The front line | Tencent’s new social forces: After the “cat call”, there is another “echo”


36 days ago, it was learned that Tencent released a live-action live dating app “Echo” in the Apple App Store.A few months ago, Tencent also understated the online video product “Cat Call”.Tencent, which has devoted a lot of energy to short video new products, has also increased its incubation of new social products this year.After opening the echo application, you will see the slogan “with the sound you like, unexpectedly”. Users can log in to the application via WeChat and QQ account.Go to the App homepage and you will see the top, left, and nearby tabs in the left direction.After the user chooses to follow the anchors that are like and interested, they can listen to the live broadcast of the anchor.In addition, users can follow other people in the live voice, but they can’t turn on live voice.Voice social is not a new thing.In the development of voice social products, YY voice is quite representative, and users have reached hundreds of millions.However, earlier voice social products were more biased towards tool attributes. After the development of QQ voice and WeChat voice, the voice products of the early generation also slowly declined.But now voice products are re-emerging, in addition to tool properties, more dating features.QuestMobile’s spring report data shows that voice socialization may become the next carrier after social interaction and video socialization.During the Tencent Digital Ecology Conference this year, Tencent’s vice president and QQ leader Liang Zhu said in an interview with 36 and other media that short video was relatively hot last year, and this year’s voice socialization may be more interesting.He believes that this year’s voice social will start, especially multi-person voice, the future may be the picture, short video and voice social.But audio socialization is time consuming and is a less efficient social way to cut through the lower threshold and more universal voice applications.And how high the ceiling of the voice social, they are also exploring, such as through small programs or QQ group open platform, “everyone explores the unknown together.”The development of voice social products also faces issues such as industry regulation.The Office of the Internet has issued a message saying that it will carry out special rectification of niche instant messaging tools, and the first batch of 9 instant messaging tools to disseminate obscene pornographic information, or to engage in prostitution and sell pornographic audio and video.In the first half of the year, social voice apps such as audio and Hello voices have been removed.A person who claimed to be “the sound of the wall” said that the incident was due to the advertisement of a large number of illegal elements in the yellow video and software, so the whole network was removed.For Tencent, there are already 1.1 billion users of WeChat and 800 million users of QQ, but the preferences of young people are difficult to capture, which makes the future a thin ice.Therefore, any possible social form is not to be missed.In addition to voice live dating app echo, Tencent also released cat calls and cards this year, betting video calls and 3D avatar social.In addition, Tencent may still be trying a pure video sharing app, similar to the form of Instagram pictures and videos.In addition to Tencent, all Internet companies are also exploring their social products.Since the second half of last year, social products have sprung up, such as the acquaintance video social product “multi-flash” launched by the byte jump and the social networking product “fly chat”, launched the campus social product “Pear”, Ali released the campusSocial products “real true me”, Baidu released anonymous social products “handset” and so on.At the end of mobile Internet traffic, big companies are still enthusiasm for social products, but they can survive.(The title map is from the official)