Nokia lays off 180 people in Finland, says to continue investing in 5G


Editor’s note: This article is from Tencent Technology.According to foreign media reports, Finnish telecommunications equipment maker Nokia said on Tuesday that it plans to lay off about 180 people in Finland this year, and also plans to increase investment in 5G communication technology and digital R & D.The company said its 5G product development units in Oulu and elsewhere in the country will be excluded from the 180-person layoff plan.It is reported that Nokia employs 6,000 people in Finland.The company is seeking to restore investor confidence after fears that Nokia lags behind rivals Ericsson and China’s Huawei in competing for 5G communications equipment contracts.As early as October, Nokia lowered its 2019 and 2020 performance expectations, blaming it for the need to increase investment in 5G communications technology, and the news caused its stock price to fall by a third.On Tuesday, the company reiterated its statement in the third quarter of last year that it would reduce its cost savings target to 500 million euros ($ 557 million) by the end of 2020.”We have updated our previously announced cost savings target of € 700 million to € 500 million, mainly because we expect additional 5G and digital areas to be implemented,” said Tommy Itu, head of Nokia Mobile Networks, in a statement.Investment. “The company added that in 2019, Nokia added approximately 370 new employees in Finland.Historically, Nokia was once the world ’s largest mobile phone maker, but later with the rise of Apple ’s mobile phones and Android systems, Nokia was defeated., Microsoft has stopped production and sales of Nokia brand phones.After exiting the smartphone market, Nokia acquired Alcatel-Lucent and continued to expand its strength in the field of telecommunications equipment.In addition to its core telecommunications equipment, Nokia also has a lucrative telecommunications patent licensing business.The rise of Samsung in 2019 is known as the first year of 5G communication in the world. Operators in many countries around the world deployed 5G networks. In 2020 and next year, more countries and telecommunications companies announced plans to build 5G networks. This means thatThe world’s three major telecommunications equipment manufacturers and Samsung Electronics will launch a larger-scale “cake battle”.In the field of global telecommunications equipment, Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia have been one of the three giants, but Samsung Electronics is becoming a dark horse.Samsung is currently the world’s largest smartphone maker. The company’s telecommunications equipment business had a weak market influence in the past, but in the 5G era, this business began to explode.A report last year said that Samsung Electronics even won more operator 5G contracts than the other three telecommunications equipment vendors, but these rankings are always changing as manufacturers and operators continue to sign new 5G network construction contracts.5G contracts Earlier this year, Nokia stated that it has continued to make progress in 5G infrastructure contracts. It is said that since November 2019, the company has won 13 new 5G network equipment contracts worldwide, bringing the total number of contracts to 63.About 18 were related to real-time network deployment.The Finnish supplier said in a statement that its commercial contract does not include “any other type of 5G agreement” such as paid network trials, pilots and demonstrations.If these transactions are included, the number of contracts for its 5G communications equipment will exceed 100.The company also stated that it is the only network equipment supplier selected by the four major US operators, three major South Korean operators and three major national operators in Japan.The aforementioned Nokia executive Itu said that Nokia’s 4G network equipment has more than 350 customers, but its 5G network’s first 63 customers “represent two thirds of our global wireless access network business.”The statistics came nearly two months after Nokia announced that it had reached the 50th transaction with 5G operators and reached private wireless network agreements with more than 120 companies.In November 2019, Ericsson stated that it had 70 commercial 5G operator contracts, and Huawei claimed 60 contracts at the end of September.According to the latest news from foreign media, on Tuesday, Samsung Electronics announced that it would acquire the American telecommunications network service provider “TeleWorld Solutions” in order to better provide 5G network construction and solutions.In the future, this company will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America.TeleWorld, headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, USA, specializes in providing network design, service testing and network optimization for telecommunications operators.(Tencent Technology Review / Cheng Xi).

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