What are the new trends in global technology entrepreneurship?


The organizing committee of the “Maker China” International SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2019 lasted half a year, and held 9 overseas branches in 9 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and Hong Kong, China.The venue exchanged with Makers, selected 30 outstanding projects to advance to the global semi-finals, and brought them to Shanghai, Suzhou, Xi’an, Kunming, Haikou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other 8 from December 4 to December 18.City tour, communicate with local makers, connect with science and technology enterprises and investment institutions, and explore cooperation opportunities.36 氪 also summarized these items.The following are related reports of the project.I. Next-generation electronic information technology 1. Galileo Satellite Navigation Ltd Company profile: The company is committed to developing and providing GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) solutions.The developed GalNav InDoo system, through the core GPS receiver simulation patented technology, can achieve indoor positioning accuracy of 2 meters, and can seamlessly connect with the outdoor GPS positioning system, that is, there are GPS signals indoors to achieve indoor and outdoor communication.Status of operation and development: The technology of the project party has been verified, and pilot applications are being carried out. A 6-8 month pilot contract with the Jerusalem Development Authority can be signed, which can cover the entire old city.Financing stage: Round A, with technical cooperation, joint ventures, and agency seeking.2. About Artro Digital Limited: The company is committed to the research and development and sales of three-dimensional imaging systems. It is a new patented technology based on POV (Vision Persistence) technology and high-intensity LED technology. Together with proprietary programming, it achieves sharp and mid-air display.Detailed 3D images without the need to wear physical glasses.Support external audio and API interaction system connection to achieve dynamic sensing, face recognition and other functions.Status of business development: In the industrialization promotion stage, revenue from January to October 2019 was 15 million Hong Kong dollars.Financing stage: There is a financing need, and I hope to find market agency cooperation.3.iRadar Sdn. Bhd Company Profile: The company has developed “Ground Deformation Monitoring Radar (GBSAR) which can provide continuous monitoring in all weather conditions, is highly portable and easy to deploy. In addition to the radar hardware system, it also builds disaster management early warningFramework, supporting disaster monitoring and risk assessment, can be widely used to monitor and diagnose natural disasters (such as landslides, ground subsidence, falling rocks, glaciers, avalanches, volcanoes, etc.) and engineering buildings (such as bridges, buildings, towers, dams, roads, etc.)) Caused by ground deformation. Status of business development: The first prototype was designed and developed in 2015, and the light version of the same system was successfully manufactured in 2018. These engineering prototypes have been successfully tested and system performance verified. Financing stage:Angel Wheel, at the same time, need to find manufacturers, joint ventures, agents and other cooperation. 4. Light Innovation Technology Ltd Company profile: The company develops linear Bessel light sheet (LBS) technology, based on this technology developed LiTone LBS five-Dimensional living cell microscope for five-dimensional (3D space + 1D time + 1D color)High-resolution and high-speed imaging of cells. Compared with the existing laser confocal microscope technology, the company’s technology has the following outstanding advantages: phototoxicity is reduced by more than 1000 times; imaging speed is increased by more than 1000 times, and high-speed imaging of living cells and sub-cells can be takenThe dynamic process of the structure; the resolution is increased by more than 2 times, and the high-speed dynamic process of the finest structure in the cell can be photographed with higher definition. Status of business development: The first device began to be sold in 2018, and it was profitable in that year.The sales in July 2019 reached 7 million, which has been recognized by a large number of existing users. Financing stage: Pre-A round. 