Coming soon, Wang Xin, Momo, and Baidu are in the game. Are social maps a new outlet?


Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618), authors Li Xiaolei, Chen Qiaohui, 36 氪 released with permission.After the toilet MT bleak, Wang Xin’s exploration of social life did not stop.Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) was informed that Wang Xin, the founder of “Fast Broadcasting”, is currently incubating new pan-social products. Among them, “Timer Video”, which integrates video channels and map social modes, has new ideas, and another VlogThe recorded product “Maruko Video” was also officially launched.According to product information, the developer of Shike Video is Shenzhen Yunge Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd .; “is a technical service platform-linking users, empowering each business display screen, interacting with large and small screens, integrating big data and laborIntelligent algorithms for accurate personalized video products. “Tianyanchai information shows that in September 2018, Shenzhen Yunge Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. received a US $ 30 million financing provided by Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund and IDG Capital.The major shareholder of this company is Wang Xin, who holds 91.5% of the shares.Tech Planet noticed that recently, the anonymous social software “handset” launched by Baidu has also included the map social section.A startup that pledged 100% of its equity to Momo also launched a map-sharing image sharing community product.When big factories begin to flood into this segmented track, after the interactive mode of interest matching, shaking, nearby people, etc., will map socialization become a new outlet?Wang Xin is obsessed with social broadcasting. Wang Xin urgently needs to find the next “quick broadcast”.Although Wang Xin has continuously launched new products since his release from prison, the volume has always been small.Whether it is the earliest anonymous social product toilet MT, the intelligent AI part-time platform “Lingge”, or the recent “Timer Video”, “Maruko Video”, “Curry Vlog” and other products that focus on popular racing tracks, directly call “ow king””One member” is not paying.The recently launched “Timer Video” is another product test for Wang Xin.This product integrates a variety of elements such as dating, video, map, and merchant display. How to reduce the user’s getting started and learning costs, it is a test of the product design ability.Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) found that the main interface of Shike Video is “Channel” and “Discover”. In “Channel”, you can switch the video playback channel by swiping up and down, and the current test content is mainly long videos, includingMovies, documentaries or learning course videos, etc., are scheduled to play, and users cannot control the progress of video playback.The discovery page can be used to discover channels on any location on the map and view video content within the channel based on geographic location.On the Shike video channel page, the lower right corner is the channel group, and any user can enter the group to chat.In addition, users can directly open a dialog window with any user to view each other’s homepage.Since the anonymous social product toilet MT was closed and transformed into a content e-commerce platform “good memory”, Wang Xin once again launched several new products, cutting into video and social racetracks from different dimensions.Take several recent products. After the curry Vlog went online for a while, it retained its main function, and changed its name to Maruko Video. The original Maruko Video was upgraded to Shike Video. After such a merger and upgrade,Only the new Maruko video and the current guest video remain.Not only for social, it is worth noting that the “Events”, “Cards”, and “Shops” entrances can be added to the Shike video channel page.In this regard, an industry person analyzed to Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) that from the perspective of the current stage of the product, the advantage and focus may be to “instantly acquire customers” for small B merchants.Focus on providing services in the small B2C mode. Application scenarios include promotions, parties, performances, etc., using software to amplify the impact of the scene on nearby people, and provide instant services on the platform, such as performance ticket purchase, restaurant ordering, etc.The above people believe that the product does not exclude the development of C2C models, such as showing talents to attract people nearby to socialize.”But compared to the existing social software, the more valuable part is the small B2C that is used to serve customers, in fashionable words, it is used to make private domain traffic for small shops.” At present, it is still under beta.Shike Video has only 15 channels, and users can apply for channels after being authenticated by a real person.When applying for a channel, you need to provide channel description, channel operation plan and other content.In other words, the video channel function is open to all users, and the content may adopt PUGC mode.From this perspective, Wang Xin may be playing a big game.While meeting the social conditions, the B-side service capabilities and commercial ecology are directly introduced into the product.Repeatedly defeated to find new machines In September 2018, Yunge Company received $ 3,000 in financing, which was regarded as the capital of Wang Xin’s resurgence.According to reports, Wang Xin’s new company’s start-up team is (former) fast-casting the original class. The company plans to build a shared economic service platform for the Internet of