To build a bridge for Sino-Japanese business cooperation, why is 36Kr Japan the flagship?


In recent years, large Japanese companies have begun to gradually explore the path of innovation and transformation in China, and their attention to the ecology of Chinese venture capital has gradually increased, but there is still no effective link.On the other hand, although start-ups have become the driving force of China’s innovation ecosystem, when they go abroad, go to the Northeast Asian market, and contact enterprises and investors, they lack communication platforms and local media exposure.The China Science and Technology Empowerment Industry Innovation Forum Series is a link platform for Sino-Japanese business cooperation created by 36Kr Japan and Nikkei.Relying on 36 氪 s venture capital in China’s venture capital, partner Nikkei’s influence as Japan’s largest financial news media, 36Kr Japan will bring more and more “seed players” in China’s venture capital circle to Japan, and participate in invitationsSenior Japanese corporate leaders explored the frontiers of China’s innovation ecosystem.The China Science and Technology Empowerment Industry Innovation Forum series is held every two months, and the theme is set to be the “venture” vertical industry in the Chinese venture capital ecosystem.In each of the forums, nearly a hundred participants will systematically and comprehensively explore the industry ecology and seek potential cooperative relationships through the four major sections of market literacy, industry analysis, innovative interpretation and Sino-Japanese links.After the meeting, Nikkei will report on the forum as soon as possible.So far, the forum has been successfully held for three sessions.Past themes include “Chinese Technology that Japan Should Know”, “AI and Business Application Opportunities from China”, and “Focus on New Retail in China”.The smart retail AI service provider Youluoke, the voice recognition technology provider Yunxiang Wisdom, and the image recognition technology company Code Long Technology have all used the forum platform to introduce Japanese companies’ business models in depth.Since its inception, the China Science and Technology Empowerment Industry Innovation Forum series has been widely welcomed by large Japanese companies.Well-known Japanese companies such as Softbank, NTT, LINE, Toshiba, Sony, Asahi International, Sumitomo Corporation, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Hitachi Logistics, Murata Manufacturing, Fuji, IBM Japan, Yahoo Japan, Kao, etc. have attended the meeting.The Chinese market is an important stop for Japanese companies to “go global.”Li Zhizhi, a senior consultant at Nomura Research Institute, pointed out: “The social environment that is easy to accept new companies, new technologies, and abundant talents has promoted China’s technological innovation.”Guilu Tian, ​​CEO of Drone iPLAB, a drone development company that entered Shenzhen in May, said in a speech: “If it can be recognized and market-proven in China, the product will be universal in the world.” From the perspective of Chinese enterprises,Xia Bing, executive vice president of image recognition technology company Malong Technology, once pointed out that “the development of artificial intelligence cannot be separated from international cooperation, and technology must grow in a cross-border open environment.” The forthcoming fourth series of China’s technology empowerment industry innovation seriesThe theme of the forum is “Future Travel”.In China, mobility is a big market.According to the market analysis report of the consulting company BCG, China is currently the world’s largest travel market, and the use of ride-hailing services accounts for nearly half of the world.With the use of self-driving cars, it is expected that by 2030, the number of ride-hailing users is expected to double in some cities, of which 72% will choose to travel by self-driving cars.Japanese companies are also expanding their presence in China.Prior to September, Toyota had “joined up” with Didi and established a joint venture company Fengju.At the conference in February 2020, 36Kr Japan, a subsidiary of 36 氪 Overseas Business Group, and 36Kr Global and Nikkei will invite Chinese and Japanese companies to discuss leading technologies in China’s travel industry, analyze market potential and future development..At present, the fourth forum registration for Chinese companies has started.If you are an excellent project in the travel industry, please contact us at [email protected]