5. MARVRUS company profile: The company developed VR technology using SPEAKIT VR, an immersive oral English practice system.The innovation of the project is to display videos and images of English conversation through VR technology 360 °, simulate and reproduce the actual dialogue scene based on speech recognition technology, give users a dialogue experience with native speakers, and evaluate user expression and feedback through AI technologyTo improve the efficiency of speech learning.Status of business development: Has developed and released VR + speech recognition + machine learning + proficiency testing applications, has a wealth of B2G / B2B / B2C user examples, access to SKT, Kyowon (Korea New Oriental Education), Samsung Campus, LG CNS and other largeSupport from companies and institutions to promote use in libraries, schools, government departments, and large companies.Financing stage: A round.At the same time, it is necessary to cooperate with joint ventures and find agents.6. RaDoTech Company Profile: The company develops RaDoTech, a smart hardware device for human health testing and monitoring, which measures the current of the user’s body to determine the user’s organs and internal system operating status.Define the “meridian” based on the user’s body acupoints, and build a model that connects each meridian to a specific organ. RaDoTech can scan 24 monitoring points connected to the user’s organs and systems in less than 3 minutes to fully understand the user’sOperational status, support long-term health tracking, and provide personalized recommendations.Status of business development: The development of hardware equipment and applications has been completed, and sales have started in Russia and around the world.So far, more than 1,000 units have been sold in Russia and related countries.Financing stage: There is financing need.At the same time, it is necessary to find cooperatives such as producers, co-founders, and agents.7. RobotAI company profile: The company is dedicated to the research of AI visual recognition. Based on the core “OBJECT SHAZAM” algorithm, the computer can use any vision sensor (RGB sensor, depth sensor, laser sensor, etc.) to monitor the object and its position in real time, and output6 DOF information of the object.It is superior to other active vision solutions in performance, price, size and other factors: the recognition accuracy is 0.1mm, which is more than 10 times higher than similar technologies. Adjusting the optical performance of the camera can identify objects with a size of 0.1mm to 100m; you canRecognize translucent and shiny objects under different lighting conditions; data input device delay time is only 0.03 seconds, which is more than 2 times faster than similar competing technologies; supports up to 30 rapid detections per second without the need for 3D point cloud processing.Status of business development: The first product can obtain the position and orientation of 3D objects through simple and cheap cameras, applied to the sensing and measurement of objects, 3D recognition and positioning of disorderly stacked workpieces, automatic grabbing and placement by robots, and indoor navigation, Has received the order.Financing stage: angel round.There is also a need for joint ventures.8. Brief introduction of LESIF LLC: This company develops a new generation of royalty-free video codec technology, which is based on a psychological visual model close to the process of human eye observation, and effectively encodes images to obtain better subjective visual video quality.And the files are smaller.Compared with H.264 encoding and decoding, the current version of SIF encoding and decoding technology has lower bit rate and shorter output delay, and the video compression rate is 2 to 2.5 times lower under the same subjective visual quality.The second-generation codec SIF2, which is being developed, benchmarks H.265 and HEVC, and it also has advantages in compression efficiency.Status of business development: The first generation of products has been developed and is being tested at Moscow University; financing stage: A round.At the same time, look for opportunities such as joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.2. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data 9. Cognaize CJSC Company Profile: The company is committed to financial information document processing systems based on AI analysis and calculation.Build a “gamification” financial data labeling application, and use the internal resource information of the organization to complete the data labeling. Instead of letting the staff of the organization be specifically responsible for labeling the data, let them freely implement data labeling at any time to solve the financial and financial field.Expertise and data privacy issues.Status of business development: industrialization promotion stage.Financing stage: angel round.At the same time, I hope to find cooperation with joint ventures.10. Knowledge lab.LLC company profile: The company is dedicated to the development and research of EEG signal applications, developed a platform for mental productivity and brain health, collects EEG and analyzes and monitors the user’s brain state to recommend an effectivePersonal mental care procedures.Core technologies include wearable devices that monitor brain activity, AI-based reading and interpretation of brain signals, and the generation of personal advice systems for mental productivity and brain health.Provides neurofeedback training to help users practice self-sustaining skills, and supports the measurement and identification of six mental states: awake, focused, calm, stress, cognitive overload, and fatigue.Status of business development: In 2018, it successfully passed the large-scale education field test held in Russia. The product has been recommended and used by programmers of FSBI Institute “Voshod”, has been used in the B-end market, and is preparing to enter the C-end market.Financing stage: angel round, at the same time, it needs