Everything in the next ten years, and has labeled itself with “artificial intelligence”, “blockchain”, “Sharing Economy “tab.In January this year, the toilet MT was launched on a high profile. In his own words, this product is “to establish a short connection based on the needs of the scene, which can effectively reduce the social pressure on users in social behavior, and solve the core problem of social real-name”The pain point of Wang.” Wang Xinjian refers to anonymous social networking. However, on January 17, the toilet MT was removed from the shelves because of “grey service” and “yellow information”. Wang Xin fell socially for the first time.After that, the toilet MT was upgraded to “easy to remember”, transformed into an interactive content e-commerce platform, and retained the anonymous social function of the toilet, but there was a limit on the chat time, and the number of interactions was not large. There was no audio after that.After the toilet MT, the launch of the Lingge App has also attracted much attention.Wang Xin also stated on a social platform, “Lingge will help at least 1 million entrepreneurial partners to build their own virtual company, which can solve the income generation and employment of at least 100 million skill providers.” From the current situation,The spirit pigeon is still a niche.In the past year, Wang Xin has released toilet MT (now upgraded to be easy to remember), Ling Ge, curry Vlog (later upgraded to Maruk video), Maruk video (later changed to Shike video) and other products.It seems that he is building an App factory, hoping to run a new “quick broadcast” in innovative products, but products without core differences are hardly as popular as Wang Xin.Wang Xin once said on social platforms that the weak connection between people is a type of network that is seriously underestimated. These unstable networks and weak connections form a “network of dark networks”. It has more space and freedom for youexpression.But Wang Xin has never developed a product suitable for this scenario.After repeated defeats, Wang Xin is still reluctant to give up the social realm. After entering the new realm, can Shike Video help him rise again?Map social future geometry?In March this year, Spot, the map-based dating product, topped the App Store’s social ranking.Spot may have inspired Wang Xin to make “time video”.Spot can send text and voice, and support the emoticon function. Users can enter party group chats and private chats, group messages on the map for appointments, anonymous chat, etc., and also bring the anonymous social product Snapchat’s post-read function.Under the blessing of many highlights, Spot became a dark horse product within a short time.The map social model has made enough gimmicks for Spot, but in the strict sense, map social is not an innovation in technology applications, and LBS social is also repeatedly mentioned on social products such as exploration.QQ and WeChat’s “People nearby” function can also be regarded as a kind of social map.In addition, Baidu recently launched a student social software “handset”, one of the features is the “map social” function.The handset is connected to Baidu Map, and users can switch between “school location” and “actual location” to find friends at hand for socializing.Earlier, Ali ’s social product “Real Like Me” also had a feature of a “geo fence”.IResearch analyst Liu Jiehao told Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) that with the advent of the 5G era, the market is also facing an innovation and upgrading node.In addition to map socialization, we can also see other models of social APPs continue to enter the market, in fact, they are all exploring for the subsequent 5G social application scenarios, trying to find a new mobile social trend in the future.In fact, the mainstream social products represented by WeChat are gradually facing the ceiling in terms of user growth and functional innovation, which also brings new cuts to the market and leaves enough room for growth in the segmented track.”Map social has a natural advantage in the social generation chain. Except for the geographical location itself, the culture and life scenes extended by the geographical location may be the initial links established by the platform user’s social relationship. This relationship is compared to relying on interestsProducts with content forms that build social relationships have a stronger sense of existence. “Liu Jiehao analyzed.But after the initial formation of social relationships, this geographically constructed connection only helped the icebreaking link.How to guide users to create social stickiness in subsequent social interactions is also one of the problems.At the same time, making friends based on geographic location also increases the difficulty of privacy protection.Especially, in an anonymous environment, auditing is a difficult step.After all, Wang Xin ’s first social product, the toilet MT, was quickly withdrawn from the market due to content review, making video review more difficult.Liu Jiehao also mentioned that judging from the new products launched in the market in the past year, the innovation of mobile social technologies and models has been synchronized, including the socialization of video and audio, and a more precise social segmentation social platform.In the context of the advent of 5G, each subdivision scenario can be dug deep, especially the combination of some artificial intelligence and AR / VR technologies may be the future development direction.However, on the current nodes, most of the innovative social products that are on-line are also in the process of conducting exploratory experiments for the industry, and remain cautious about subsequent development..