Kingsoft Cloud develops government affairs cloud business, and its comparative advantage among Internet cloud vendors lies in the collaboration between Beijing Government Affairs Cloud’s project experience and the “thunder system ecology”


According to IDC’s Q1 2019 report, Kingsoft Cloud’s market share is 5.2%, which is comparable to Huawei Cloud and Baidu Cloud.Among Internet vendors, Kingsoft Cloud’s share is second only to Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud.In 2019, Kingsoft has a lot of actions.In November, Kingsoft Office (WPS), a subsidiary of Kingsoft, was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.Kingsoft Software Chairman Lei Jun said that Kingsoft Cloud is also preparing to spin off and seek an independent IPO.Source of the picture data: The development of the company’s business is the basis for independent listing.Although the revenue of Kingsoft Cloud is much higher than that of Kingsoft Office (Q3 2019, Kingsoft Cloud’s operating income is about 976 million yuan, Kingsoft Office revenue is about 383 million yuan), but compared to the relatively stable pattern andWith stronger Internet attributes, Jinshan Cloud still has room for further improvement in terms of competitiveness and revenue scale.According to public information, in Q3 2019, Aliyun’s revenue was 9.29 billion yuan, Tencent Cloud’s revenue was 4.7 billion yuan, and Baidu Cloud’s Q2 2019 revenue was also 1 billion yuan.Finding a suitable positioning strategically is the top priority in the development process of Jinshan Cloud, and smart cities are the areas where Jinshan Cloud strives to break through.Starting in 2012, smart cities, as a key project promoted at the national level, are also a major business segment for domestic cloud vendors.In terms of smart cities and government affairs clouds, the benchmark case of Kingsoft Cloud is Beijing Government Affairs Cloud.The head of Jinshanyun’s government team introduced to the media the history of Jinshanyun’s participation in Beijing Government Cloud.In 2012, Beijing started the Xiangyun pilot project; in 2015, Beijing invited tenders, and Jinshan Cloud began to participate in the construction of Beijing Municipal Affairs Cloud as the first batch of shortlisted units; in 2016, after all the computer room construction was put into production, Beijing’s first batchThe window of the unit’s capital, that is, the portal window provided by the Beijing Municipal Government for the people and enterprises, is embedded in the Jinshan Government Affairs Cloud; in 2017, the real estate housing registration system and so on were all embedded in the Jinshan Government Affairs Cloud; in 2018, the Beijing Municipal Government movedJinshan Cloud provided relocation support for most of the Beijing Municipal Commissions and Offices.The Beijing Government Affairs Cloud project has a strong demonstration role for Jinshan Cloud to expand smart city business across the country.First of all, Beijing, as the political center of the country, involves a large number of relevant departments, complex requirements, and great challenges in customization.Through practice in Beijing, Jinshan Yun’s accumulated experience in government affairs should be “a thousand miles away.”Specifically, nearly 100 units in more than 100 commissions and offices throughout Beijing have moved into the government affairs cloud, while Jinshan Cloud services have more than 60% of the units, 58 bear business systems, more than 300 hostsThe number is over 3000.In addition, Jinshan Cloud also serves a large number of customers, including urban management bureaus, radio and television bureaus, Zhongguancun management committees, and organizational departments, from stalls to governments, from first-level units to second-level units.Second, due to the pivotal status of the capital, the security of cloud services requires very high standards.For example, in 2019, the two sessions, the “Belt and Road” summit forum, the opening of the World Garden Fair, and the 70-year celebration … the smooth implementation of these reinsurance projects, Jinshan Cloud participated deeply.In the year of 2019, Jinshan Cloud participated in a 7X24-hour four-level guarantee system with a total of more than 100 days of reinsurance days.During the National Day, the first-level re-insurance standard was reached, and the operating status was reported every hour.Being able to overcome the challenge of reinsurance is also an endorsement of Jin Shanyun’s stable and reliable government affairs.In addition to the benchmark case, in the process of catching up, the “lightning background” also played a large role in driving Jinshan Cloud.First, Xiaomi ranks first among Chinese manufacturers in terms of the number and capabilities of AIoT terminals.Jinshan Cloud said that Xiaomi has 180 million terminals in the country, 8 billion wake-ups every month, and more than 50 million online users every day.The huge number of stubs has a differentiated advantage to the overall user experience of Jinshan Cloud’s smart city business.For example, the smart community built by Jinshan Cloud in the Yangtze River Youth City Wuhan reflects the implementation of AIoT in personal and home users and community service management.Second, in the cooperation process of Xiaomi Group, Kingsoft has a richer scene in technology accumulation and extended to the enterprise service market.Although Jinshan Cloud is a cloud vendor doing enterprise services, the chairman Lei Jun has a relatively strong Internet gene.There are places where technology accumulation in big data, AI, blockchain and other areas are interoperable.For example: the camera function of Xiaomi mobile phones and the smart auditing technology in the Xiaomi box are participated by Jinshan Cloud.Jinshan Cloud has applied the accumulation of artificial intelligence in video, image, and sound to scenes in industrial fields such as Angang, and further sought new landings on the enterprise side.Third, Xiaomi Group and Jinshan Software have independent business lines with commercial synergy.As a business of the Kingsoft software system, Kingsoft Office (WPS) and Kingsoft Cloud form an overall solution to provide services to customers in the field of office software such as document circulation.The entire Xiaomi Group’s information system runs on Jinshan Cloud.Jinshan Cloud is also a cloud service provider of Xiaomi Group. According to public information such as financial reports, Jinshan Cloud has received at least several hundred million yuan in revenue from Xiaomi..