36 氪 Research | Consumer Finance Industry Research Report


The size of China’s consumer financial market in 2018 is about 8.45 trillion yuan, and it is estimated that it will reach 12 trillion yuan in 2020, and the industry has a bright future.From 2018 to 2019, the number of consumer finance projects has gradually increased and the heat has not decreased, but the long tail is obvious, and capital is concentrated in head projects.As a whole, the competitive landscape of the consumer financial market is relatively fragmented and a monopoly has not yet formed.Leading companies have emerged in the fields of traditional banks, licensed consumer finance, and internet consumer finance, each with its own characteristics and strengths.The application of fintech such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain is disrupting the financial industry value chain.At present, the more mature ones are big data analysis and artificial intelligence, which are used to solve many pain points in the field of consumer finance in the pre-loan, mid-loan and post-loan processes.With the tightening of the domestic financial industry regulation, after years of regulation and reshuffle in the consumer finance field, the profit margins have narrowed, and the requirements for customer needs and risk points have become more precise. Intelligent risk control will become the key to the development of consumer finance.This report focuses on the following questions: What is the current status of the consumer financial market and what are its development trends?Which consumer finance companies have the most development potential?What are the links in the consumer finance industry chain and which are the most valuable?What are the business models of consumer finance and what are their advantages and disadvantages?What disruptive value will FinTech bring to consumer finance?What is the core competitiveness of future consumer finance companies?Which head companies in the field of consumer finance deserve attention?Note: The PDF version of this report can be downloaded by clicking the link., Welcome everyone to actively communicate with us for discussion.