Netease Netdisk disappeared, who is the real killer of “Netdisk”?


Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Science and Technology” (ID: xiangling0815), the author Zeng Xiangling, 36 氪 released with permission.The NetEase network disk is finally “end”.On November 30, Netease Netdisk closed its independent entrance and third-party authorized login in accordance with the established plan.After many years, the net disk market almost completely washed the cards. Before Netease net disk, Jinshan net disk, Thunder disk and so on all experienced some kind of silent disappearance.At present, there is only one dominant Baidu web disk in the domestic market. This product with 600 million users has a market share of 85% according to QuestMobile data reports. There is no much competition in the industry.Who is the murderer who kills those players?From the perspective of survivors, we found that the answer may be related to a concept that is often mentioned but rarely used to integrate with disk products-“ecology”.Charging is the inevitable business model of China’s online disk, but it is not just a matter of “money”. Although Chinese online disk products are all targeted by Dropbox, the user groups that Dropbox relies on to create brilliant results and the mobile Internet wave in ChinaThe groups that are “free-ridden” for free are obviously different in “temperament”.In the European and American markets, the public pays for software is a widely-used consumption habit. In China, Baidu’s free downloads of web disks are not as fast as paying members, and they have been fired on social media.This simple, direct, and conventional truth is not applicable to the network disk. People still have to argue about it, which seems strange.However, this does not mean that network disk products in the Chinese market should not adhere to the fee development model.On the one hand, Dropbox, which had a market value of more than $ 12 billion, proved the great success of the charging model. There are more well-done products beyond Dropbox that insist on charging.The price of iCloud under a closed system can be said to be not cheap. In an open environment, although Microsoft OneDrive has free space in recent years, its restrictions are extremely strict. GoogleDrive only provides a small amount of free space (several G, dozens of G(It’s very different from the domestic network disk market, which often takes T as the unit), and a slightly larger storage demand requires payment.In addition, some non-giant products that live well, such as OffCloud only offer a small amount of free space, and non-paid accounts only have 3 download opportunities per month.Paying is a better experience and more services.Without compromising service quality experience, foreign network disk charges have become a mainstream trend, and a healthy ecological disk market has been born.On the other hand, if you compromise on free because of the market’s “free” user habits, it is a self-digging grave.The silence of well-known net disks, such as NetEase Netdisk, is related to the free war involved in the netdisk industry. Facts have proved that the tried-and-tested free model of the Internet industry is not feasible in the netdisk industry. The domestic free netdisks are almost allOverwhelmed, charging is an inevitable choice for network disk business.The reason is not complicated. The network disk business is facing a cost investment situation where the “marginal cost” does not decrease with scale growth. More registered users will simultaneously increase the operating costs (mainly hardware and bandwidth costs). If it is free,The larger the scale, the more difficult it is to support.From the user’s perspective, if free services are to be provided, under the condition of high operating costs, it will inevitably cause the degradation of service quality, product updates are slow, and no more resources are invested in improving the experience.However, there is a lot of space for how to charge for it.Baidu Netdisk recently announced a new “single charge” pricing strategy to meet the needs of different users. For example, it provides different charging standards for “free time”, “busy time”, and “5 minutes.”Frequency users can choose to buy members, low frequency users can choose single consumption.The 85% market share means that consumers have less choice. Generally speaking, a “monopoly” has been formed, and pricing power is in the hands of Baidu’s online disk.However, Baidu’s online disk did not drive up the price, but proposed a flexible charging method. This can be seen as the industry’s sole giant’s responsibility and responsibility for the healthy development of the industry. It is necessary to make the “charge” business model more flexible,It is more suitable for the consideration of the Chinese market environment. It is also necessary to promote the reinvestment of resources and continuously improve the experience from the perspective of users.This is not just a question of the “humanization” of the charging method. It also shows the business model template for the development of China’s online disk business to some extent.The degree of interaction with “ecology” determines the business model other than “paid”. The background charging model is only a part of the business model. In addition to the charge design of a network disk product, it is necessary to consider product development, operation depth, and future resources and potential., It may be related to costs, or it may be about other more important values.Looking deeper, in addition to the price war, the most important issue for NetEase Netdisk is that the entire business and NetEase ’s huge ecology are separated. NetEase ’s games, portals, and e-commerce are all “not related” to NetDisk. NetDiskIt is like a “brand-name product”. When facing business challenges, it is difficult to obtain resource input, and it is impossible to prove that it is “qualified for resource input.”Even the Netease mailbox, a fist-level product in the NetEase ecosystem, also has a small built-in function of the Netdisk. As a “lone traveller”, the NetEase Netdisk is doomed to be lonely or even embarrassing.The Lone Ranger operation is a killer for net disk players to kill themselves. Almost all net disks that survive are products with an “ecological background”, whether it is a monopoly Baidu net disk or a marginalized 360.Network disk, Tianyi cloud disk, etc.The degree of interaction between the web disk and the ecology behind it determines the sustainability of the business model and the upper limit of the development space. The reason why Baidu web disk “lives better” in the industry downturn, it now appears that the design ofA two-way interaction between products and ecology was established on the basis of fees.Let’s look at the ecological background’s help to network disk products.Taking Baidu network disk as a case, it mainly includes four aspects. Their value to the business model of network disk products is to make the product itself operate healthier and obtain better development.1) Product capabilities support Baidu Netdisk has been trying to extend functions beyond “backup, transfer”. The 10.0 update a