2017⇆2019, the business of applets has changed


Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Xiao Program Express” (ID: xcxsubao), author Tsai, 36 氪 released with permission.Recently, “2017⇆2019” has suddenly become a hot topic.Someone was unbearable 996, so 886 (bye bye); the blockchain has been crossing the street, and it has been popular overnight; the industry spotlight has suddenly changed from focusing on the front line and sinking to the market … Everyone is looking back, but alsoAs we move on, so do the applets.A Dominion vs. Hundred Schools of Contention January 9, 2017 is the tenth anniversary of the birth of the iPhone. In order to pay tribute to Jobs, Zhang Xiaolong chose to release a small program on this day.The voice of appreciation and fading was endless at the time.When most of the giants couldn’t understand the business logic of applets, Alipay had quickly caught up.Four months later, the Alipay applet began internal beta testing; in September, the Alipay applet announced an open beta for users.On December 28 of the same year, the 6.6.1 version of WeChat’s update opened mini-games. At that time, the launch page also recommended the “jump-hop” mini-game.And everyone knows what happened later. It was a “jump” explosion, and brought a small program into your sight again, especially the traffic giants.In 2018, 9 mobile phone manufacturers launched fast applications, Baidu released smart applets, and made them open source at the end of the year.As for the byte beating, it is “wang bang”, and it has arranged a small program for its headline and vibrato. It is said that Zhang Yiming stared at the project.In 2019, there will be more traffic giants in the end, including QQ, 360, Meituan, Volcano Video, and Huya. If you count the Ali App connected by Baidu Open Source Alliance and Alipay Mini Program, there will be more, almost including monthsTop 30 Apps for Live List.It can be said that applets are becoming an important infrastructure in the second half of the Internet.And whoever has a better infrastructure, who can hold more B-end merchant resources, this is an important bargaining point for the giant to battle the industrial Internet.The popularity of mini-games vs the balanced distribution of the industry. The explosion of “jump and hop” mini-games at the end of 2017 directly ignited entrepreneurs ’enthusiasm for mini-games. According to the Aladdin Index March 2018 data report, the game category is smallThe proportion of programs increased rapidly, accounting for over a third of the TOP100 list.With the increasing maturity of the applet market, non-game category applets also have more opportunities. As long as they are in line with scenarios and can solve user pain points, they can occupy a place in the market.According to QusetMobile data, in WeChat Mini Programs with MAU exceeding 5 million in August 2019, the proportion of game categories decreased from 36.8% in August 2018 to 13.3%. Lifestyle services, mobile shopping, practical tools, mobile video and other categoriesThere has been a significant increase in the number of projects, and the distribution of the applet industry has begun to balance.Traffic monetization is difficult VS perfect advertising system In 2017, the mini-program is still in the early stages of development. The core data such as the number of daily users and the duration of use are sluggish, and the user is not sticky enough to make commercialization difficult.In 2018, WeChat Mini Programs began to grow rapidly, and the demand for Mini Program Developers to realize the flow of traffic rose.In order to solve the urgent needs of developers, the mini-program advertising component was announced to be fully open on July 9 of the same year (at the time, non-mini-game mini-programs only opened banner ads).To be honest, applet banner ads have brought tangible revenue growth to developers, but with the continuous growth of the number of applets, the categories of applets have become more and more abundant. The applet banner ads have a single form and can support a relatively limited bargaining space.Such shortcomings have gradually emerged. WeChat Mini Program urgently needs more rich forms of advertising to solve these problems. Incentive ads, interstitial ads, video ads, video pre-advertising and other new forms of advertising have emerged at the historic moment.Based on sharing and customer acquisition, new demand for advertising is booming. According to Aladdin index data, “sharing” is still the entrance to the newest source of new user traffic, but it has declined compared to last year, and it has followed closely.After that, the proportion of “jump between applets” and “advertising” increased significantly.It’s not difficult to understand this change. As WeChat’s supervision of applets becomes more stringent, the growth pressure on applets will increase. Therefore, advertising (including “jump between applets” and “advertisement”)) Become the main means of more and more small programs.Of course, small programs can’t rely entirely on advertising. At first, most small program teams can’t afford it. Second, small programs want to be bigger, but still rely on product design and high-quality content to allow core users to share and spread, and improve the sharing rate.For a long time to come, mini-program share acquisition and advertising renewal will become two important ways for mini-programs to increase traffic.Flow management VS retention volume The business flow dividend is gradually disappearing, and the rules of various large and small program platforms are improving. It is no easier to pull in new drainage.And the measures will undoubtedly be very tiring.The second half of the mini program will become more and more focused on operations, that is, the focus from “flow” to “retention”.In this regard, various platforms have reached a consensus.For example, WeChat Mini Program was launched on the “Mini Program Desktop” earlier this year to revise the “Discovery-Mini Program” interface; Alipay Mini Program provides a complete set of “self-operating tools” and related courses, covering new development, retention,Promoting liveliness, etc. As for Baidu’s smart applet, it is even more straightforward. It has been stated in public occasions that it is necessary to retain users from the point-line plane, from “flow” volume to “retention” volume, from operating traffic to operating users.Mobile traffic VS panoramic traffic In 2017, everyone’s perception of applets is just a new tool that stays on the mobile side.However, this year, applets have made breakthroughs in PC, face brushing hardware, and vehicle systems.In July, 360 announced its entry into applets, focusing on large PC screens to help applet developers better manage private domain traffic; not long after, the WeChat PC also announced support for directly opening applets on the chat interface.The competition for the applet PC scene has officially begun.On August 22, Alipay officially announced that the Mini Program and Dragonfly Iot Payment had been connected.This means that you can experience small programs on the face brushing hardware without any difference, which can become another important way for merchants to quickly acquire customers and play interactive marketing.As for the vehicle system scene, it also attracted the gang of BAT applets.In April, the new Great Wall Hover H6 equipped with Baidu’s in-vehicle OS was unveiled, introducing features such as intelligent voice interaction, intelligent in-vehicle applets, and active recommendation.In August, Tencent teamed up with Changan Automobile to officially launch the WeChat car version, which provides three functions of viewing unread messages, sending messages, and voice calls. Interactively using a combination of voice and steering wheel buttons.In September, Ali also loaded the applet into the car and landed on Xiaopeng P7……. The flow boundary of the applet is being continuously extended and expanded.2017⇆2019, 3 years, say long or not short.But for the small program, it is a crucial 3 years, from being not optimistic and dormant, to beginning to break out and gradually penetrate into all aspects of life.If you want to summarize this change in one word, I think it will be a “new look”, a new platform pattern, a new industry distribution, a new monetization system, a new operating concept, a new traffic scenario, and a look back over the past 3 years.Touching and accomplishing, a new beginning..