cooperation in technology authorization and finding agents.11. Parknav company profile: The company is committed to the development and promotion of parking systems, the development of new sensorless high-precision parking systems, suitable for all city streets, ground parking lots.Based on big data such as traffic and cars, the unique AI intelligent positioning technology can realize real-time feedback on the use of traffic scenarios, such as sudden road conditions, parked levels, etc., to help users quickly and accurately find areas that can be parked and implement intelligent routes.navigation.The company’s system improves accuracy to 98%, far exceeding the industry’s 80% accuracy standard.Status of operation and development: It has cooperated with Deutsche Telekom and BMW, with more than 100,000 users of products, covering 1,000 urban areas in North America and Europe.Financing stage: Hope to find technology licensing cooperation.12. QTT Co. Company Profile: The company developed EAPO, the world’s first mobile application that provides self-diagnosis services for oral diseases based on artificial intelligence.After the user takes a picture of the affected part of the oral cavity using a smartphone, the oral health data is analyzed through deep learning to provide the user with an oral disease diagnosis report and advice from a dentist.The application supports self-diagnosis, diet management, and local dentist clinic search recommendations. It can also help hospital dentists process patient appointments and consultations in real time, display dental introduction information, and promote hospital promotion and dental information management.Status of business development: Released at Mobile World Congress in 2019, it is the world’s first mobile application that can provide self-diagnosis services for oral diseases. It is launched with Pusan ​​National University Dental Hospital, the second largest dental hospital in South Korea, and has collected about 10,000.Data, more than 40 intellectual property rights, including 13 patents and 13 soft work, and important PCT patent applications have been completed.Financing stage: angel round.At the same time, cooperation such as technology licensing is required.13. Tensorflight: AI-based building data identification and analysis technology Company profile: The company develops a novel software, AI-Inspect, to automate commercial property inspections, underwriting and risk assessments through the latest computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies, thereby thoroughlyChanging the property insurance market.Use AI technology to identify and analyze the existing map data, and obtain data such as geographic location, footprint and area, number of stories, building type, building age, roof slope, greening, surrounding environment and other data related to buildings and properties, to help relevant institutionsCarry out data revision, insurance assessment, and safety assessment.Business development status: A prototype with normal functions has been developed, is being tested and optimized, and has passed a series of tests.Financing stage: Round A, which has received two rounds of financing: (1) Boost VC accelerator (Draper family) and Hemi Ventures fund of 580,000 euros; (2) FF VC of 1.960 million euros of venture capital.And there is a need to find technical partners.3. Biomedicine and Medical Devices 14. BioVersys AG Company Profile: The company is developing new antibiotics based on a new mode of action for the treatment of drug-resistant bacterial infections, and overcomes drug-resistant TB infections through transcription regulator inhibitor compounds (called TRICs).TRICs work by increasing the levels of biologically active enzymes in tuberculosis, which activate TB prodrugs such as ethionamide and ethionamide into active forms, increasing their killing effect on bacteria and overcoming drug resistanceSex, while allowing the use of lower doses of antibiotics.Status of business development: Established partnerships with leading pharmaceutical organizations such as GlaxoSmithKline and centres of excellence such as the Pasteur Institute.In total, there are 5 drugs at different stages of development, of which two state-of-the-art drugs BV100 and BVL-GSK0X8 are undergoing preclinical testing, and it is expected that the first dose will be given to human subjects in the first phase of the two projects in early 2020.By 2023, conditional market approvals may be obtained in Europe.Financing stage: Round B.In 2019, we won 15 million US dollars in pipeline projects from EU and US government agencies. At the same time, we are looking for opportunities for cooperative technology development and joint ventures.15. Clear SKY Genomics Company Profile: The company has developed the cloud-based technology mychro program to help doctors and patients understand complex chromosomal and genomic information.The program tools are simple to use, transforming the complex language of genomics into easy-to-understand information to help users better understand complex genetic data.Operational status: More than 150 meetings have been held with genetic experts, doctors, patients and government officials.Through these meetings, the company’s solution has