“Expansion Intelligence” received US $ 10 million investment from Tiger Fund, will continue to polish industry solutions

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36 氪 was informed that “Expansion Intelligence” has completed a $ 10 million Pre-B + round of financing, which was invested by Tiger Fund.After this round of financing, Expanding Intelligence will continue to invest in product research and development, focusing on improving data feedback and industry solutions, and is laying out Singapore operations to accelerate the globalization process of enterprises.Enlarge Intelligence was established in November 2016 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China and Seattle, USA.The company is mainly aimed at enterprise users in the retail industry and wind power industry. It provides intelligent services based on computer vision and machine learning technology, and intelligent hardware such as drones.According to CEO Yan Zhiqing, in 2019, Bobo Intelligence completed annual revenue of nearly 100 million yuan as scheduled.At present, the company has cooperated with the formation of internationally renowned fast-moving consumer and retail brands such as Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, and Procter & Gamble; the field of wind power has served domestic leading companies such as Longyuan, Shuangrui, Shanghai Electric, and has already cooperated with the largest wind turbine in Europe.GEV, one of the operators, has reached a strategic cooperation.In the wind power industry, the biggest challenge faced by unmanned automatic inspections is that in the face of different operating environments, drones can still collect clear data completely and efficiently, and can provide data throughout the life cycle.Management, forming an effective data analysis report, and deferring the life cycle of the inspected equipment.This requires a set of software and hardware integration, front-end integration system and hardware products to achieve.To this end, for the inspection of fan blades, Expanded Intelligence has made a number of hardware integrations–expanded sensor mounts, documented computers with edge computing models, and relied on computer vision, deep learning algorithms, focused image recognition, 3D modeling,Data lakes, fully automatic image stitching and other technologies provide vertical industry solutions for industry customers through multiple simulation experiments and field practices.In the retail industry, the main difficulty of AI intelligent applications is to accurately and quickly identify tens of thousands of products, and the value creation link is in data mining and insight.Expansion Intelligence launched Retail Insights As A Service (RIAAS) to the market in 2019.This product is based on the massive identification of retail products, and uses various IOT edge computing hardware and compression algorithms.Model to reduce network pressure, so that brands and retailers can analyze and process data on mobile phones and IOT.It is understood that the founders of Enlarge Intelligence came from Microsoft. The R & D team brought together scientists from many computer fields at home and abroad, as well as senior engineers from Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, Huawei and other companies.The following is the full report on the expansion of Pre-B round of financing in August 2019: 36 氪 It is reported that the expansion of Pre-B round of financing has recently announced the completion of 22 million US dollars in Pre-B.This round of financing was led by CMC Capital and China Development, followed by GGV Jiyuan Capital, Development International, and Capital Construction Capital.Former Counselor of the State Council Shi Dinghuan joined the Strategy Committee, demonstrating the affirmation of the application results of the expansion of intelligent artificial intelligence products.Established in November 2016, Expansion Intelligence is headquartered in Shanghai, China and Seattle, USA. Expansion Intelligence is based on computer vision and machine learning technology, focusing on the two major industries of retail and wind power, providing end-to-end integrated intelligent services for enterprise users.Yan Zhiqing, CEO of Zoombo Intelligence, told 36 氪 that Zoombo Intelligence has officially started commercialization in the wind power and retail industries in the second half of 2018. It is expected that revenue in 2019 will exceed 100 million yuan.In the future, Expansion Intelligence will continue to focus on solutions for the wind power and retail industries, and the goal is to achieve the world’s first.Wind power: “Fully automated, cost-effective”, strategic cooperation with Europe’s largest wind power operation and maintenance business in the past ten years is an important stage in the development of the global wind power market.In 2017, 52GW of new installed capacity was added globally, with a cumulative installed capacity of 539.581GW.Among them, the global cumulative installed capacity of offshore wind power is 18.81GW, and the new installed capacity of offshore wind power is concentrated in the European and Chinese markets.The height of wind turbine towers used for wind power generation generally ranges from 80-140 meters. Traditional operation and maintenance methods are basically completed by manpower, and face various problems such as long time-consuming, inaccurate detection and high risk factor.Therefore, Expansion Intelligence hopes to replace the traditional operation and maintenance mode with the UAV blade inspection mode to inspect the fan blades.Based on special flying robots and artificial intelligence technology, Bobo Intelligent provides automatic inspection services for fan blades. Each fan only needs 25 minutes to complete inspection. Compared with the traditional method, the efficiency can be increased by 10 times. The service has been provided in China and North America.Europe, Southeast Asia, and other regions have landed. In February this year, Enlarge Intelligent announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with GEV, Europe’s largest wind power operation and maintenance operator, and officially entered the European wind power market.A key point of the service is to achieve “full automation”.Yan Zhiqing told 36 氪 that the expansion is actually three-dimensional space autopilot. As long as the operation and maintenance personnel press a button, the special flying robot will take off. Through solid-state radar, machine vision, and sensors, it can achieve full-automatic flight, track the blades and take photos., Transfer the data to the cloud, and generate data by deep learning recognition analysis.The significance of “full automation” is to get rid of the dependence on human beings, and at the same time automatically adapt to variables such as fan angle, model, environment, etc., and quickly achieve large-scale promotion and replication through standardized product services.Another feature of the expanded intelligent product is its high cost performance. The robot hardware cost of its automatic inspection is several times lower than other mainstream manufacturers. The core reason behind this is the advantage of the expanded algorithm in software algorithms, which reduces the hardware performance and configuration.Requirements.At present, the expansion of the main service of three types of customers: wind farm owners, fan blade factory, fan equipment factory, providing products and services through the direct sales model, charging inspection service fees based on the number of services, not selling hardware profit, the essence is to do business businessmode.For the future expansion in the wind power field, on the one hand, Expansion Intelligence is to expand more domestic and foreign customers, and on the other hand, to expand more scenarios, from automatic inspection of wind turbine blades to more services, including wind farm microSite selection, preventive maintenance, performance evaluation, financial insurance, etc.Retail: Based on “identification of goods”, it has strategically cooperated with international head customers such as Coca-Cola. In the retail scene, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers have asymmetric information, illiquidity, and less transparency because of “language incompatibility and poor channels”.All parties lost time, opportunity, efficiency and experience.The expanded smart retail solution builds a bridge between products, stores and consumers through fast and accurate analysis of images, intelligent analysis and real-time communication.Specifically, Expansion Intelligence uses machine vision + intelligent hardware as the core technology. Through the identification of “goods”, it provides intelligent services that include shelf freezer insights, commodity information analysis, sales execution monitoring, etc., and focus on the efficiency of physical retail operations..At the current stage, for the big brand customers, Enlarge Intelligence provides retail execution, shelf intelligence and competitive product tracking services. It uses mobile phones to take pictures to identify and analyze the product information and intelligence in the photos and feedback to customers.At the same time, through camera IOT hardware, it provides retail customers with services such as shelf vacancy identification and auxiliary replenishment.In terms of profit model, Expansion Intelligence pays fees based on the number of times of photo recognition analysis. If it involves IOT hardware, then it charges a hardware fee, which is essentially a business model for operation.In the “retail + AI” scenario, the expansion of intelligent blogging has chosen to start from the identification of goods. One of the important reasons is that the difficulty of identifying goods is extremely high, including a large variety, a large number, continuous updates, the environmental impact of light angles, the price of goods and price tags.Matching, etc., the difficulty is high can establish the advantage barriers of expanding intelligent vision algorithms.In terms of business strategy, Expanding Intelligence selects a few international head retail customers for in-depth cooperation. Based on the large size of the customer, it can solve the most difficult application problems and obtain a large amount of high-value data. At the same time, it can rely on customers in the future.To expand the international market.According to the official information, in the past two years, the expansion of the intelligent cooperation with internationally renowned fast-moving consumer brands such as Coca-Cola has established strategic cooperation in many regions around the world, and the solutions provided have successfully landed in four markets including North America and Southeast Asia.Three keywords: soft and hard, head customer, global wind power and retail industry seem to be two completely unrelated industries, but when we talked with Yan Zhiqing to expand the intelligent industry choice, wind power and retail industry solutions are the largestTopics such as difficulties, core key points that want to be bigger, but found the commonality between industries.To sum up, what we want to do is to “digital offline scene”, and then to the specific things to do, and the key points that can be made, can be summarized into three points: through the combination of hardware, software, and algorithm to achieve highTechnical advantages and barriers.Through in-depth cooperation with a few industry-leading customers, dig deep into the scene, establish the best end-to-end landing solution, and then promote it on a large scale, instead of serving a bunch of long-tail customers from the beginning.Global market expansion, the solution must be able to expand globally, so as to obtain a larger market size.Cooperation with international head customers also values ​​the possibility of future globalization.In the future, Bobo Intelligence will build on these three points to build a wider business scenario..

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