Court dismisses Apple claim: support consumer class-action lawsuit over laptop keyboard


Editor’s note: This article is from Tencent Technology.Last year, Apple Corps was hit by a consumer class action lawsuit over butterfly keyboard designs in its laptops, which also affected a large number of Apple users.According to the latest news from foreign media, on December 2, some progress was made in this lawsuit. A US District Court judge rejected Apple’s request to try to dismiss the plaintiff’s lawsuit that day.According to foreign media reports, in this consumer class action lawsuit, the plaintiff believed that Apple knew that the butterfly keyboard design on laptops had inherent flaws and was prone to failure, but concealed it from consumers.On the same day, Edward Davila, a U.S. district court judge in San Jose, California, said that Apple had to face consumer allegations that its later announced troubleshooting plan did not provide for Apple notebook design flaws.”Effective repair” did not fully compensate customers for their keyboard repair costs during repairs.In the lawsuit, many Apple consumers stated that their Apple laptops (including MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models) experienced problems with their use, such as sticky keyboard keys, sluggish key responses, and a small amount of dust accumulated near the keysOr debris that prevents the keys from functioning properly.They also said that Apple’s after-sales service is unsatisfactory, and after the failure of the butterfly keyboard, Apple still provided the same problem with the replacement keyboard.This class action lawsuit covers buyers of 2015 or later MacBook laptops and 2016 or later MacBook Pro laptops.The plaintiff pointed out that Apple’s move violated consumer protection laws in many U.S. states and required Apple to make financial compensation.In the face of the court’s rejection of their claims, Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.The plaintiff’s lawyer, Benjamin Johns, said in the case that he was satisfied with the court’s decision and looked forward to continuing the investigation.Last month, Apple introduced a larger-screen Apple laptop (MacBook Pro) and a new “magic” keyboard with a “scissor design” mechanism, which is more common in the industry.According to reports, in 2015, Apple introduced butterfly keyboard designs in some notebook computer models. According to Apple’s unilateral propaganda at the time, butterfly keyboards were more stable and comfortable to use. However, users subsequently found a large number of malfunctions and were affectedThere are thousands of users.Some Apple laptop users said that Apple’s repair of the butterfly keyboard failed again, and that users who were beyond the warranty period were dissatisfied with the $ 700 keyboard repair fee.According to analysis, the main purpose of Apple ’s butterfly keyboard design is to make notebook computers lighter and thinner. Previously, thin and light design has been a focus of competition among notebook manufacturers, but it was not expected that butterfly keyboard designs later caused problems.According to foreign media reports, in the fiscal year ending September 28, Apple’s sales of various personal computers accounted for about 10% of Apple’s total sales ($ 260.2 billion).Reports from many technology market research companies such as IDC and Gartner show that the global personal computer market has been declining for many years and sales have gradually shrunk. Apple’s notebook computer sales have also followed the industry’s decline. In the past few years, Apple has increasedResources are invested in smart phones, Apple Watches and other projects, and the slow upgrade of laptop products has also caused some consumer complaints.Today, Apple is further away from the consumer electronics hardware business and is launching more Internet media services, such as news, online music, online video, and more.(Tencent Technology Review / Cheng Xi)