“Sweden” acquires Meisu and Chengsu, and has received 58 strategic investments. City homestays have entered the integration period?

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It is reported that the Svedon Group announced today that it has completed the wholly-owned acquisition of Youmeisu and Chengju. Airbnb has become a new shareholder of Svedon and has increased its strategic investment in the same city.This acquisition will expand Svedon’s city homestay business, making it the largest non-standard accommodation chain operator on the homestay supply side.36 氪 once introduced that Youjia Meisu (formerly known as “Youjia B & B”) was established in 2018 and was born on the Ant short-term rental platform. It has obtained strategic investment from Ctrip and Tujia, and is regarded as the main bed and breakfast product of Ctrip.One homestay adopts a “partnership, full-course hosting” model, that is, the owner or the homestay investor provides idle real estate, and the homestay is responsible for unified hosting.By the end of 2018, there were several thousand homes in Meisu, covering more than twenty first- and second-tier cities.Established in 2017, City Stay entered the operation of homestay listings with a hosted model.City Stay chooses domestic first- and second-tier cities’ accommodation space, obtains listings through cooperation with real estate agents, and provides landlords with one-stop hosting services such as softcover design, platform operation, and cleaning and maintenance.In July 2018, City Stay had received a $ 5 million Series A investment from Airbnb.Tujia’s development report for the first half of 2019 shows that the first- and new-tier cities’ homestay markets represented by Beishangguang are still hot, with the transaction volume rising slightly, and the number of orders and listings is at the forefront.The market share of first-tier cities in the short-term rental market is a business that players in the industry want to compete for.Although the homestay market has a good outlook, starting from the end of 2018, the city’s homestay brand has weakened due to continued losses and heavy asset operations. Homestay brands need to adjust their strategies for long-term development.In this context, some homes and cities have begun to seek the possibility of integrated development.Swidden’s previous business was mainly apartment and villa listings, concentrated in tourist attractions and urban suburbs. Due to the scattered characteristics of its homes, it has been difficult to complete integration in a short time.The acquisition will not only make up for its shortcomings in the city’s homestay sector, but also will integrate high-quality players to achieve the purpose of extending the city’s product line, and will become the main force in the core of the city together with Sweden City Apartments.After the acquisition, all the properties in Chengjue and Youmeiju will be included in Svedon’s own business.Sweeden will communicate with Chengsu and Youmeisu in the middle stage and backstage, and their operation management systems will also be integrated and interoperable.It can be said that the acquisition was an agreement reached by the three parties based on their own advantages.It is worth noting that this acquisition does not involve simple three companies, but an adjustment of the power structure of all parties in the homestay sector.After the completion of the acquisition of Chengju, Airbnb will become a major shareholder of Svedon. By strengthening the control of high-quality housing, it will ensure the supply of housing on the platform.In the future, Sweeden will also benefit from Airbnb, a traffic portal, and its listings will be launched on the platform in a direct system.Prior to this acquisition, Ctrip accounted for approximately 33% of Sweden’s shareholding structure. With Airbnb entering the shareholder level and reinvestment in 58 cities, these three have also become Sweden’s three most important shareholders..Among them, 58 Group has invested in ant short-term rental and Tujia, which is also a force that cannot be ignored in the field of homestays.In addition, after the strategic investment of 58 Group, the short-term rental channel entrances of the two platforms of “58 City” and “Anjuke” will be operated by Sweeden, which will also win the new business of short-term and medium-term rental.With multiple entrances, Sweeten will become the biggest winner of the acquisition-forming three stable business lines of apartment, villa, and city homestay business, maximizing benefits through the combination of “long rent + medium rent + short rent” operating the property..After the acquisition, Sweden’s listings have surpassed 60,000, and Sweden’s expansion will not stop there.Svedon, which has continuously reached multi-party cooperation with domestic and foreign short-term rental platforms and chain hotel brands, every step in the future is expected.