Xing Evening News | Xiaomi announces the latest executive appointments; Netease layoffs settle the two sides; Huawei seeks $ 1.5 billion in loans from banks; Didi will discount carpooling in 26 cities


Big company Xiaomi: Zhou Shouzi as President of the International Department, Lu Weibing as President of China36. It is learned that Xiaomi Group announced the latest executive appointments through internal mail: Zhou Shouzi and Lu Weibing are in rotation, and Zhou Shouzi serves as President of the International Department.The CEO reported that the board of directors has set up a special group and recently selected a new CFO. He will continue to serve as CFO during the week before the new CFO arrives; Lu Weibing becomes the president of China and continues to serve as the general manager of the Redmi brand and reports to the CEO.The founder, Li Wanqiang, resigned due to personal reasons and was reappointed as a senior consultant.In addition, Lin Bin served as the group’s vice chairman and continued to focus on the business management of the mobile phone department; Wang Xiang was promoted to the president of the group, responsible for the group’s functional platform, and assisted the CEO in managing the group’s operations and reporting to the CEO.The two sides of the NetEase layoffs reconciled and will internally improve and assist employees in treatment.In addition, NetEase has punished the four supervisors and one employee involved at different levels.At the same time, it is mentioned that in the annual employee satisfaction survey, new sample interviews of departing employees will be added, and the problems reflected by employees will be included in the annual key improvement plan, and the improvement progress and results will be publicized.Tmall and Baiguoyuan have reached a strategic cooperation, which will realize the national freshness of Tmall’s fruit in 36 hours in one hour. It is learned that on November 28th, Tmall and Baiguoyuan announced the incubation of the first flagship store 2.0 project of fresh food.After ordering at the flagship store, users can enjoy fresh and timely service delivered within an hour.In the future, it can also provide differentiated services such as regular delivery and store self-collection.Tmall said that the two parties will officially launch the service in more than 80 cities across the country before the Spring Festival.Huawei reportedly seeks loans equivalent to US $ 1.5 billion from banks. After raising HK $ 11.7 billion from five Chinese banks in July, Huawei is in talks with Chinese and foreign banks to seek offshore loans equivalent to US $ 1.5 billion. ProceedsUses are for general corporate purposes and working capital.(Bloomberg) Didi announced that it will launch a carpooling event in 26 cities with a one-off discount of up to 100 yuan. 36% was informed that on November 29th, four years after Didi carpool went online, Didi held a media open day release.New car-sharing products. In addition, Didi announced on December 3 that it will launch a discount of 100% off in 26 cities, with a maximum reduction of 100 yuan, to create the first “national car-sharing day.”Tencent successfully auctioned the Dachanwan plot in Xixiang Street, Shenzhen with 8.52 billion yuan. At 3 pm today, the Shenzhen Land and Real Estate Trading Center publicly sold two land A002-0076 and A002-0074, of which A002-0076 was provided by Tencent Technology.(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was auctioned for RMB 8.52 billion.A002-0076 is located in Dachan Bay, Xixiang Street. The land use is industrial land (new industrial land) + public management and service facility land + transportation facility land. The access industry category is strategic emerging industry-digital economy (A03 Internet industry).(Leju) Pinduoduo launches “in-company purchase” project. Amazon is a supplier. According to sources, yesterday, Pinduoduo launched “in-company purchase” project. The project is based on WeChat ecology and runs in a small program.Internal employees are open, and other companies apply for entry channels.Nine online companies including Tencent, Huawei, Ctrip and Bilibili have been listed in the first batch.At present, the “in-company purchase” products for sale are mainly high-price 3C digital, beauty and high-purchase FMCG products, which are provided exclusively by Amazon. The supplier currently does not have other third-party merchant stores.(NetEase) Great Wall BMW Joint Venture Beam Car Laid Groundbreaking Today On November 29, Great Wall Motor and BMW each held a 50% joint venture Beam Car officially held a groundbreaking ceremony in Zhangjiagang City.Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Motors, said that Beam Automobile will realize a new business format of joint research and development, manufacturing in China, and serving the world.According to the Great Wall Motor’s evening announcement on the 22nd, the Zhangjiagang production base project has a total investment of about 5.1 billion yuan, and the construction scale is to produce 160,000 fuel passenger cars annually and to develop pure electric passenger cars. The construction period is 24 months.(Shanghai Stock Exchange) Alipay’s blockchain is first used in subways, and 9 cities in the Yangtze River Delta have been used to exchange tickets. According to the Shanghai Metro, the Alipay blockchain technology has been used in the “Yangtze River Delta major cities scan code interconnection and interconnection” project.When the residents of 11 cities go to the other city, they only need to open the subway app in their city, and they can scan the code in the remaining 10 cities.Among them, there are 9 inter-connected cities in the Yangtze River Delta, namely Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Xuzhou (from December 1).