Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Internet and Entertainment Strange Group” (ID: TMTphantom), author Pei Pei, 36 氪 released with permission.In 2013, in the group, I asked a somewhat naive question: “It seems that Xiaomi mobile phones are already very popular, but why doesn’t it go offline to open a store? It is so successful among online enthusiasts and otaku groups, it should also beOccupy offline channels, right? “One of the group of investors who claimed to know the Internet well taught me,” You are the result of thinking without the Internet. “I put my ears and waited for him to say, but he alwaysDid not tell me “what is Internet thinking”.He just emphasized over and over again: Xiaomi should never go offline to open channels, offline channels in the Internet era are worthless, and online fans will eventually drown together, blah blah … In 2015, I heard again and again “The word “Internet thinking” is the hottest term in the A-share market (now the hottest term has become “safe and controllable”, “big data”, and “blockchain”).At the time, the “Internet thinking” unanimously recognized by the market was LeTV and Fengfeng Group.I used to ask a colleague with an open mind: Why does LeTV represent “Internet thinking”?The other person said very confidently: “Because LeTV has fans. As we all know, Internet thinking is the fan economy, right?” (If it was Makise Honglisu who heard somehow above, she would definitely say, “Ah, poor mortal. “) I still don’t understand:” So, what is the fan economy? “The other side patiently taught me:” So-called fans are people who are willing to spend money for you. “This really puzzled me.I was willing to spend money for McDonald’s and KFC, so I became a fan of McDonald’s and KFC?I am willing to spend money for SF Express, so I am even a SF fan?”Fan economy” = “Economy of people willing to spend money for you”?Isn’t it synonymous?Until Oppo and Vivo defeated Xiaomi with the absolute advantage of offline channels, until the long-term suspension of LeTV and the resignation of all executives of Storm Group, I still didn’t figure out what is “Internet thinking”.However, there is no need to figure it out now.I can say with great confidence: “Internet thinking” is a non-existent illusion, and it only applies to startup companies flickering investors, or investors flickering at each other, or superiors flickering young people.Do you think “Internet thinking” is a group of people in suits who talk about blockchain and the sharing economy on the Wuzhen Internet Forum.In reality, Kuaishou and Pinduoduo are playing in the sinking market, with an annual income of more than 50 billion, a GMV of 1 trillion, and those who talk about “blockchain”, “shared economy”, and “big data”In total, they are not half as expensive.Then you think that “Internet thinking” is “the one who wins the silk”, the ants drown the elephant and sink to the market.However, Douyin started as a white-collar / turtle / brand-name college student in first-tier cities and swept all regions and all levels in just three years. Each spring festival can further sink its tentacles into the market.So you change the front and back, thinking that “Internet thinking” is short-lived, regardless of whether you want to work first, and use a very aggressive and distinctive App to eat the audience.However, station B, the Buddhist app, has 100 million MAU in silence, and has released the most profitable two-dimensional game in the country. In the case of unwillingness to commercialize it, it does not lose much money.Its answering mechanism has not yet been cancelled.(After all, we are not genius teenagers / girls, we can invent time machines.) Then you finally realize: “Internet thinking” is for young people to win the world. Whoever captures the post-90s / Z generation will be able to win the MVP..The world is ours, but in the final analysis it is children.However, you have heard people say / see in the consultation report that the valuations of Xiaonianbao (Older version of Meituxiuxiu) and Sweet Bean Album (Older version of Instagram) have soared, and Pinduoduo and Taobao have received a lot ofOlder new users, not to mention this group of people are the clothing and food parents of WeChat.So you think your brain is in confusion. Let’s study the industry segments, such as games.According to “Internet thinking”, of course, channels are king, CP has no future, right?You see how well Tencent’s games are selling, isn’t it just WeChat and QQ.However, someone tells you that the Ark of Tomorrow was made in the first month without going through the channel (except for station B) and not buying much (it advertises products, not advertising, thank you).500 million running water.Incidentally, this is a two-dimensional game with no IP and no meat.So you decide to look at the live broadcast, this market is a bit simpler.According to “Internet thinking”, people who watch beauty anchors singing and whistling and licking at home must be wicked otakus, right?Rich people have been chic at night clubs.However, you were shocked when you saw that the “big brother” in the live broadcast room bought a rocket of more than 100,000 and could buy it several times a night.You can’t even tell whether he is a real tyrant or a nursery the guild is looking for.Forget it, look at the new things.Paying for knowledge is more interesting, and you often listen to “Luo Ji Thinking” and read about salt selection.”Internet thinking” tells us that successful knowledge-paid products are selling anxiety and should be sold to those who strive for the future and are motivated, right?However, if you know that most of the knowledge payment is impulse payment, and PUA (teach you how to pick girls) and “women’s self-cultivation” (teach you how to catch handsome guys) are among the most popular courses for a long time, you will definitely feel the world is falling apartbroken.It’s good to be broken.When you completely break the superstition of “Internet thinking” and even forget the word, you finally start to understand the Internet.The real internet.”Internet thinking” didn’t work from the beginning.A concept that requires repeated redefinition and multiple exceptions cannot be established.