Starting from daily operation scenarios, “School Butler” provides digital solutions for private education institutions


Founded in 2010, School Butler is a private educational institution informatization and digital solution provider. It has school stewards, school sharp stars, teacher and student letters, Xiaozhutong and other products.Specifically, the school steward establishes a SaaS platform with third-party service providers to provide education institutions with internal management and home-school communication services.Before founding the school steward, Wu Xing, the founder of the school steward, was the head of an education and training institution.With the expansion of institutions, management tasks such as finance and academic affairs have become heavier. Traditionally, manual or excel operations management has been unable to meet the needs of campus operations.Based on this experience, Wu Xing founded the school steward, using digitalization to provide digital solutions for internal management of private education institutions and home-school services, in order to help private education institutions improve the efficiency of operation and management.School stewards mainly help educational institutions to manage school affairs and communicate with home-schools. 36 氪 will also introduce the business matrix of school stewards from these two aspects: (1) School affairs management: For private education institutions, the most important managementBusiness is the management of people and wealth.Based on this reality, the school housekeeper assists the organization in the management of operations from both the human and financial perspectives.Personnel management: In the face of institutional employees, the school steward provides personnel management services in the areas of information management, attendance records, and performance statistics; in the face of institutional students, the school steward mainly provides management of student files and academic information, which is convenient for timely follow-up of studentsSituation, optimize service.Financial management: Most educational institutions operate on a prepaid basis.Under such a model, it is particularly important for the person in charge of the institution to grasp the collection of tuition fees, the elimination of classes and the situation of cash flow.From this perspective, the school steward provides institutions with multi-dimensional financial management services, including tuition income, cash flow analysis, and so on, to help institutions grasp the status of funds in a timely manner.Educational management: Classroom arrangement, curriculum setting and management are the main tasks of the daily operation of educational institutions. Starting from this high-frequency behavior, school housekeepers help institutions to conduct online intelligent class scheduling and scheduling, and improve operational capacity and efficiency.(2) Home-school communication: Home-school communication is directly targeted at the payers of the organization’s products—parents. High-quality home-school services can enhance the follow-up satisfaction of users and improve institutional reputation.The home-school communication service provided by the school steward for the institution includes multiple functions such as homework notification, timetable inquiry, and class reviews, etc., so that parents can know the child’s school dynamics in real time.Under this business matrix, the school steward keeps reducing the granularity of functions, and from the perspective of educational institutions, strives to cover its daily operation scenarios and meet its management needs in multiple dimensions.At the same time, the school steward also introduced AI question banks and data analysis tools in the system to further extend the service link.In terms of user access, the school housekeeper has entered the education information industry since 2012 and has grown along with the industry.In this process, the school housekeeper adopted the strategy of “serving the benchmark campus well and then expanding users” for market promotion.At present, word-of-mouth has been introduced as the main channel for acquiring school stewards.Under this strategy, software delivery and after-sales are also a focus for school butlers.The service process of the school housekeeper can be divided into four major steps: basic system construction, user training, coaching, and continuous service.Generally speaking, the entire delivery process will last about three months to ensure that the system can be used smoothly after the organization has landed.To this end, the school steward has set up a system implementation department to provide customers with online training and operation guidance services.In the profit model, the main profit point of the school steward is the system service fee.At present, there are about 8,000 paid users of the school housekeeper, and about 40% of the users have thousands of students.The school butler based on the number of students is expected to have a revenue of about 100 million yuan in 2019.In terms of team, Wu Xing, the founder and chairman of the school steward, was a senior consultant and software architect of Huawei Software; CEO Shao Zhiqiong was the general manager of the STEM education sector of China Telecom Group. He has more than ten years of experience in the education industry.