been recognized by these genetic experts, and the clinical trial financing phase is being completed with local Australian collaborators: I hope to find technical partners.16. DRD Ltd. Company profile: The company is a medical device company focused on the diagnosis of brain injury. The main research target is acute ischemic stroke and stroke risk.They found and validated two biomarkers: the NR2 peptide (acute stroke) and the NR2 antibody (chronic ischemia, risk of stroke).On this basis, an ELISA kit for the detection of NR2 antibodies in human serum was created and was approved by the Russian FDA in May 2019.Lateral mobile prototypes of NR2 peptides and NR2 antibodies have also been created and will be transferred to production in 2020.Status of business development: Has signed a contract with two distributors in Russia to actively sell the product, and is now looking for foreign markets, especially China, Japan and South Korea; three products in the research and development pipeline are currently preparing for listing applications.Financing stage: angel round.At the same time look for opportunities to co-found a business.17. About Medyria AG: The company develops an intravascular surgical solution, the core of which is based on blood flow velocity sensing technology based on biocompatible two-dimensional sensing based on thermal convection conduction. The developed TrackCath system includes aThe sensor-guided catheter provides the shell doctor with a third eye that directly sees the picture in the human body, provides precise positioning of the side branches, and helps the shell doctor to achieve side branch intubation without the need for X-rays and stains.Has 4 patent families and has applied for 11 patents.Status of business development: The current focus is on the intravascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) market, which has completed the recruitment of 40 patients and has been successfully applied to the clinic. The commercialization prospects are relatively clear; C-dye contrast agent intake in 90% of patientsThe amount was significantly reduced, 39 cases had satisfactory postoperative results, 1 case had a good prognosis, and the safety was 100%. In the financing stage: Series B, the next round of financing was being sought.18. MRM Proteomics R, LLC Company Profile: The company has developed and commercialized a biomarker evaluation kit containing reference peptides labeled with stable isotopes for the absolute determination of 1,000 human proteins in a single plasma sampleQuantitative measurement.The breakthrough of this technology provides the possibility for discovering new disease biomarkers, elucidating pathological mechanisms and discovering new drug targets, which can be applied in the early diagnosis of diseases, improving treatment monitoring and prognosis, and the innovation of new drugs.Operational development status: Product R & D has completed the financing phase: angel round, and at the same time, it is looking for cooperation opportunities in technology authorization and establishment of joint ventures.19. PLAZMOPROM LLC Company Profile: The company manufactures the world’s first device for treating wounds by plasma arcs-PLAZMORAN.Can be used to treat: (1) complications of purulent necrosis of chronic systemic diseases; (2) immunodeficiency, mechanical and thermal damage associated with many chronic diseases; (3) purulent necrosis and purulent inflammation caused by surgical interventionComplications; (4) bedsores in patients with reduced mobility.Its advantages are: (1) it can destroy the microorganisms on the surface of the wound and the underlying tissues, activate microcirculation and eliminate tissue swelling; (2) quickly relieve pain; (3) activate the body’s immune response and activate tissue regeneration; (4)Reduce the risk of recurrence of complications, amputation and death.Status of business development: Obtained Russian national registration and license, mass production has begun, and it has begun to be used in Russian hospitals.The near-term plan is to introduce PLAZMORAN equipment into the Chinese medical market.Financing stage: angel round, at the same time, it needs cooperation in agency sales, joint ventures, and technology licensing.20. Brief introduction of StickyCell Pty Ltd: This company is the first company in the world that can monitor the function of human white blood cell adhesion. It has developed a novel test method named “Leukocute Adhesive Function Assay (LAFA)”, which is also called white blood cell adhesion.function test.This technology can quantify the adhesion ability of human immune cells and truly realize the functional evaluation of the immune system.LAFA technology uses “microfluidics” technology to mimic the microenvironment of blood circulation in the body, so that the detection under an approximate physiological environment makes the detection result more accurate.At the same time, LAFA technology also uses a powerful functional analysis method, which can personally evaluate the function of each immune cell and provide the subject with the most direct and effective information about the immune system.Status of business development: ready to build production lines.Financing stage: angel round.At the