(It’s only since we broke down the “concept” that we really started to do research.) You can insist that the silkworm wins the world, and I can also give a counterexample of the local tyrants / white collar workers win the world.You can insist that sinking the market is king, and I can also cite the counter-example of high-end market consumption upgrade to king.You can insist that the channel is king, but there are endless examples of content that is king.You can insist that the Internet is the world of young users, and I can also kill you with countless middle-aged and old user cases.You can talk about blockchain, sharing economy, big data, AI, and I can also indulge in two dimensions, live streaming, private domain traffic, social e-commerce.You can stubbornly think that the three young masters of the Tang family represent the highest level of web articles, and I can also tell you that all web articles now can participate in the Mao Dun Literature Award (really).You are probably right.But I am also right.Sometimes you are wrong, but that does not mean I am right.Because the Internet industry is not Hengshui No. 1 and we are not students who take the exam, there is no “standard answer” on the paper.China is too big and complicated.Any city in China is particularly large and complex.Even one block in China can be so dazzling.Take the place where I live now-there is only one convenience store within 500 meters nearby, but there are three cafes, including both Costa and Ruixing Coffee; Moutai specialty stores occupy a prominent position on the street, less than oneA hundred meters away is the Shaxian snack bar.Walking through the traffic lights on the corner of the street, you can see a large area of ​​the print shop, trophy shop and pennant shop out of the era, next to the “XX cultural and consumer base”, there is the Internet red crayfish rice that can not be opened.You can investigate near my home to verify the truth of “Internet thinking”.If you go into Shaxian snacks first, you will most likely see a few hungry / Meituan waiters brushing their hands quickly.You can’t see the vibrato, because they eat at the crayfish restaurant next door.You can’t even see the station B, because there is a King Yonghe who is often visited by students near here. Please go there after 00.The cashier at Shaxian Snacks will tell you: The vast majority of our customers use WeChat payment.However, Ali’s new retail test store not far away only accepts Alipay.Rui Xing Coffee Men Ke Luo Que downstairs in the office, but takeaway packing boxes are piled up.A few dozen meters away is a tall boutique coffee shop. Afternoon tea drinkers are playing “Glory of the Kings” by themselves; his mobile phone configuration is not enough to play chicken.(Good news: You can play “Destiny Stone Gate” on even the worst mobile phones now) So you decide to go out and breathe.In the “courier unloading area” in the gap between office buildings, you see a mountain of parcels: Taobao, Pinduoduo, Taobao, Pinduoduo … You asked the white-collar workers who came downstairs to pick up: “Isn’t Pinduoduo selling fakes?”She returned to you with a wink.You asked her where she used to buy things now, and she said, “I have no time to ignore you, because I have to finish the task at hand and go back to see Li Jiaqi live with the goods.” You find her phone case is “Chen Qingling”Wang Yibo / Xiao Zhan CP poster.Don’t think that the above paragraph is made up.Within 500 meters of my neighborhood, so many strange things really happened.After doing this survey, if I happen to be at home, you can come and sit at my house.You will find that I have PS4, Switch, Kindle, and new game books with Steam.I also buy physical books on library reading applets.But I will seriously remind you: “I can’t even represent a segment of the market. There may be only 2 million people who are similar to my hobbies in the country.” Those successful Internet companies are doing the same thing: do down-to-earth research, don’t be too high, Seize the target users (no matter what kind of users), maximize their endowment of resources, and fight with tenacious execution.If the top level of an Internet company begins to indulge in all kinds of big and improper concepts and open mouths to “endgame” and “global”, it is probably not a good sign.The same is true of investors: people with a preconceived notion cannot grasp investment opportunities.All in all, the rapid development of China’s Internet industry is precisely because of its complexity.Since it is complicated, there is no one-size-fits-all “routine”, “theory” and “concept”.For example: When you see a beautiful girl on the street, you suddenly find true love. You want to know her from the bottom of your heart and spend her life with her.At this time you ask me: “How to design a foolproof set of words to ensure that I can take her down, get engaged with her, and make her my mother fuck?” Isn’t this funny?(Of course, in the process of closing the world line, your wife will eventually become your wife, just like the bucket in “Gate of Destiny” will marry and have a daughter anyway.) Anyone’s rivers and mountains are beaten.Any theory is formed from actual struggles, not the other way around.Even today, if someone asks me the question of “what is Internet thinking”, “what makes a great Internet company”, “where is the next growth point of the Internet”, I can’t talk about it.The real warrior learns on the front line and in daily life every moment.We are ordinary people and we should learn more humbly and cherish opportunities..