Apple Announces 2019 Selected Apps and Games: Chinese Developers Lead Team to Win Selected Game Awards


Editor’s note: This article comes from Tencent Technology, author Zhong Wenze, 36 氪 with permission.On December 3rd, Beijing time, Apple officially announced the selection of apps and games in 2019 in New York. This year’s annual selection is divided into applications and games.Among them, the annual selected game “Light. Encounter” was developed by the Chinese-born developer Chen Xinghan and led to the team.Featured App of the Year: The long-exposure camera software wins the iPhone App of the Year in 2019. The App of the Year is the Spectre Camera. This camera works with artificial intelligence algorithms to help users get a more fun photo experience in the simplest way.Tencent Digital experienced this application on the spot. This application can complete long exposure photography with a very simple and easy-to-use interface. The AI ​​algorithm can correct the jitter during exposure. At the same time, the algorithm can remove the movement of the viewfinder during the long exposure photography process.To achieve more focused shooting of the scenery.This app is currently priced at 18 yuan in the App Store.The iPad App of the Year is obtained by Moleskine’s “Flow Presented by MoleSkine” developed by the familiar notebook brand company Moleskine. This app allows users to draw patterns with refined tools such as graphite pencils, wedge-shaped markers, and more in the app.Writing a reply.Earlier this was one of the apps that won the Apple Design Award.Mac App of the Year is an app called “Affinity Publisher”, which helps users create simpler leaflets and posters that require a lot of pictures.Featured Game of the Year: Chinese developers lead the team to win the iPhone game of the year. This year, domestic developers are proud that the “Light. Yu” game developed by the team led by Chinese developer Chen Xinghan has won the honor of the iPhone game of the year.This game mainly allows players to leap over the vast earth in the pioneering social exploration and help people in the sky to find their way back to heaven.Tencent Digital also had the opportunity to interview the founder Chen Xinghan at the scene.The team he led has developed the popular “Journey to the Wind” a few years ago, and this game also won the title of 2013 Game of the Year.Chen Xinghan told Tencent Digital that the original intention of developing “Light. Encounter” was to create a game suitable for the whole family. Boyfriends can play with their girlfriends, and parents can play with their children. Under such a game development concept,”Light. Encounter” has abandoned common game elements such as violence and gambling at the beginning of development. Instead, it hopes to create a multiplayer online theme park that allows players around the world to communicate through actions even if they don’t speak a language.This game also uses the functions of the A13 chip on the iPhone 11 series as much as possible. If you are using an iPhone 11 series phone, you can turn on the original resolution screen in the game to achieve a clearer and more realistic game screen.At the same time this game also supports 60 frame rate refresh and 4K resolution screen display on the iPad Pro.Chen Xinghan said that he used to be a developer of console game development. When he first switched to mobile games, many operations in the game could only be cut off due to the limitations of mobile phone performance.But as the iPhone’s performance continues to increase, these once-cut features have gradually increased back.”Now developing a mobile phone is almost the same as developing a console game,” said Chen Xinghan.At present, “Light. Yu” has accumulated 2 million players in China, and 5 million players worldwide.The iPad Game of the Year was won by Hyper Light Drifter, an app that reimagined the classic 16-bit adventure game. The action scene is quite confusing.The Mac game of the year belongs to GRIS, a digital art decryption game.Annual Trend App and Game: Short videos and games are still the darlings of users. In addition to the annual selected app, Apple also released the annual trend app.These applications represent the most popular application development and usage direction this year, including “VUE”, a vlog video application focusing on digital beauty games. This application focuses on youth groups in first- and second-tier cities.Simple operations to complete applications such as automatic subtitles, automatic music addition, and automatic editing.There are currently more than 130 million users and 6.5 million daily activities.”WIDE Short Video” also appeared in the list of popular trends. This application is a new application developed by the Meitu team. This application focuses on the short video platform, but the biggest difference from other mainstream short videos lies in this.The application only allows users to publish horizontal videos. Meitu told Tencent Digital that such a setting is because the human eye can actually be likened to a 134-degree wide-angle lens, and the horizontal screen display obviously allows users to better watch the content.At the same time, this application can also shoot movie-like videos in the simplest way, and this setting has been recognized by a lot of users.”Quick Hand”, which has become a head application in China, also came to the scene. The co-founder of “Quick Hand” told Tencent Digital that one of the most obvious changes for fast users in the past two years is that users only used short videos as a way of entertainment.But in the past two years, short videos have become a way of expression for more people. This low-cost voice gives more users the opportunity to pass on their ideas.This change in user experience is also in line with the hot trend of short videos in the past two years.”Fasthand” co-founder said that with the continuous upgrade of product positioning, better cross-border effects have appeared, such as education, agricultural cooperation, these areas may usher in better development in the future.In addition to the short video trend, gaming applications are still the most popular application category this year.Games including “Running Kart”, “Fantasy Sims”, and “Radiation Shelter” were also included in the game trend list.The developers of “Radiation Shelter” told us that Apple’s recommendation of the application has also greatly helped the exposure and download of the application. After Apple’s high-quality recommendation, the number of new users of the software will increase about 4-5 times than usual..This has also formed a positive promotion and cycle for the entire development and application world.The final trip is a win-win situation for software stores, developers and users.Apple hopes to sort out trending applications and re-create explosive applications to drive the development of the entire ecological health.In summary Apple held a celebration party for this year’s selected applications. It is enough to see that Apple hopes to strengthen the position of applications in the entire industry chain. It is the software developed by developers in combination with hardware that can bring the best user experience.By motivating developers, the App Store will usher in better applications, and in conjunction with the App Store’s selection and promotion of high-quality apps, more users will be able to understand the better experience brought by the application..