Chao Technology 2020 Award Quiz | 10 years later, what will the big screen device look like?


From 36’s point of view, technology and capital are the two major driving forces of the current new business era, as well as the two major directions of our content efforts.The main reader of this section is the tech-loving crowd, hoping to provide the latest technology news and reports from cutting-edge technology companies.Over the past two years, this column has grown rapidly with the support of readers.2020 is coming. We have specially planned a series of special events. We hope to review the past of technology, look forward to the future of science and technology, and look forward to the development of science and technology in the next decade.Chao Tech has award-winning questions and answers. In each issue, we invite the CEO or opinion leader of an industry-recognized “hard-core technology company” to ask a question about technology that he is currently thinking about, and solicit readers’ answers.Of course, we also prepared generous gifts for everyone as a reward. If you are a hard-core technology enthusiast, pay attention to “36 氪”, get the notification of participation as soon as possible, and explore the future with readers who also love technological innovation!Speakers of the 13th Q & A with awards: Hu Zhenyu, CEO of Huole Technology Q: What will the big screen device look like in 10 years?Prizes: JMGO 1895 Retro Home Projector (¥ 9999) The thirteenth award winning method 1. Participation method and evaluation mechanism: Participating channels: 36 氪 WeChat public account (WeChat: wow36kr), 36 氪 Pro WeChat public account(WeChat: Krtech36kr), 36 氪 weibo (@ 36 氪) Description of activities: The three channels are independent activities that support users to participate at the same time, but do not support users to win the same guest question multiple times.2. Participation address: 36 氪 Pro WeChat public account (WeChat: Krtech36kr) Scan the code or click the link to open the article: Related reading Chao Technology 2020 Awards FAQ | How can AI technology empower sports health equipment?