(IT House) Investment and Financing Artificial Meat Company “v2food” Receives $ 35 Million A Round of Financing 36 氪 It is learned that Australian plant meat substitute research and development manufacturer “v2food” has received $ 35 Million A round of financing, this round of financingThe investment was led by Main Sequence Ventures, the capital department of the Innovation Fund of the Federal Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, and Victoria Harbor, a private investment company. Marinya Capital and Sequoia Capital China jointly invested.This round of financing will be used for research and development, as well as the construction of new production facilities in Australia. Changan Automobile plans to sell 50% of the shares of Changan PSA joint venture at a base price of 1.63 billion yuan. On November 29, the information of the official website of Chongqing United Property Exchange revealed that Chongqing Changan AutomobileCo., Ltd. plans to transfer 50% equity of Changan Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd. (Changan PSA) with a reserve price of 1.63 billion yuan.Information shows that in 2018, Changan PSA’s revenue was RMB 912 million, with a net loss of about 874 million.(Future Automobile Daily) Heartbeat Networks applied for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and received a cornerstone investment of US $ 23 million. 36 It is learned that Heartbeat Networks applied for the listing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and received a cornerstone investment of US $ 23 million. Byte Beat (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Miha Tour Co., Ltd., Lilith Mobile Company Limited and Folding Paper Hong Kong Co., Ltd. The subscription amounts are US $ 10 million, US $ 5 million, US $ 5 million and US $ 3 million, respectively.Cognitive intelligence company “Yuanting Technology” has completed a 100 million yuan A round of financing. 36 It is learned that the cognitive intelligence company “Yuanting Technology” has completed a 100 million yuan A round of financing. This round of financing was led by CLP China Capital Fund, Xiamen.Venture capital followed.Founded in 2014, Yuanting Technology is an artificial intelligence technology company focusing on the field of cognitive intelligence and providing “AI + industry” solutions.At present, the data intelligence products independently developed by Yuanting Technology include: universal knowledge graph technology tools, automated AI mid-stage, DataExa-Maya intelligent question answering platform, DataExa-Kamala natural language processing platform, etc.New product NetEase cloud gaming platform goes online: The so-called installation-free, cross-platform, resource-saving NetEase cloud gaming BETA platform has been launched recently. Its main feature is that it can play many games in the web cloud.Netease cloud game platform website shows that the game will be continuously updated.A game “Battleship Girl” will be launched on November 28th, and more new games will be launched later.NetEase cloud gaming BETA platform has three major characteristics, namely, installation-free, cross-platform, and resource-saving.(Glonhui) WeChat is testing the “Related Reading” function in grayscale. 36 氪 It is learned that, regarding the news of WeChat’s grayscale testing in “Related Reading”, Tencent officials said that at present, WeChat is testing the “Related Reading” function in grayscale.A “Related Reading” module will appear at the bottom of some articles published by the public account that has been tested by some grayscales. It is recommended that the article be read further to help users better understand related events or content that may be of interest.The high-quality articles selected in the grayscale test may appear in the “Related Reading” module at the bottom of other articles.Today ’s view IDC: Global 2020 cloud game paying users for personal handhelds, PCs or mobile devices will not exceed 10 million36. It is learned that IDC ’s 2020 global smart terminal trend forecast shows that despite the investment and market attention in the field of cloud gamingDegrees are very high, but by 2020, the number of cloud game paying players on personal handhelds, PCs or mobile devices will not exceed 10 million; by 2023, 5% of commercial smartphones will be able to access satellite voice services.10% will use AI technology to make better use of scarce wireless spectrum resources, and 25% will use 5G connection technology.Other important news Li Guoqing Yu Yu divorce case opens today: Li Guoqing hopes to have a quicker result, claiming that the equity be split evenly at 9:07 am on November 29th. Li Guoqing appeared in a Beijing court. The trial by Li Guoqing and Yu YuThe first trial of the divorce case.Li Guoqing said that he hopes that the divorce case will soon come to fruition and hopes to start a new life.Regarding the divorce lawsuit, Li Guoqing’s claim was that the husband and wife should share their overseas and domestic shares equally and divorce.(Tencent Shenzhen) Dawei, the founder of ofo, has received 34 restrictions on consumption orders. China ’s information disclosure network shows that on November 27, the Ningbo High-tech Industrial Development Zone People ’s Court managed Dongxia Chase (Beijing), the main body of ofoConsulting Co., Ltd. and Dawei issued a restraint order.At present, Dawei has received 34 restraint orders.( 36 氪 Daily Business Collection.