Forefront | While investing fast, while supporting Microvision, what is the calculation of Tencent?

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Tencent’s relationship with the fast hand is further bound, and Ariga has also joined the “grabbing” of the fast hand.On December 3, according to the “late LatePost” news, Kuaishou will complete the last round of financing before the IPO recently. This round of financing led by Tencent. Boyu Capital, Yunfeng Fund, Temasek, Sequoia followed suit.The F-round financing amounted to nearly US $ 3 billion, and Tencent invested approximately US $ 2 billion, which will account for 20% of the shares in the fast hand.Ali’s Yunfeng Fund also participated in the second round of financing, but it was a small amount of shares, and the fast-handed reserved space for cooperation and dialogue with each other.After the completion of this round of financing, the valuation after the fast-handed investment will reach 28.6 billion US dollars.36 氪 asked the fast hand to verify this matter, as of press time, no reply from the other party has been received.This is not the first time that Tencent and Ali have set their sights on the same company. Last year, Ali also invested in station B, which was previously considered to be a “tencent department.”For a high-quality traffic platform, neither will give up competition.According to the sky eye survey, Tencent has participated in the fast financing as early as 2017. From the D round to the current F round, Tencent has participated and is the lead investor.The relationship between Tencent and Kuaishou is now further bound, but it is not a previously established game joint venture. According to LatePost news, the two games will adopt an exclusive agreement to cooperate.For Tencent, which is not good at short videos, but is unwilling to give up short videos, investing in a fast hand is one of the best choices at the moment. It can deeply bind to the content traffic platform and counteract the vibrato with the fast hand.This year, Tencent not only opened up social resources for Kuaishou, Kuaishou’s video links can be shared to WeChat’s circle of friends, but also launched Kuaishou’s WeChat video version “Look at”, and Kuaishou’s video resources and WeChat video information flow were connected.However, although Tencent has “loved and added” to the fast hand, it still has not given up its investment in WeChat. In terms of the amount of resources, it is still its own WeChat enjoys richer resources. WeChat has a “friends 30s video”This is a first-level resource given by Tencent to WeChat. In contrast, Kuaishou hides a little deeper in WeChat’s entrance.For fast players, although they can’t enjoy the top resources, they have many advantages over Douyin.In addition to WeChat’s social resources, Kuaishou also owns Tencent’s game resources. Kuaishou’s development on the road of live games is much smoother than Douyin.Douyin, Volcano Video, and Watermelon Video, because of the dispute with Tencent’s game copyright, it is not known how many rounds have been played. The results obtained by the headlines are basically that their products prohibit the distribution of Tencent’s game content, and the win rate is zero.Earlier, the game live data released by Kuaishou showed that its mobile terminal daily life was 35 million, which has exceeded “Douyu + Huya”.According to QuestMobile data, as of June 5, 2019, the daily number of bettas was 15 million and that of Huya was 11 million.Regardless of looking at the fast hand in the vertical field or looking at it as a content aggregation platform, the fast hand is now one of the unquestionable high-quality traffic platforms, which is also an important reason for the Ali team.Earlier reports said that Ali had signed a 6 billion annual box with Douyin, and naturally he would not give up the fast iron economy.In terms of e-commerce platform cooperation, Kuaishou has previously established links with platforms such as Pinduoduo and, and has become their important traffic source entrance.However, according to the “Late Late” report, the fast players’ attitudes towards Ali and Tencent are mostly “neutral”. They are both partners and competitors.This is not only the active choice of a fast hand, but also the result of a game of interest among capital parties such as Tencent and Ali.