Canalys: Global wrist wearable device market grows 65% in Q3 2019, Xiaomi ranks first in shipments


Editor’s note: This article is from Interface News.Recently, Canalys released a report on wearable device shipments for the third quarter of 2019.The report shows that in the third quarter of 2019, the global wearable wrist device market increased by 65%, and Greater China is still the region with the largest shipments, accounting for 40% of the world.Source: cannalys report shows that globally, Xiaomi’s wearable device shipments rank first, with 12.2 million shipments, a year-on-year increase of 74.4%, and a market share of 27% in the quarter.Canalys believes that Xiaomi’s growth is due to strong domestic performance and intense overseas expansion.Occupying second place is Apple, which has a market share of 15%, the highest growth rate since the second quarter of 2017.This is mainly due to the Apple Watch series released in September this year, which accounts for 60% of Apple’s quarterly shipments.Huawei ranked third with 5.9 million units shipped and 13% market share, with an annual growth rate of 243%.Fitbit ranks fourth, occupying 8% of the market, and is the only supplier with a small increase compared to last year.With its entry-level Galaxy Fit, Samsung ranked fifth with a market share of 6%, and its sales in Asia have increased.Globally, the popularity of wearables continues to grow.As a core part of the IoT ecosystem, as people pay more and more attention to health, these wearable devices will continue to develop well.From a regional perspective, China ’s wrist-mounted wearables grew by 60%, mainly due to Xiaomi ’s shipments, followed by Huawei.Canalys believes that most of Huawei’s growth is due to the promotion of bundling low-end bracelets when selling smartphones.The report points out that Greater China is the world ’s largest market for wearable devices, with 18.3 million units shipped, accounting for 40.2% of total global shipments.At the same time, the fastest-growing region for wearables is Asia Pacific (excluding Greater China), with a year-on-year growth of 130%.