Just now, Apple has selected 9 best apps for 2019


Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “AppSo” (ID: appsolution), author Fang Jiawen, 36 氪 released with permission.I have never attended a “launch” where I had to shout and talk to each other.However, rather than a launch event, Apple’s celebrations of the year’s select apps and games are more like a party.Developers around the world always influence and change our culture and life through various innovative apps, which bring us endless inspiration, and this year is no exception.The 2019 App Store’s best apps and games winners reflect a global desire for communication, creativity, and fun.Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, said in a press statement.Perhaps because of this, the release of this year’s annual selection of apps and games has changed the previous practice of online release to a two-story space in New York’s Lower Town, presenting the games and apps selected this year with a fun experience..The “Selective Heal” game of the year ▲ At the event, the “photos” selected for the game were exhibited like a work of art on the upper level. Apple has set up an experience area for the annual select game.Playing along the way, I found that although the visual styles of almost every game are very different, most of them are very “healing.”This year’s games of the year were as follows: iPhone Game of the Year-Sky: Children of the Light iPad Game of the Year-Hyper Light Drifter Mac Game of the Year-GRIS Apple TV Game of the Year-Magic Kid: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, Apple Arcade Game of the Year-“Sayonara Wild Hearts”, “Light · Encounter” and “GRIS” to relax and “cure.”The visual language of both games is light and clear, giving players a sense of soaring.Interestingly, the teams on both sides unexpectedly listed Disney and Pixar as inspiration when they mentioned visual design, hoping that players can immerse themselves in the emotional experience brought by animation in a relaxed mood.The annual iPhone game “Light · Yu” is another work by Chen Xinghan, the producer of “Wind Journey”.In this game, players can soar through the sky with a child character and collaborate with friends to explore the fantasy world.In the experience, the person in charge often emphasized that this is a game that emphasizes cooperation.There is no tit-for-tat competition in the game. Only holding hands together can unlock the friendliness of the wider world.The annual Mac game “GRIS” is about the gradual recovery of the protagonist from the pain.”Gris” means “grey” in Spanish, which represents the status of the character, and the initial level of the game is also black and white.Although the dominant hue of each level represents a different mental state during the recovery process, the development team did not explicitly say in the game that the feeling that is only experienced by the player in the game is the most important.”Hyper Light Drifter” and “Goodbye Wild Heart” tell the story of self-salvation of a traveler and a heartbroken girl who are suffering from serious illness, respectively.The annual iPad game Hyper Light Drifter is a 16-bit pixel-style adventure game.Developer Alex Preston said the game design was inspired by Zelda and Diablo.An adventure story about a traveler suffering from a serious illness.Although released as early as 2014, the iOS version of Hyper Light Drifter was only launched this year.In addition to changing the handle operation to touch screen control, the iOS version also adds some new content.Apple Arcade Game of the Year “Goodbye Wild Hearts” is a music game.Although the main line of the story tells the heartbroken girl looking for herself, the game vision and music are both very cool.Currently, Apple Arcade is not yet available in China, and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 13+.The Apple TV game of the year “Fantastic Kid: Dragon Trap” is a 1989 remake of the game of the same name.In addition to adding classic modern games with exquisite modern animations, one of the major features of this game is the ability to switch between “modern” / “retro” with one click, and bring you back to childhood with nostalgic 8bit and music.Selected apps of the year, all of them are super sharp tools. In the annual application experience area on the lower floor, I once again felt that the idea that “everyone uses an iPhone, but others can make big movies” is crushed.The works that have won the annual app this year are as follows: iPhone app of the year-iPad app of the year “Spectre Camera”-Mac app of the year “Flow by Moleskine”-Apple TV app of the year “Affinity Publisher”-“The Explorers” crowd in dim lightAmong them, two boys are always the most eye-catching, because they always swing around with fluorescent light beams or bright lights.I took a closer look and realized that this was the experience of the annual iPhone app Spectre Camera.▲ The two “Spectre Cameras” with the highest mood in the audience are a photography application based on artificial intelligence algorithms. Users can complete interesting long-exposure photos with only one hand.Do you think long exposure can only shoot the river of city lights?As soon as I walked over, one of the little brothers said to me, “Do you want a pair of wings?” So he used a lamp post to draw a pair of halo behind me.The annual iPad application “Flow Presented by Moleskine” has already won the Apple Design Award at WWDC this year, and tonight is also one of the most people in the audience to experience it.I always thought that this app was mostly used for taking notes, but I didn’t expect it to become a creative tool in the hands of illustrators, leading everyone to wait in line to draw portraits.▲ My application designer Ben Hamey in the illustrator’s pen told me that when designing “Flow Presented by Moleskine”, they are more subtraction and try to create a less threatening creative experience in an intuitive way.Mac application of the year “Affinity Publisher” is a professional typesetting tool often called “typesetting artifact”, which can complete the editing, vector editing and book typesetting in the same software, and the interactive interface is more friendly.Of course, you can use it to design a party invitation even if you don’t have a publication.The annual Apple TV application “The Explorers” is a collaborative application. Whether it is a photographer, scientist, institution or amateur, you can participate and contribute if you want to build a visual database of the earth.App and Game Trends in 2019 In addition to the annual selection of games and apps, Apple has also released annual app and game trends that reflect current lifestyle trends in recent years.The game trend in 2019 is “Classic Freshman”.Classic games are those good games that dad has loved and sons want to play.This year, many developers around the world have injected innovations to reinvent those classic games that are unforgettable on iOS devices.The selected works of the annual trend game are: “Three Kingdoms · Strategy Edition”, “Fantasy Simulation Warfare”, “Xuanyuan Sword Dragon Dance Cloud Mountain”, “Radiation: Shelter Online”, “Run Kart Official Racing Edition”, “Final Fantasy: Revelation of Courage””Assassin’s Creed: Kashihara” application trend in 2019 is “the story is told by you.”When we are trying to express ourselves, nothing is more frustrating than thinking that we have nowhere to start.Fortunately, more and more apps are now helping users lower the barrier to creation and let everyone tell their stories with ease.The works selected for the annual trend application are: “VUE”, “WIDE Short Video”, “Quick Hand”, “Spark Camera”, “Spicy 24”, “FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation Studio”, “Tayasui Sketches”, and “Unfold”.How much have you used in the app?.