Ape Coaching and National Railway Jixun reached a strategic cooperation and disclosed that the company has more than 400 million users

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Near the peak of the Spring Festival Transport in 2020, this year’s Spring Festival transport service has added a new bright spot-the nationwide high-speed rail “on-board online education” service will be officially opened.China Railway Jixun, the operator of the official app “Handheld High Speed ​​Rail” of China Railways, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ape Coach Online Education.From January 17, the national high-speed rail will work with Ape Coaching Online Education to jointly provide knowledgeable and interesting online learning content for elementary and middle school students on the journey.Just download the “Handheld High-speed Rail” APP, connect the train high-speed rail WiFi, and enter the ape coaching area on the “Handheld High-speed Rail”, and young travelers can enjoy a fun and educational journey.”It took us about five hours along the way. Previously, the kids were in trouble in the car before they had nothing to do.” At the time of the Spring Festival, Ms. Zhang, who was about to bring her children from Beijing to Hangzhou, said, “Now in the car, if children can find their sense of self.Interested learning content and learning knowledge are both convenient and meaningful, and free. Children have something to do, and our adults are also at ease. “As an online education brand accessing the” hand-held high-speed rail “, Ape Coaching has signed a chief agreement with the National Railway Jixunk12 education strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will work together to build a new ecosystem of high-speed rail services, combining the travel scenarios of trains and the different needs of students, parents and passenger groups during travel, and using the convenience of online education without the constraints of time and space to bring more high-quality educational resourcesBy the side of small travelers, students and parents can easily experience high-quality online education services, filling the gaps in targeted services for children and students on the train.According to the Spring Festival Transport Data released by the National Railway Group, the 2020 Railway Spring Festival Transport will begin on January 10 and end on February 18, for a total of 40 days. It is estimated that the country ’s railways will send 440 million passengers.Among them, the EMU is expected to send 270 million passengers, accounting for more than 63% of total passenger shipments, an increase of 3.8 percentage points year-on-year.At present, the free Wi-Fi provided by the National Railway Jixun has covered the national Fuxing EMU trains, and the Harmony EMU trains are gradually being covered. The high-speed rail WiFi has cumulatively covered more than 300 million passengers; it is estimated that by 2020, it will cover 1500 units.EMU train.”Ape Coaching has always been a popular online education brand among parents. It has high-quality course content, massive question banks, and big data accurate coaching. The handheld high-speed rail provides users with online and offline collaborative smart travel services, and is committed to continuously satisfying people for a better trip.The needs of life, both of us have a natural basis for cooperation. “Liao Zhan, COO of China Railway Jixun said,” In the future, we will work with Ape Coaching to introduce high-quality education content for high-speed rail passengers, and create a comprehensive range of students and parents.Travel services and content experience. “It is reported that the” Handheld High-speed Rail “App is a Chinese railway WiFi entrance and itinerary service platform. It currently has tens of millions of users and provides passengers with high-speed rail WiFi, entertainment in transit, itinerary services, high-speed rail ordering, and speed taxis.And other comprehensive high-speed rail travel services.In the first wave of electronic tickets for the Spring Festival, the electronic ticket synchronization function of the handheld high-speed rail provided a way for passengers to query itinerary information online, which was highly praised by tourists.The online education industry has also been booming in recent years. Online education has truly broken the constraints of time and space, and made high-quality teachers, courses and learning products within reach-whether it is at school, at home, or nowHigh-speed rail cars have naturally become mobile learning scenes.Both parents, children, teachers, and students have become “online learners” in the new era.Li Xin, Vice President of Ape Coaching Company, told the media, “The addition of new technology and big data has continuously upgraded the interactive form of online learning, and the student’s sense of immersion and participation in the learning process has increased, and the interest in learning will be greatly stimulated.Enter continuous, highly focused learning. “As of January 2020, the number of users of ape tutoring online education has exceeded 400 million nationwide, from ape tutoring online courses, ape question bank, little ape search questions, little ape mouth count to zebra AIClasses, from preschool, elementary school, junior high school to high school, users include children, elementary and middle school students, parents, teachers and other groups.The cooperation between Ape Coaching Online Education and National Railway Jixun also hopes to explore new scenarios of online education, so that more users across the country can enjoy convenient and high-quality online education services.

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