Daily News | India orders antitrust investigations on Amazon and Wal-Mart; Indonesian startups raise more than $ 3.4 billion in 2019, Gojek has highest total funding


Southeast Asia In 2019, Indonesian startups raised more than $ 3.4 billion, with Gojek raising the highest total.According to DealStreetAsia, Gojek raised $ 1.6 billion this year; Indonesia’s unicorn Traveloka raised $ 420 million this year; and US-listed mobile payment application KinerjaPay raised $ 200 million from Wahana Group.Although the financing environment in 2020 is more severe than last year, Indonesia’s consumption-oriented Internet economy still has opportunities for continued growth.”Second-East Asian Seeds Used Car” Carsome has appointed Juliet Zhu as its new Chief Financial Officer.36 氪 Going abroad learned that Carsome, a used car platform in Southeast Asia, announced that it will appoint Juliet Zhu as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from January 1, 2020.It is reported that Juliet has worked in venture capital companies focusing on China, the US and Southeast Asian markets, and has extensive experience in development strategies and capital planning.As CFO, Juliet will leverage his investment experience and leadership to drive Carsome’s growth strategy, promote core business development, open new business lines, and build an ecosystem through partnerships and mergers and acquisitions.To obtain a fully digital banking license, Singapore financial company Singapura Finance has partnered with MatchMove Pay.According to e27, banks with full digital banking licenses need a total capital of S $ 1.5 billion (US $ 1.1 billion) and must be controlled by local entities in Singapore.Singapura Finance has stated in the past that this is part of its strategic positioning in the fintech industry.The move itself provides the group with the opportunity to acquire shares in companies with long-term growth potential.Malaysia’s “two-round taxi” Dego Ride plans to raise $ 450 billion.According to DealStreetAsia, there is news that Dego Ride plans to raise US $ 45 million from a private equity firm to expand its market.It is reported that at the beginning of this year, Malaysia 7-11 Holdings Limited (SEM) will acquire a 46.45% stake in Myinteractivelab Sdn Bhd (MSB), the operator of the two-round taxi Dego Ride, for approximately $ 1.8 million.Indonesian logistics startup Waresix raises $ 11 million in Series A funding.According to DealStreetAsia, the investors in this round of financing are EV Growth and Jungle Ventures.To date, the startup has raised a total of more than $ 27.1 million.Yash Sankrityayan, head of Jungle Ventures, revealed that the company’s monthly revenue in 2019 has increased by more than 30 times, and EBITDA is currently profitable.Tencent Video WeTV reached a strategic cooperation with 3 Thai stations to introduce Thai TV dramas.Tencent Video International Edition WeTV and Thailand’s CH3 TV channel (referred to as: Thailand 3) operator BEC World announced a strategic cooperation, in 2020 will provide users with high-quality Thai TV drama content through their respective Internet audiovisual platforms.In 2020, Tencent Video WeTV will be the exclusive online audio-visual partner of 3 Thai stations, and will broadcast its sublime TV series online.( India India has ordered antitrust investigations against Amazon and Wal-Mart.According to foreign media reports, India ’s antitrust agency, the Indian Competition Commission (CCI), said it had ordered investigations into alleged violations of fair competition laws by Amazon and Walmart ’s e-commerce platform Flipkart.The Competition Commission of India stated that exclusive agreements signed between mobile phone brands and e-commerce platforms, as well as related e-commerce companies’ preferential treatment of specific sellers, have led to their antitrust investigations against Amazon and Flipkart.(Sina Technology) This week, OYO will fire 2,400 employees, accounting for 20% of its total employees in India.According to ET, people familiar with the matter said: “The purpose of this move is to reduce the number of employees by at least 20%, and we plan to adjust the staff size again by the end of March.” In addition, OYO will also lay off staff in other markets.According to Bloomberg, the company fired 5% of its employees in China.It is reported that OYO has a total of 12,000 employees in the Chinese market.Latin American Mexican fintech company Resuelve Tu Deuda has raised approximately $ 24 million.According to Contxto, this round of financing was led by Alloy Merchant Finance and DILA Capital.The company has adopted an expansion strategy for some time.Therefore the current investment will be dedicated to increasing its earnings in Latin America and Europe.Brazilian human resources startup Kenoby raised $ 4.9 million to provide AI-related technologies to HR.According to Contxto, Kenoby reports that the newly raised funds will be used to improve its products through artificial intelligence (AI) and increase its existing 100 employees to 300 over the next two years.In addition, the startup expects its sales to double by 2020.Brazilian retail software supplier Linx will partner with Rappi.According to LABS, in order to simplify the supply and demand process, this cooperation will integrate Rappi’s applications into Linx’s omni-channel platform (called “Linx Omni OMS”), enabling merchant users of the Linx platform to directly communicate with users who use Rappi applicationsMake a sale.Other Korean game company “NPIXEL” received 30 billion won (about 26 million US dollars) in Series A financing.36 氪 learned that the investors are Saehan Venture Capital and Altos Ventures.The above two investment institutions have unearthed Krafton Blue Hole (the producer of PUBG), Coupang, the first e-commerce company in Korea, and so on.It is understood that this financing is the largest A round of financing in the history of Korean game financing. At present, the valuation of “NPIXEL” has reached more than 300 billion won.Text | Du Jun @ 36 氪 出海 编 | 赵小 纯 @ 36 氪 出海 图 | Pexels.

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