same time look for opportunities for technology licensing and collaborative development.21. About TOPADUR PHARMA AG: The company has discovered and pioneered a new dual-acting LMW drug targeting the sGC-cGMP cascade.This gives the drug a significant effect to stimulate nutrient blood flow, promote tissue regeneration and avoid hypoxia.The developed drug TOP-N53 can be used to treat chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, TOP-M119 eye diseases (such as glaucoma and other eye hypoxia) and aging-related diseases (such as hair loss and hearing loss).In the in vivo hair growth model, TOP-M119 is 2,000 times more potent and effective than minoxidil.Status of business development: TOP-N53 is used to treat chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) and orphan ulcers, and is currently entering clinical trials; financing stage: C round.At the same time, I hope to carry out cooperative technology and development and or do the work of starting a business.22. ZuriMED Technologies AG Company profile: The technology of the company’s products comes from the Federal Institute of Zurich. The main raw materials of the products are absorbable modified bovine xenografts. By “bundling” and “fixing” the autogenous tendon bundles, the mechanics of the grafts are improvedThe strength provides mechanical support for the repair of anterior cruciate ligament ligament, and the binding material can be biodegraded, which does not need to be removed by surgery.Status of business development: clinical trials in progress.From 2017 to 2019, it received support from Balgrist Orthopedic Hospital for clinical trials. Financing stage: A round.In 2016, the seed round financing of 1.6 million Swiss francs convertible bonds was completed, and the debt-to-equity swap was completed in 2018.At the same time, opportunities such as technology licensing and cooperative development are needed.4. Advanced Manufacturing 23. IIAAT Holding JSC Company Name: The company develops hybrid amphibious airships.This is a breakthrough technology on a global scale. By using dynamic air cushion movement technology, it can move on the surface of water, snow, sand, marshland, etc. with dynamic air cushion without the need for offshore, road or aviation infrastructure.It can travel at world record speeds on water, up to 145-150 km / h, while traditional airships of similar size can usually only travel at 45-50 km / h.Status of business development: Has been promoted and applied in Russia and India. Among them, it defeated competitors from the United States in the bidding in India.Financing stage: angel round.At the same time, look for opportunities for cooperative technology development and co-founding businesses.24. AIXaTECH GmbH Company Profile: AIXaTECH GmbH is a large-scale single crystal AlN template manufacturer with outstanding high-performance gallium nitride (GaN) growth technology capabilities. Currently, it has developed and manufactured a new epitaxial system for wide band gap semiconductor materials.Grow.Compared with the traditional method of growing a GaN-based layer on a sapphire substrate in a standard MOCVD reactor, AIXaTECH’s patented low-temperature deposition technology provides significant cost and functional advantages: it supports low-temperature epitaxial processes, which can be achieved below 300 ° C;Reduce the number of thermal cycles by 2 to 7 times; Compared with traditional growth technologies, the production capacity is increased by more than 10 times; Reduce the use of toxic metal organic compounds and gases, and protect the environment.Status of business development: The function that can be commercialized at present is the production of low-temperature template for the starting layer. This step can be realized in the MOCVD reactor, which shortens the entire MOCVD process by 2 to 3 hours.A semi-automatic prototype machine has been completed, which can support a substrate size of 600X800mm2 and produce 150 2-inch wafers at a time.The planned full-automatic production line can carry a substrate size of 1400X2000mm2 and produce 900 2-inch wafers at one time.Financing stage: angel round.There is a demand from customers and technical partners.25. Flyability SA Company profile: Through detailed observation of the fly, the company found that even the very well-developed sensing systems will have collisions, and their balance adjustment speed is very fast.Inspired by flies quickly returning to equilibrium after a collision, they developed the ELIOS drone, which can fly in various confined spaces with ease, and can easily carry out industrial inspections even in all darkness.Status of business development: Hundreds of customers in the fields of power generation, oil and gas, chemicals, maritime, infrastructure and utilities, and public safety are in use in more than 50 countries.Financing stage: Round B.At the same time, I hope to find joint ventures and agency sales cooperation.26. Inesse Corporation Ltd Company profile: The company developed Super Foils15 (“SF15″) wing boat, which is a revolutionary and innovative product compared to traditional speedboat and hydrofoil SF15. It has 4 hydrofoils and can be above the water surface once activated.”Flying” at 40 cm, the waves flow under the