EU officials announce investigation into Google’s Facebook privacy collection


Editor’s note: This article is from Tencent Technology.American Internet companies (especially Facebook and Google) ‘s crazy collection and privacy of personal privacy have become the focus of global public opinion. Among them, the “Cambridge Analytics scandal” where Facebook leaked 87 million user data has shocked the world.Recently, foreign media reported that the European Commission has launched an investigation into Google’s collection of personal privacy.According to the latest foreign media news, on December 2, the European Commission officially confirmed that Google and Facebook have launched investigations on personal privacy collection and data processing.The European Commission wants to find out if the two companies comply with local privacy-related laws across the EU.According to foreign media reports, a spokesman for the European Commission ’s executive agency, the European Commission, said in an email to foreign media on Monday: “The European Commission has sent out questionnaires as part of a preliminary investigation of Google and Facebook ’s data behavior. These investigations involvedData collection, processing, use and revenue generation, including collection for online advertising purposes. “The spokesperson added that this preliminary investigation is currently underway.In a European Commission investigation, a Google spokesman told the media on Monday: “We use data to make our Internet services more useful and display more relevant ads to our users. We give consumers control over managing, deleting or transmitting data.We will continue to engage with the European Commission and others on this important issue in our industry. “Facebook has not commented on the European Commission’s investigation, which is the second time the European Commission has focused on how US tech companies handle user data.In July of this year, the European Commission launched a formal investigation into Amazon to assess whether the e-tailer complies with European regulations on processing independent retailer data.”E-commerce promotes retail competition, bringing more choices and better prices. We need to ensure that large e-commerce platforms do not eliminate these benefits through anti-competitive behavior.” Margaret Weiss, the leader of EU antitrust affairsMargrethe Vestager said at the time.Vestag started her second term at EU headquarters in Brussels on Sunday.During her first term, she led a regulatory “strike hard” campaign against the US tech giants, becoming an iron-fisted woman who had headaches for US tech companies.U.S. President Trump has called Vestalg a “tax lady,” and she is upset that she has cracked down on U.S. tech companies.Earlier, Vestalger asked the US Apple Company to pay the Irish government about $ 14 billion in historical tax arrears, arguing that Apple had obtained an unreasonably low tax rate in Ireland.Vestalger also led the European Commission to launch three antitrust investigations against Google, involving Android operating systems, online advertising and web search services. Three antitrust fines have accrued a cumulative fine of $ 9.5 billion for Google (GoogleAn appeal has been filed).Vestalg also accused Facebook of misleading EU regulators over its acquisition of WhatsApp.Vistag told a European media last month that she might also investigate Google ’s compliance with the new copyright rules after the French government expressed concerns about Google ’s behavior.In terms of personal privacy protection, the EU is the strictest region in the world.In 2018, the European Union approved a new law called the General Data Protection Act, which gives consumers a greater say in personal privacy data.Following the introduction of this law, relevant Irish institutions concentrated in the headquarters of US technology companies have launched investigations on compliance with general data protection laws on behalf of the European Union on several giants, of which Facebook has become the focus of investigation.According to foreign media reports in October, the Irish government ’s investigation of some of Facebook ’s privacy practices has basically ended, and it is currently considering measures such as fines.In the United States, Facebook was fined $ 5 billion by the US Federal Trade Commission for violating personal privacy and other violations.There has been no law protecting personal privacy at the federal level in the United States, and this lack of regulation has led to “fake play” by some tech companies.It is reported that, inspired by the EU ’s General Data Protection Law, at the end of November, a new law has been proposed within the United States Senate, the Consumer Online Privacy Law.Under the new law, if Facebook and Google mistakenly collect and dispose of consumer personal privacy again in the future, they will face heavy penalties.(Tencent Technology Review / Cheng Xi).