Winners of the 16th issue of “Chao Technology 2020 Awards”-Songling Robot Session


Review of the event If you have a mobile robot chassis … | Chao Technology 2020 Awards Q & A Guest 16: Wei Jidong, the founder of Songling Robot Question: If you have a mobile robot chassis, what kind of body parts will it fit?What are the scenarios used for?Prize: SCOUT MINI (¥ 12000) All-terrain high-speed unmanned vehicle Winning list Winning ID: Yao XIII Y.The 16th award-winning review ID: Yao Shisan If I have a mobile robot chassis, the best application must be installed on all-terrain high-speed unmanned vehicles.An assembly part and application scenario 1 First, a professional and specialized field with a full range of high-definition cameras for forest fire prevention, disaster prevention and deforestation. At present, forest inspections mainly rely on forest inspectors. It is very hard to travel long distances in the forest. All terrainRobots can replace their work, saving manpower and material costs; military applications, with current-sensing equipment such as financial detectors and installation of robotic arms for demining and removal of obstacles, etc., can avoid military casualties; fire protection applications, with infrared ultraviolet sensingEquipment for fire detection, monitoring, and disposal planning, which can fully reduce the threat level of personnel.2 The second is the amateur civilian field with gps positioning system and high-definition zoom camera. It can be used for field photography and close-up shooting of wild animals. If you follow the shooting of animals for a period of time, you can analyze their work and rest, behavior characteristics, foraging methods, peer communication, etc.It is helpful for human beings to better understand the natural world, and can also be used for outdoor adventures with certain dangers and stimuli.ID: Y.With this robot chassis, we definitely want it to be multifunctional, so the accessories need a modular design, which can be easily replaced to adapt to different scenarios.So I envisioned a few scenarios!
1. There are many unmanned reconnaissance aircraft now. Similarly, this kind of all-terrain vehicle can also perform reconnaissance missions, install cameras and signal receiving modules, and remotely control robots to achieve reconnaissance missions.
2. The mine clearance module can replace manual mine clearance to reduce the injuries of soldiers.
3. Intelligent navigation module.Some road idiots don’t understand map navigation. With a navigation robot following it, you are not afraid to get lost, or some blind people can also be guided by the navigation robot.
4. Can be used to send buy takeaway delivery to express delivery, take out garbage and so on.
5. Smart follow up.Now there are many drones that can intelligently follow and shoot a lot of good-looking vlogs. Terrain robots can also shoot different perspectives.16th Issue Comment ID: Chen ’s end of the year is the key to mobile robots. There are several key points for unmanned vehicles, including engines, tires, chassis, and central processing units.The importance of the chassis is self-evident. First of all, the hardness must be high, and high hardness can prevent collisions. All-terrain driving is unavoidable. The second is to grasp the weight just under the premise of high hardness.Too light will cause insufficient friction with the ground, making it difficult to grip the ground, and finally, the chassis structure is also very important. Good structure and tire gap can adapt to a variety of complex terrain conditions.As for matching accessories, currently unmanned vehicles can be loaded with mechanical operating arms, joysticks, booms, etc. for construction operations; infrared, ultraviolet, thermal imaging technology, metal detectors, weapon fire control systems, and mounted missile systemsFor military applications; load radiation index technology equipment, thermal sensing, chemical analysis instruments for disaster analysis, nuclear leak analysis and early warning, fire, rescue, rescue analysis, etc .; it can also be equipped with a medicine box, positioning system, automatic identification of obstacles and avoidanceThe system is used in agricultural and forestry operations.I personally predict that the future direction of unmanned vehicles will be all-directional towards the work of replacing people in high-risk, high-load, vacuum, and harsh environment conditions, such as space operations in vacuum. Maybe one day all high-risk, high-work intensityJobs will be replaced by them. Personally, I think it is more likely that this is a good thing.ID: Huiming-Yanlier First of all, the mobile robot chassis must have good anti-vibration and power storage functions, so that it can carry all necessary precision equipment. Second, I hope that it can be all-weather, multi-dwelling, can run on the ground, canIn shallow water, when in an emergency, you can fly in the air for a short distance to bring sound, image processing, navigation, lighting and other equipment. Use it to search and rescue in the wild.(Can you also be a shepherd dog and lead the sheep to rotate the pasture to monitor the soil and resources of the pasture?) In orchards and vegetable gardens, can equipment be used to monitor crop pests, soil components, and crop water requirements; spray medicine; pickingFruits from heights … Participation in the event If you are a hardcore technology enthusiast, follow the “36 氪 Pro”, get the notification of participation as soon as possible, and explore the future with readers who also love technological innovation!If you are a person in charge of a hard-core technology company and are interested in the above activities, please contact us as soon as possible.(WeChat: 15300063873 Email: [email protected]).