WeChat can transfer money to QQ, with a single maximum of 3,000 yuan


This article comes from interface news. Reporter Lu Keyan On January 14, Tencent QQ announced that it will now support users to transfer from WeChat to QQ.It is understood that users can follow the public account “QQ Wallet Official Account” on WeChat. After paying attention, they can click the “Transfer to QQ” option to enter the transfer page, and enter the QQ number and real name of the payee.Transfer.After the transfer is successful, the payee can receive the receipt notice in the “QQ Wallet” public account in QQ, and the transfer amount will automatically enter the user’s wallet balance without any fees.However, QQ users need to open the QQ wallet function and complete real-name authentication before receiving money, otherwise they cannot accept the transfer.According to Tencent, some QQ users do not have the ability to open a bank card, or they are not tied to a bank card for personal reasons, but there is still a need to consume on the QQ platform. After opening the transfer function with WeChat, the needs of these peopleWill be satisfied.On the other hand, the opening of this function can facilitate the amphibious users of the two platforms to avoid tedious operations and quickly circulate funds.It is worth noting that this transfer function also has a certain amount and frequency limit: the single transfer amount cannot exceed 1,000 yuan; the single WeChat monthly transfer amount cannot exceed 3,000 yuan; the monthly receipt amount of each QQ number cannot exceed 6000Yuan; each WeChat can only transfer to 10 QQ numbers per month.In addition, QQ cannot currently transfer money to WeChat in the reverse direction.After the function was announced today, a number of users reported to the interface news that the “Transfer to QQ” page could not be accessed and flashed back.As of press time, there was no response from QQ.Recently, QQ and WeChat have another connection.In November last year, QQ launched a WeChat mini program “Tencent QQ” to support users to receive QQ messages on WeChat, but it is not yet possible to reply to the message.QQ said that the function is being further improved.

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