AirPods official website can engraving the zodiac, why iPhone does not have this treatment?


Editor’s note: This article is from Geek Park. The author is a big hero. 36 氪 has been released with permission.It’s almost Chinese New Year. If you are planning to give a friend a gift and you want to have face and force, what should you give?For some tech enthusiasts, buying a lettering apple product as a gift may be a good choice.On Apple’s official website, you can choose to engrave the products you want to express with AirPods, Apple Pencil, iPad, iPod touch and other products. Especially recently, Apple officially opened the AirPods Pro zodiac and engraved expressions..However, for products such as iPhone and MacBook, the official website does not support engraved content.Why is it produced by the same Apple, but some can be engraved but not?Why can’t iPhone as Apple’s pillar product enjoy the same treatment as AirPods?If you are also curious about this, then today, let’s take a look at the secret behind it with Geek Choice (public account GeekChoice).Careful calculation of process cost account materials and processes are two important issues that must be considered first.If you try to open the official website and take a look at Apple’s official digital products that can be engraved, you may find some special points, such as AirPods and AirPods Pro. The case materials are plastic, and the iPad and iPod touch cases are metal.For both materials, the current laser engraving technology can be easily engraved. The technology is mature, fast and almost never fails. At the same time, as long as the demand is large, the cost will not increase.The material of the mobile phone is changing too fast. From, I put my eyes on the iPhone. From the iPhone generation to the current iPhone 11 Pro series, the back cover has been made of plastic, metal, glass and other materials. Every few yearsIt will change, and the span of each change is not small, which brings a big problem to the back cover engraving. Even if it can be engraved, Apple needs to think about new engraving techniques every few years, regardless of time or money costs.It’s not very cost-effective to say.In terms of time, Apple produces a large number of iPhones every day. Maybe the time you spend buying an engraved iPhone can produce ten iPhones in a row. This is not a good deal for Apple. In terms of money cost, one is sold.The tens of thousands of iPhones, no matter whether the lettering or not is engraved, will not have such a big impact on your purchase decision, so Apple will make such considerations after calculating this account.MOTO X’s personalized back cover An example of a MOTO X phone may testify to this view.After the release of MOTO X in 2013, people praised the personalized back cover of this phone. In addition to the common plastic materials at the time, MOTO officially provided a variety of customizable back covers such as leather, bamboo, and wood, and hereOn the basis of this, Motorola officially plans to launch a custom engraving service on its official website, but after various tests, the official finally cancelled this service because the process of lettering on different back cover materials is very different.And it is also difficult to guarantee the strength of the back cover of the mobile phone. Therefore, for Apple, which changes its material every few years, it is not easy to lettering on the iPhone.But when you talk about this, you might ask, MacBook is a metal material, and the design has not changed much. Why did n’t you add the engraving option?Isn’t this easy?What are the obstacles to product customization beyond process and cost?At this time we have to distinguish specific situations from specific products.The product category determines the sales method. We must first think about the question, why does Apple provide engraving services on products such as AirPods, Apple Pencil, iPad, iPod touch?The obvious answer is to sell better.More precisely, these products are all high profit margins, but not all digital products that everyone needs. If you listen to songs and pursue sound quality, then you may prefer headphones over AirPods. If you already haveWith the iPhone, iPod touch is not a necessity.Therefore, if sales can be further enhanced through engraving, then Apple will naturally provide such services.On the other hand, these products also have a very good quality. Because they are not as expensive as iPhones and MacBooks, and they are not large in size, they can be given to relatives and friends in addition to their own. From the perspective of gifts, they can provide engraving.Service is naturally another way to attract customers to buy.However, products such as the iPhone and MacBook are themselves productivity tools that we use every day. It is not too much to call such products “just needed”, not to mention that people have to go through various situations every day in use. TheirTool attributes are stronger. As Apple ’s important product line, the people who choose to buy them are a fixed and loyal group of users. When making decisions, what people are more concerned about with these products is actually performance upgrades and new feature points.It will not give up the purchase because it cannot be engraved, and Apple will no longer advertise and sell these products as gifts.New opportunities to show your personality. Gifts to others always want to show your heart, so it ’s best to write a paragraph to express your feelings, but then there may be more problems than you think.No matter what product you are engraving on, this means that it is more troublesome when you want to make a used product, which actually brings new opportunities to many manufacturers to some extent.For example, in order to express individuality, the favorite thing for iPhone users is to buy a variety of interesting and novel mobile phone cases for iPhones. IPhone users are also the happiest group of all mobile phone brands. They can have a longer mobile phone life cycle.Seeing a variety of interesting brain holes appear on the back cover of mobile phones. As the most popular brand in consumer electronics products, countless third-party manufacturers have brought personality needs that users can meet without engraving..The picture comes from a network MacBook. In fact, there are similar situations, but in addition to the protective case, MacBook users prefer to use various stickers to stick to their notebooks. There are many creative designs that also highlight the Apple brand, so Apple is not on these devices.It is not necessarily a bad thing to do engraving services, because this not only gives a lot of third-party institutions a way to make money, but also brings many users the option of “regret medicine”.Looking back, actually, it ’s not that bad that Apple did n’t launch the engraving service for the iPhone. After all, even if you engraved the word, you still have to bring a mobile phone case. There are still many ways to pursue personalization, whether it is for yourself or as a gift.Bringing stickers is also a good choice..

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