“Radio Edition Today’s Headline” Listening Companion Receives New NavInfo A Series Investment, Car Audio Blue Ocean Battle Is Approaching


Editor’s note: This article is from Krypton 36 “Future Automotive Daily” (micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), Author: Xiao Cheng Yi.Author | Cheng Xiaoyi Editor | Li Huanhuan The development of car networking has opened the boom of the car audio market.At the media communication meeting of the listening companion of the smart car audio service provider on December 3, listening companion CEO Yu Qingmu said that he had obtained a new round A investment from NavInfo, and the two parties would cooperate in the field of intelligent cockpit.Last year, the listening companion also received a round A investment from No. 1 Capital, Fashion Capital and Hanfu Capital.”Listening companions want to make today’s headlines on the radio,” Yu Qingmu said at the scene. Today’s headlines are similar to the big UGC platform. In addition to the original content, listeners will also introduce other content.In 2018, the listening companion has established the China Car Program Alliance with BMG, Modern Sky and other institutions and self-media. At present, there are more than 20 content platforms and more than 3,000 self-media such as Lazy Listening Books, Dragonfly FM and 36 氪Listening companion CEO Yu Qingmu Source: Listening companion’s official listening companion vice president Li Jiangang said that the current companion business model is to B to C-by providing car companies with car audio content operation services to obtain revenue and accumulate users, waitAfter the user grows to a certain scale, he then generates revenue through advertising.”We will customize branded radio stations for enterprises and provide 24-hour uninterrupted content,” Li Jiangang told the Auto Daily (ID: auto-time).At present, Nissan Zhixing Radio, Qichen Radio, Pentium Radio, Changan Automobile Radio, Auchan Radio, etc. have all been launched.The listening companion was formerly Koala FM, an in-vehicle audio platform that launched in 2013, and was founded by Yu Qingmu, the former editor of Sohu Auto Channel.In 2018, it was renamed as listening companion and positioned as a smart car audio service provider. Li Lai, founder and CEO of Weilai Automobile, was its partner and investor.Li Bin said at the company ’s K-radio and brand radio product launches last year that the original intention of the investment was to hope that when the smart car arrives, the entertainment in the car can be done well.”If every car can be connected to the Internet, the car will become a huge mobile media. The car is a mobile living space. The most important media form in the car is audio.”According to Analysys Research, music and audio are high-frequency entertainment functions in the car, with a utilization rate of 96%, and audio is the main source of content for on-board entertainment for current car users.Analysys said that the penetration rate of smart car machines in 2018 reached nearly 20% of new car sales. It is expected that in 2020, the penetration rate of front-loading machines will exceed 50%, and car audio is still a blue ocean.Source: Analysys “2019 China Car Audio Industry Inventory” Domestic audio service providers have already sniffed out opportunities. Both Himalayan and Dragonfly FM have car-mounted apps.In the face of these competitors that have already formed a scale on the mobile phone side, Yu Qingmu said that there must be a sense of crisis. “Our crisis also comes from grasping the pace of development of the industry. The most important thing is to do ourselves well.”Vice President Li Jiangang Source: The official listening companion currently has SIRIUS XM (Sirius XM), a smart car audio company with a market value of over 30 billion U.S. dollars, and its front-mounted penetration rate has reached 76%.Yu Qingmu believes that the mobile Internet dividend has ended, and the connected car market has just started, and the domestic market can fully cultivate a unicorn with a market value of 10 billion US dollars.(I am Cheng Xiaoyi, author of 36 氪 Future Automobile Daily. I am concerned about intelligent network connection, autonomous driving and shared travel dynamics. Please feel free to exchange and report. Please add WeChat tuanzi_C, please add your name, company and position.)