The front line | Cloud game platform Stadia is coming, did not take the user, first take the game share price


The cloud game platform Stadia came as scheduled, and also brought the gift of the stock market’s daily limit.On November 19th, US local time, Google officially launched the long-awaited cloud game platform Stadia.Google launched a $129 Stadia founder package that includes a Chromecast Ultra streaming device connected to the TV, a dedicated gamepad and a 3-month Pro subscription.After that, the monthly subscription fee is $10.As Google advertises, Stadia allows users to play 3A games on TV, browsers and even mobile phones without downloading the game.However, after the first time evaluation of the technology media The Verge, it was found that running the game on Stadia still had obvious network delays and stagnation, which affected the game experience of the player to some extent.At the same time, 22 games participated in the launch, but only one game “GYLT” is platform exclusive, which is really unattractive for gamers.The game site Kotaku also experienced the first time after the experience, saying that Stadia’s pre-order is much lower than expected, and it seems that the starter is also a “great failure.”On November 19th, the game sector has a lot of daily limit, such as a cloud game that is “very good, but not very good”, but unexpectedly foreign flowers bloom domestically, directly pulling up a number of domestic game stocks.After the opening on November 19th, affected by Stadia’s online presence, the A-share game sector was fully red.Nearly 20 game stocks including Perfect World, Palm Technology and Yingying Network ushered in a wave of ups and downs, even once the daily limit.The rise of game stocks also activated the entire media sector and create a small board, which led to a 3% increase in the GEM.The discussion about cloud games has been a hot spot in the game industry in 2019. The technology giants such as Google, Microsoft and Tencent have already started cloud game experiments, and the capital market has also responded positively to Stadia’s launch.However, its development as a new thing is still not mature enough. Is the cloud game a short-lived one, or will it become the next super wind?According to the research report of BOC International, the size of the domestic cloud game market will exceed 70 billion yuan by 2024. For the game industry that is now weak in the bottleneck period, it is indeed necessary to use cloud games as a strong agent.Cloud games are not just new varieties of games, but cloud games, a new business model.The new business model will be reflected in the changes in the industry chain participants. In addition to traditional industries such as game development, equipment and operations, it also requires the participation of cloud computing service providers, network operators and cloud subscription platforms., 5G promotion, content development and many other factors are related.The core of cloud games will also become a collection of game content development, platforms, and services, no longer the traditional content.In the cooperation with Stadia, the traditional game content manufacturer Ubisoft is still divided into the same mode as the traditional host platform, that is, Ubisoft has 70% and the platform has 30%.But this only applies to early cooperation. The cloud computing giant with resource advantages and the platform with user and traffic advantages will be expected to dominate the core links. The bargaining power of traditional game developers will be weakened. Under the cloud game framework, the platform will becomeMore important elements of content.At the same time, since cloud games are still in the pilot stage, content development still needs a lot of investment.Small and medium-sized game companies can’t afford the big cloud game trial and error costs, and head game companies will also get a bigger market share.Now, the two game giants, Tencent and NetEase, have started the experimental work of cloud games. The game companies such as Perfect World and Xunyou have also started research and development of cloud game content through cooperation with terminals such as Huawei.Whether it is high-speed broadband or 5G that has just begun to be promoted, a high-speed, stable network environment is essential for cloud games.With the maturity and popularity of 5G technology, the network delay problem that plagues the development of the cloud game industry will also be solved.With the advantages of 5G technology, China’s three major operators have also begun to test the development and operation of water cloud games.However, the application and popularity of 5G technology is still very limited. Excessive tariffs encounter traffic killers like cloud games. If you want to play 5G passion to play Tomb Raider, you may find that you have lost after customs clearance.A month’s salary.The immature ecology, limited audience base, and copyright disputes that may arise in the future, the development of cloud games still has many obstacles.The game stock index broke out briefly, but there will be a long way to go before the outbreak of cloud games.(The source of this article: Pexels).