few months ago provided the ability to intelligently identify picture content, allowing users to quickly search for specific keywords through simple keywords.Pictures, and its technical foundation comes from Baidu’s industry-leading image recognition technology.2) Third-party service support In addition to self-built service capabilities, Baidu’s web disk also introduces a large number of third-party services, such as Meitu Xiuxiu, Jinshan Documents, and Mini Scan, which are completed in the cloud and do not need users to implement them locally.It was introduced through Baidu smart applet.3) Content integration and support for content service capabilities occupy an important part of the user experience of Web disks. Baidu Web Disks cooperates with Fan Dengshu, Dragonfly FM, Goosetone, etc. to strengthen user experience on the one hand, and also to users from the content side on the other.Bring additional benefits, and these are actually based on Baidu’s open content ecosystem.4) Business expansion in the future. Baidu Netdisk has reached cooperation with Lenovo, Huawei, Geely Automobile, TCL and other companies, and related services such as cloud printing have been launched (for example, Netdisk can be directly connected to Lenovo printers). Behind it is Baidu itself and these giants.A specific implementation of cooperation, they also opened up more business imagination for Baidu’s network disk.In general, the surface is that Baidu’s web disk is constantly improving itself, but behind it is the blessing of the Baidu ecology. It has given Baidu’s web disk technology, services, content and other resources to the introduction, and even gave an imaginativefuture.It is with the above-mentioned strong ecological support that Baidu Netdisk has completed its absolute possession of the domestic market and continuously upgraded itself.Then, the relationship between “ecology” and “net disk” should not only be a one-way resource delivery of ecology to net disk products. The latter should also better support the prosperity of the former-this two-way relationship is also “The significance of the business model under the “ecosystem”.Taking Baidu network disk as an example, this kind of nurturing also has four levels. They make the business model of network disk products more open and diversified, have more systematic value, and have room for future development.1) The 600 million users of Baidu’s web disk on the technical “training ground” have in turn become important practice scenarios for Baidu’s image recognition technology, etc. It is difficult to find a landing scene that is larger and more diverse than this.2) Direct business promotion According to the official figures released by Baidu, the number of monthly active users of the Jinshan Document Smart Applet in Baidu’s web disk has reached the order of ten million.As an important part of Baidu’s strategy from connecting information to connecting services, the development of intelligent applets is very rapid. Baidu’s web disk is undoubtedly a high-quality open-source platform for intelligent applets.In addition, using Baidu’s network disk to benefit Dragonfly FM and other content products is also an important boost to Baidu’s open content ecosystem.3) “Personal cloud service” gave birth to the dominant cloud disk business of “Cloud Mobile Internet”, which is essentially “personal cloud service”. The enterprise cloud opened the To B market space including industrial intelligence, and “personal cloud service”The positioning gives more business space to the mobile ecosystem behind the network disk.A typical case is that many smart phone manufacturers now build their own cloud services. In the era of the Internet of Things, it is a foreseeable trend that device manufacturers choose to cooperate with mature network disk vendors to place personal cloud services on network disks.Having “personal cloud service capabilities” will be a necessity for To C services, just as having “cloud services” is standard for To B.The new “cloud mobile internet” will lead to immeasurable business space for Baidu’s mobile ecosystem.4) The extension of the “mobile ecosystem” is extending 5G and the Internet of Things. The convenience of communication, the extreme diversification of smart terminals, and the need for more and richer content storage and services make the network disk business more also means that products such as Baidu Netdisk can have a stronger driving force for the ecology behind it.In fact, Baidu has always been a participant in 5G. When most IoT devices that require network disk services in the 5G era are connected to Baidu’s network disk, and then they collide with Baidu’s mobile ecosystem through the network disk, it means that Baidu MobileWindows and a central platform have directly extended to the vast Internet of Things world beyond PCs and mobile phones. The “mobile ecosystem” or smooth transition to the “Internet of Things Ecology” has taken the lead.Imagine one day, in the context of the popularization of 5G, all the devices around it are intelligent, and a large number of new data requirements are generated. For example, trendy devices such as AR and VR provide higher-precision services and experiences. The original 1G and 2G per hourThe data density may rise to a few G in 1 minute, and they are stored on the network disk, consumed online and used (the terminal is not responsible for storage, and the device is more refined and compact); or, the smart screen of a driverless car is stored by callingThe massive amount of data in the network disk, connected to the various services provided by the network disk, has become a completely independent “Third World”, which has made the network disk the data and service platform behind the Internet of Things.Any IoT device you see and want-not the main PC, mobile phone, or tablet-can be the “terminal” for network disk connections.Of course, product development will become more complicated, and that will be another story.In short, it seems that these mutually-promoting and mutually-promoting actions are the systematic guarantee of going further.In addition to fees, designing a system of product and ecological interaction, and continuously strengthening this systematic relationship, can make a healthy and high-quality business model solid.Conclusion Under the background of China Mobile Internet, the road of network disk is not easy.However, with a healthy model, a virtuous ecology, and user recognition, players like Baidu Netdisk are better off.When the 5G era comes, fundamental changes have taken place in the model and concept of the mobile Internet. After the Internet of Things is fully implemented, the basic applications of network disks will also be more abundant.For players like Baidu, cutting into many scenarios such as smart home, smart school, and smart hotel will make Baidu’s mobile ecosystem have a “scenario service” close to the offline real world, not only from “connection information” to “connection service””Service” itself is also undergoing further qualitative changes.In this way, with a larger “ideal” and a clearer and more diverse source of value, the path of the network disk will be wider and wider..