At the forefront, Porsche delayed the delivery, and everyone in Tesla has to step on it?

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It didn’t take long for Tesla’s competition to end, and Porsche was paralyzed.Following the official release of the Audi electric SUV e-tron and the Volkswagen MEB from the official release to the delivery of the ticket, recently, according to foreign media reports, all Porsche Taycan delivery delays of 2-3 months.The car was originally scheduled to begin delivery in January 2020. Based on this calculation, the delivery time will be postponed until the end of March or early April.Porsche said in an explanation to the subscriber that the reason for the delay was “production complexity”, and the reason why Audi e-tron delivered the ticket was either due to the power battery supplier or to the software.Delayed delivery may not be a good signal for electric car companies.Tesla was the first electric vehicle practitioner. Because of its low capacity and low pass rate, it was delayed in delivery in the early days, consuming user expectations and pulling Tesla into the financial crisis.Nowadays, Tesla, which has successfully delivered on the spot, has also been plagued by the simplification of the production line. There are also many burning accidents in the later use.As more and more traditional car companies enter the electrification camp, Tesla’s early pits for production and delivery are being verified by other car companies.Electric vehicle companies have repeatedly delayed delivery, and the coordination of electric vehicle production lines is more difficult than before. How to deal with the complicated automobile production lines and safety factors in the early stage of “telling stories”Next, you need to deal with the good problems.Proud car companies, on the electric car, the metropolis is also based on Tesla: similar to Tesla’s strategy, Taycan will first introduce two higher-priced flagship models Turbo and Turbo S, followed by more will be launchedThe models cover all price ranges and market needs at different levels.These pits that Tesla has not escaped can be spared for traditional car companies with more supply chains, manufacturing processes and more pricing power.It may be difficult.