God of Technology reply 丨 Super longevity blood carries special T cells, the original “Resident Evil” really has factual basis


Super longevity blood carries special T cells; Luo Yonghao is “bald”; Yinyuetai is suspected of failing … Recall the latest technology news and netizen’s God’s reply that should not be missed.Special long-lived people carry special T cells in their blood. A joint research team at the Institute of Life and Medical Sciences of the Japan Institute of Physics and Chemistry and Keio University Medical Department found that many long-lived people (110 years and older) carry many “CD4-positive killer T cells”.This discovery helps to understand the relationship between immunity and aging and longevity, thereby contributing to preventing immune aging and extending healthy [email protected]: I want to be immortal and develop [email protected] 叮当 hello: It feels like there should be many health care product manufacturers cheating under the [email protected] think of a tall nickname: Qin Shihuang said: Let the widows be [email protected] 友 友 83804: What you love and who love yourself disappear in the years, what is the meaning of longevity?Luo Yonghao “bare” On February 3, at the “Elderly and the Sea” black technology conference, Luo Yonghao, founder of Hammer Technology, said that I was just on the restricted consumption list, so I almost came to Beijing to develop a conference on a hard seat.Entrepreneur.At first, in order to eager to repay the creditor’s money, I also made a very low-level thing called Chat Bao, and quickly paid the money is the least important thing.But Low finished without success.Many netizens also found “Luo Yonghao Mediterranean” at the conference.At the end of the “Old Man and the Sea” black technology conference, Luo Yonghao also talked about his recent situation and said that he was very good. In addition to thinking about the creditors and feeling uneasy for them, he was working overtime to solve this matter.Fans were also comforted and said, do n’t worry, it ’s a good life, but it ’s not convenient for me to say it on Weibo very well. I have n’t seen anyone who has pointed me better than me.Today, at the “Elderly and Sea” black technology conference, Luo Yonghao released the antibacterial material Sharklet, which claims to reduce 95% of bacteria without changing the nature and characteristics of the original material, but it does not killBacteria do not produce any antibodies, which prevents the evolution of super [email protected] 0bject1ee: (• _ •) A person who has worked hard but failed is far greater than someone who can only mock the [email protected]: Mobile phones are no longer available for e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes are no longer available for cloth.Never seen a craftsman who can jump like this, Lao Luo is essentially a senior [email protected] 潮 男 就 玩 守望: In order to reflect Lao Luo’s determination to sterilize, he named this technology Luo Tie bacteria.Johnson & Johnson said the baby powder does not contain carcinogens. Johnson & Johnson said on Tuesday that more tests showed that its baby powder did not contain carcinogens asbestos, which overturned previous US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) test results.In October this year, the FDA said that some of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder products contained traces of asbestos. Johnson & Johnson therefore announced a recall of 33,000 bottles of baby talcum powder in the United States.Johnson & Johnson said that two different third-party laboratories performed 155 tests on the same sample from the FDA contract laboratory, using four different test methods, and found that these samples did not contain [email protected] -9irl: I’ve been using Johnson & Johnson’s shower gel moisturizer or something, from the fifth and sixth grades of elementary school to the present, so I really hope this confirmation is [email protected] 来 杯 奶茶 ll: Now children basically don’t need talcum [email protected] 那 维 勋 的 花花 兔: I remember there was a popular science saying that the carcinogen was asbestos, but all talcum powder was extracted from asbestos. If there is a problem, it can’t be just Johnson & Johnson, but all talcum powder.Yin Yuetai is suspected of failure: official website video cannot be played, App is abnormal According to several Weibo big V news, the well-known music site Yin Yue Tai is suspected of failure, the official website cannot be accessed normally, only the homepage and some pages can be accessed, the video cannot be played, and cannot be searched, The comment disappeared, the app also has abnormal data, and has been removed from the App [email protected] 东 煜 啊 丶: The product of the 21st century will remain in the [email protected] 林 杨-同学: Taylor won a Yinyue voting vote before, and the organizer said that the trophy would be sent to her.We all joked that the trophy fell out of the Pacific.I forgot that in a video posted by Taylor, the V-shaped trophy appeared … a very good video MV [email protected]: Youth…Han Liu’s pits all depended on them. Exo debuted at Yin Yuetai (I mean the most watched).Do you have any thoughts about the hot events in the technology industry today?Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Excellent God replies will appear in the next article ~.