Established a dataset management system for AI services, “Graviti” received pre-A round of financing of US $ 10 million

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36 氪 was informed that artificial intelligence data company Graviti (Chinese name: Gewu Titanium (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.) has obtained a pre-A round of 10 million US dollars financing. Investment institutions include Sequoia China Seed Fund, Yunqi Capital, Zhenge Fund and WindAnd capital.Although capital has great enthusiasm for front-end application products for autonomous driving, the industry’s investment in underlying technology is far from enough.The landing of autonomous driving requires continuous scene testing and relies on the accumulation of a large number of real road scenes for efficient and rapid model training.Once the data quality is unqualified, the time of the data will be greatly wasted, and the cost of training the model will increase viciously.Therefore, this type of research and development work places extremely high demands on the company’s delivery capabilities and data processing systems.Data annotation, as the “teacher” of artificial intelligence, is a key method for training machines.But the data indicates that the industry is still in a “labor-intensive” period.Enterprises generally solve their labeling needs by building their own labeling platforms and finding external human resources. However, they often encounter problems such as unstable labeling quality and queuing requirements for outsourced teams.In response to the current pain points of the data annotation market, Graviti (founded in early 2019) has established an efficient and low-cost data annotation platform business, and plans to form a data set management system required by artificial intelligence on this basis.Graviti’s business can be divided into two parts: the data annotation platform is the company’s current core business.In actual operation, the data annotation background operation page is concise and easy to understand, and the workflow is clear and smooth; the data content is displayed through a visual system, and the strong logical summary greatly improves the analysis efficiency; the annotation platform also establishes an efficient and perfect project distribution and management mechanism,Through multi-layer quality inspection, automatic task distribution, and batch data delivery process design, the project completion efficiency is ranked first in the industry.Providing a data set management system is the focus of future layout.The founder of the company Cui Yunkai believes that there are many fields of AI applications and data services have strong industry expandability. Therefore, while providing standard data services, the company provides targeted consulting services to industry customers and prepares relevant data sets andTrain the model and package the trained model into corresponding services.Looking at the overall market, the data indicates that the United States started early. The current head company is a Silicon Valley startup named Scale AI. The company has completed a $ 100 million Series C financing with a valuation of more than $ 1 billion.However, most of the data annotators are currently distributed in places such as Asia and Latin America where labor is cheaper, and the rapid development of the domestic artificial intelligence market.The infrastructure market will exceed $ 8 billion.In terms of team, the core members of Graviti are senior engineers and experts in Silicon Valley and the domestic AI industry. Early employees have rich experience in the data industry.Founder Cui Yunkai graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University and the University of Pennsylvania, and was the Tech Lead Manager of Uber’s unmanned driving department. It is one of the earliest employees in the department.Under the blessing of technical strength, the company plans to cooperate with customers in the fields of driverless, high-precision maps, face recognition, robots, smart cities, smart security, and smart retail, and promote the application of artificial intelligence in more scenarios and becomeOne-stop AI data service platform for unstructured data storage, processing, and use.