPhones per hour.Apple’s robot Daisy Source: Apple’s head of Apple’s environmental policy and social affairs Lisa Jackson said that because of the popularity of mobile phones, Apple chose the iPhone as Daisy’s first product to dismantle.Currently, Apple has used recycled tin, cobalt and rare earths in some of its products.Last month, the company also purchased the first batch of environmentally friendly aluminum products from a joint venture between Rio Tinto and Alcoa to achieve zero carbon emissions.Meanwhile, Apple is considering sharing Daisy’s technology with other companies, including electric car makers.However, Apple said they may not compete with mining companies.In fact, most companies are not able to recover resources on their own, so mining companies need not worry too much.As early as 2018, Apple revealed Daisy, a robot that can disassemble digital products.Lisa Jackson said that the iPhone is made up of more than 100 elements, and what they are doing now is to study how to move these substances back into the entire production chain.But skeptics, including some in the tech sector, believe that Apple should focus more on making repairable products, not just recycling.For the industry itself, in addition to the environmental advantages of using robots for electronic product recycling, it may also bring more possibilities for future manufacturing.Cover image from Apple

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