Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Every Movie and TV” (ID: meijingyingshi), reporter | Du Wei, editor | Du Yi, 36 氪 released with permission.Who is the “strongest influencer” at the moment?Maybe you would say Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya, and Zhang Dayi, but just over a month ago, the short video blogger Li Zizhen suddenly became hot. Unlike other online celebrities with goods, she was also labeled as “cultural output”With the help of YouTube, it has become a world influencer.As of January 14, 2020, Li Ziyi not only has 22.28 million followers on Sina Weibo, but also has 8.26 million followers on YouTube. Compared with CNN fans, one of the most influential media in the world, she is only20,000 behind.Picture source: YouTube “But do you know how many videos CNN has? There are 140,000 videos, and Li Ziyi has only a few hundred or more.” Zhou Ying, a professor of strategic marketing at Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, explained in the Antai EMBA admissions programAt the meeting, the words of Li Ziyi’s video were influential.So, what’s the secret behind Li Ziying’s explosion of the Red Network?How can we create a successful influencer IP?In the era of the digital economy, KOL has become a popular short video of mainstream Li Ziyu, with beautiful pictures, giving people a sense of ease and escape from the hustle and bustle of the world when watching.What makes people wonder is why Li Zizhen’s idyllic life is so touching that he has circled numerous foreign fans without an English word?”In terms of the large macro environment, it has entered the era of the digital economy.” In this regard, Zhou Ying analyzed that in the underlying business logic of Li Ziyu’s popularity, “her success was not an accident, but an inevitable.” According to QuestMobileThe data shows that, as of September 2019, the average per-day usage time of China Mobile Internet users per month has reached 360 minutes.Among them, short videos accounted for 64.1%.Therefore, Zhou Ying believes that the foundation of Li Zihuan’s success is to adopt a short video method, and to follow the changes in media communication methods-video has become an important traffic entrance, keenly seizing this opportunity.”People want to be able to interact, perceive, or communicate with each other when they are watching, so they are willing to buy things on it, have communication, and be willing to settle on this platform. Short videos are suitable for this kind of communication media and consumer needs.”Zhou Ying said.Not only that, corporate advertising is changing. “Chinese companies are more likely to invest in mobile end, social media is a first choice, and KOL has become a mainstream promotion.” Zhou Ying further explained that the “two beauty” industry is moreIt is suitable for creating Internet celebrities. “Food and beauty are growing fast, and Li Ziying is catching this air.” In addition to the above three points, changes in consumer groups have also provided fertile soil for the growth of Internet celebrities.According to the analysis of the Ali Research Institute, post-70s are loyal to products, post-80s are loyal to brands, post-90s are loyal to stars, and post-00s are loyal to Internet celebrities.It is worth mentioning that today’s post-00 population has reached 280 million, accounting for 20% of the total population.Zhou Ying believes that Gen Z likes “new, strange, special”, pursues sensory stimulation, and likes to play short videos such as vibrato, all of which set the stage for Li Zihuan’s popularity.”IP + Personnel + MCN + Platform” is the driving force behind the creation of the top Internet celebrities. Today, the Internet celebrity economy is developing rapidly.In the “Double 11” pre-sale in 2019, the cumulative sales of Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi on the day of the single live broadcast were 660 million yuan; just in the beginning of 2020, after a live broadcast of Li Jiaqi, the stock price of the listed company Jinzi Ham was evenIt rose all the way on the 2nd, and finally closed with a daily limit. The market value increased by 548 million yuan.Image source: The huge commercial value of the CCTV Finance Network Red Economy has made many companies want to create a head online celebrity like “Li Li”.In response to this, Zhou Ying revealed that the key to shaping the popular Internet celebrity IP lies in “the choice of brand, the construction of Internet celebrities, the promotion of MCN, and the selection of communication platforms.” It should be noted that IP and brand are twoDifferent concepts.”IP emphasizes more on emotion, value, culture, personality, and symbols. It is called tonality in our popular language, and then it is more popular and grounded. It is difficult to stand out without this thing.” Zhou Ying believes that the brand does notIt must be IP, but IP is inherently a brand. It is a higher-level brand.”IP is empowered by content. Undoubtedly, Li Ziyi is made by content.” Secondly, in terms of staffing, Zhou Ying felt that Li Ziyi started very high. She is positioned as the “national style” person of Net Red 4.0.Assume.Looking back on the changes in online celebrities in recent years, Zhou Ying gave examples. The representatives of the 1.0 era of Internet celebrities are Sister Furong and Sister Feng; the era of 2.0 is e-commerce Internet celebrities, represented by Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya, who have super strong liquidity; the era of 3.0 isIP influencers, such as Luo Tianyi of station B.”The Internet celebrities of the 3.0 era can inject new culture, vitality, and cross-border integration with some original brands through IP incubation. Guofeng IP is a type of IP, but I counted it to 4.0. Why?The benefits are even higher, it represents domestic products, national tide, and Chinese culture. “Zhou Ying believes that with the rise of the national tide, the opportunity for Chinese brands has come, and there will be more things that Li Ziyi can dig out.Zhou Ying is very optimistic about Li Zizheng who cut into the food. “This is just the beginning, and there will be further outbreaks in the future. And Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya have almost reached their peak. As the so-called people take food as the sky, what do you think of the industry’s choices?It ’s not enough to see. “With the brand, the people, and the company to help the influencers develop further.Zhou Ying introduced that 93% of Chinese internet celebrities have signed MCNs (incubation institutions). “MCN is a concept of intermediary agencies and brokers, which connects internet celebrities to platforms.”Internet celebrity IP still needs the help of the platform. Zhou Ying believes that Li Zizheng chose the wrong platform at first, and Meipai made her take a detour. There was no power to push her into popularity, but YouTube made her famous.In short, in this era when content is king, one of the biggest highlights of Li Zihuan’s success is content marketing.The cover image is from pexels.

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