hull, superior performance.With the help of the hydrodynamic hydrofoil under the hull, the hull can be lifted when the boat is in motion, and the angle can be adjusted according to the position of the hull and the sea surface to ensure the ship’s high speed and low energy consumption, and it is very stable and comfortable.Due to the use of a hydrofoil system, the SF15 achieved a breakthrough in ship speed with a maximum speed of up to 50 knots.Operational development status: The project is about to be completed and the final stage of launching tests is underway.The time to market is expected to be between the second and third quarters of 2020.Financing stage: Seek cooperation in joint design, foundry production, and agency sales.V. Others (new energy & new agriculture & energy saving & environmental protection & new materials) 27. IsraZion Ltd company profile: The company has developed waste plastic and fiber recycling treatment equipment for the global plastic and fiber pollution control and recycling issues. According toDifferent customer needs, through high temperature catalytic pyrolysis into different carbon products, types include: carbon powder, graphite powder, carbon black powder, activated carbon powder, etc. This type of carbon materials are widely used in industry.The company’s technology can make the purity and quality of carbon products produced ≥ industrial standards.Status of business development: The proof of concept has been completed, the technology for converting plastics and textile waste into carbon has been tested, and practical applications of carbon products have been tested, such as lithium-ion batteries, super capacitors and lead-acid batteries.processing.In 2019, it received financial support from the Israeli government’s innovation department to expand technology applications and establish a test facility.Financing stage: Finding partners to establish R & D centers in China for joint sales.28. Ventree Air Ltd Company Profile: The company develops innovative, biologically-based indoor air purification systems.Air is drawn from the room, absorbed through biological systems and filters, and chemically neutralized to purify and return clean air to the room, reducing formaldehyde, benzaldehyde, and PM2.5 in the home and office.Triple purification of plants, filters and biological systems, low noise, adjustable air suction and exhaust, and flow rate can reach 48-120 m³ / h.Status of business development: Sample verification is completed, and small batch production is possible.Financing stage: angel round.Look for Chinese producers and distributors at the same time.29. Kraftwerk TUBES GmbH Company profile: The company has developed a new compact fuel cell using solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology with a full metal case and a proprietary nanotechnology layer, replaced by nickel as a catalystTraditionally used platinum (more expensive than gold).It can not only use hydrogen, but also gas such as liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied natural gas, compressed natural gas, propane, butane.It has the advantages of low cost, light weight, repeatability and quick start, and can be used for fixed, mobile and transportation equipment.Status of business development: At present, small battery modules have been developed and applied in mobile power.Automotive applications-Transmission system prototypes have been successfully developed, and UAV applications have entered the market.Financing stage: angel round.At the same time, it is looking for cooperation with manufacturers and technology undertaking enterprises.30. Mitra Sejahtera Membangun Bangsa Company Profile: The company develops an ecosystem for precision agriculture to ensure farmers receive reasonable financing and fair market prices.Services have been provided to 8,500 farmers in Java, Sumatra, Nusa Tenggara and Bali, covering more than 8,000 hectares of land.Beginning this year, the project partner and BNI have implemented a small loan smart farm, hoping to attract 1.8 million farmers to join.In Indonesia, project implementation is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Village, Communications and Public Works.Status of business development: Close cooperation with the government (currently 6 departments, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural and Communications), and cooperation with the Asian Development Bank to jointly implement agricultural information and communication technology projects, with the goal of serving 50,000 farmers.1.8 million farmers participated through microcredit schemes.Financing stage: angel round.The title map of this article comes from the PexelsPS New Technology Entrepreneurship Series, which is mainly targeted at companies in the new technology direction, such as AI, big data, robotics, enterprise services, the Internet of Things, financial technology, medical, 3D printing, blockchain, smart manufacturing, sensors, semiconductors,VR / AR / MR, commercial aerospace, new energy, new materials, hardware with technological innovation, etc.If you are interested in this series, welcome to participate in our “New Technology Entrepreneurship 2019” series of surveys. 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