One of the five foreigners used a broken screen mobile phone.


Editor’s note: This article comes from Ai Faner, author Wu Qisen, 36氪 authorized to publish.Can you stand the broken screen of the mobile phone and continue to use it?The survey shows that nearly 20% of Britons can.This is a survey of Protect Your Bubble in the UK with 1,071 participants.One-fifth of them said that their mobile phone screen was broken.Maybe you think that their mobile phone is just not so badly broken, so it feels wrong to fix it.Because half of them said that the broken part was very handy; one-sixth of the people’s screens were broken so that they could not see the screen.It can be seen that their patience is still quite high.▲The picture comes from: The Irish Times and the investigation said that the reason why their screen was broken, the most important thing is that the drunk, causing the phone to accidentally fall to the ground, which accounted for all the respondents 8%, if the age is set between 25 and 34 years old, the reason is increased to 17%.In fact, in the UK, as in China, the broken screen insurance is still quite rich. In addition to the official mobile phone, such as Apple Care+, there are many options for third-party broken screen insurance.However, their willingness to buy protective shells and repair mobile phones is not too high. As the online rumors, foreigners (developed countries) do not like to wear shells.The survey found that more than half of the people in the case of mobile phone phones will not spend more than 10 pounds (about 90 yuan), and another one third said that they will not exceed 5 pounds (45 yuan).Given that their mobile phone cases are around the price of 3 to 8 pounds, most people will only buy a mobile phone case on a mobile phone.On the other hand, many people are lazy or expensive. After the screen is broken, more than half of them will not be repaired in the week, especially women who have the lowest will, only 31%, males are40%.▲Photos from: MobileGeek not to mention, even in the UK, even third-party mobile phone accident insurance is quite expensive, low-end mobile phones need to pay 3 to 5 pounds per month, and flagship machines need 9 pounds, which is equivalent to let them eachI bought a mobile phone case for months.And when it’s actually repaired, it still costs an extra 25 to 120 pounds.In fact, such statistics, SquareTrade has been done in the United States, and the data is comparable to the United Kingdom.According to the research data, in 2017, Americans broke a total of 50 million mobile phone screens, and nearly 67% of them did not want to repair the screen at all, or they were lazy, or because they felt that it was better to change the machine.According to the US 220 million mobile phone users, users who are using broken screen mobile phones are also around 20%.Although we don’t have these relevant statistics in China, the broken screen problem is also a lot of mobile phone users. After all, the mobile phone screen is getting bigger and bigger, the weight is getting heavier, and the whole body is full of glass.It’s really hard to break it, so gradually, the broken screen is gradually becoming a necessity.Only the official, third-party broken screen insurance is dazzling, and there are many problems in the specific operation. It may be more troublesome to buy.Although the third party is cheap, it is still an old saying that “a penny is worth the money” and there are many cheaper routines.Only sell two or three hundred low-cost broken screen insurance, in addition to the possibility of switching to a poor screen, our original original screen, in fact, may only be broken a layer of external screen glass, the display of the internal screen is safe,As a result, unscrupulous merchants have gone through our original screen, and after switching to the external screen, they have to resell them, which is simply a loss.If you buy a more expensive, big brand of broken screen insurance, there is still a certain risk, because no matter how high the screen quality is changed, the repairer is a third party, and the screen returned is also a third party, if something happensWithin one year of purchase, then it is your responsibility to waive the official warranty.▲ Image from: Technobezz So in general, buy broken screen insurance should buy the official.In this piece, the price of domestic mobile phones is generally more close to the people, not only has the insurance to protect the screen separately, but also according to the price, it only needs 59~300 yuan, and there is no need for additional service fees, like vivo or even purchase.Directly sent for half a year, Huawei can consider whether to buy within two months of purchase, are more intimate.But if you choose foreign brands, such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, etc., although Samsung will directly send the screen for half a year, but the replacement machine needs an extra 500 yuan, which is relatively expensive, but it is not as good as Apple.high.Apple has only one full-risk Apple Care+. The price of this year’s new machine is 1399~1799 yuan. When you need to change the screen, you need to pay an additional service fee of 188 yuan. This set is not bad with the direct and no insurance for the official screen.How many.Sony is, did not provide.But in any case, the film is always the safest way to wear a shell, after all, the screen is now strong, the broken or broken, don’t ask me how to know.When you take it for repair, you usually have to wait for a day or two. It may take longer to repair, which is very delaying.Of course, the feeling of being bound by the phone case and the film is not very good.(The cover image is from Pexels).