Forefront | WeChat gray test subscription number payment function, meet these three conditions to open


After Zhang Xiaolong announced the “short content” in the WeChat public class, every move of the subscription number has attracted much attention.36 氪 learned that the WeChat public platform is testing the subscription number payment function in grayscale, and some subscription numbers have been invited.The Tencent WeChat team said that the current WeChat gray-scale test subscription number payment capability, eligible operators can go to the public platform to activate the payment function.After successful launch, the operator can set a charge for some or all of the original article, and users can read the full text after purchasing the article.You can activate the paid function by registering for more than 3 months, no serious violations in the past 3 months, and subscription numbers that have published at least 3 original articles.At present, operators can choose appropriate pricing at 35 price ranges from 1 to 208 yuan, and currently do not support operator-defined prices.In 2017, the public account “How does Keso see” published an article “Why am I starting to sell now and will this public account be updated?”》 And share to the circle of friends.”We should wait for the WeChat public account to pay for a subscription.” Ma Huateng commented at the bottom of the circle of friends.”You have been testing for too long …” Keso said.Ma Huateng replied, “We have already feedback, and strive to speed up.” In 2017, Ma Huateng responded to Keso what he thinks: Speed ​​up WeChat public account paid subscriptions, etc., and it’s 2020.According to the function introduction, subscription number articles are divided into two types: “ordinary graphics” and “paid graphics”. In general, the default is “ordinary graphics”. You can switch to “paid graphics” when editing graphics.However, paid graphics must be original articles, and setting “paid graphics” is equivalent to the default original statement.If the original statement fails, the article cannot be distributed in paid graphics.At this time, paid graphics do not currently support reprinting, appreciation, and insertion of advertisements.After the content is sent in batches, the parameters and settings of the article price, trial reading ratio, and foreword cannot be modified.Users can read the foreword and trial reading section for free before paying, the message can only be viewed, and the full text and message can be read after paying.The user’s payment amount has a certain settlement account period and channel commission (different payment channels, different account periods and commissions), and the platform may also charge a technical service fee in the future.The subscription number “paid reading” function introduction WeChat paid subscription function is a new source of income for content producers in addition to advertising and appreciation.This is in line with “Let the creators embody value” repeatedly mentioned by Zhang Xiaolong in the WeChat open class.On the one hand, paid content places higher requirements on authors’ content planning and fan stickiness; on the other hand, paid content is a filter for information overload, high-quality and scarce content, saving users the cost of screening information.The reason that every move of the subscription number has attracted much attention, a reasonable guess (not necessarily correct) is that short content is likely to be introduced in the subscription number information stream.If this assumption is true, the subscription number will change the current single graphic format, adding short videos and live broadcasts to enrich the creative ecosystem.Different from Douyin, the WeChat content ecology is based on the relationship chain.Just as you look at the hot topics updated a few days ago, “a few friends are following or watching” in the social relationship chain will be displayed.For short content, two points can be determined. One is that it needs to cover a variety of presentation forms such as text, pictures, videos, live broadcasts, etc., to make up for the lack of previous graphic expressions.Secondly, the traffic distribution reflects more fairness. At present, the large head of the head has collected the most views, but the long tail trumpet should also have its own living space.Paid content is a capability loaded on the basis of long graphics. When short content is added, long graphics also need to have their own vitality.Regarding changes to subscription numbers, paid content is likely to be just the beginning.Head: Picture Worm Ideas

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