Apple acknowledges spending billions of dollars to improve map services and compete with Google Maps


Editor’s note: This article comes from “Tencent Technology”, review: Jinlu, 36氪 authorized to reprint.According to foreign media reports, in response to the US Congress’ anti-monopoly investigation against technology giants, Apple revealed that the company has invested billions of dollars in improving map applications and its corresponding services, with the aim of market segmentation giant Google Mapscompetition.Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google have all responded to the antitrust issues raised by the US House Judiciary Committee.As part of an ongoing antitrust investigation, various transactions in these companies in the digital market have been investigated.Although there is almost no new information to announce in the process, there is a concern about Apple’s business.When the House Judiciary Committee asked how much the company spent on Apple Maps, the company replied “billions of dollars.”Apple executives have previously hinted that the cost of this project is very high, essentially equivalent to build a map system from scratch, but the related costs have never been mentioned.However, it is not known how many investments are earmarked for the map.In order to create a new Apple map that was unveiled with iOS 12, the company collected a large amount of maps, navigation, routes and image data from dedicated platforms such as the Apple Map Mapping Vehicle.Over the years, the work has resulted in a unique IOS map product with highly accurate graphics, rich routes and integrated public transport options.New features are constantly being added to the map, such as the Look Around view in iOS 13.Similar to Google’s Street View, Look Around provides street-level images for real-world navigation, but Apple’s solution uses a 3D framework with other graphical touches for a more interactive experience.Look Around is slowly expanding in the selected metropolitan area.After the release of the map in 2012, Apple was largely driven by the creation of a comprehensive map solution, which was the first time the company entered the map after giving up most of the integrated Google services in iOS 6.Some people think that the map in iOS 6 is a major mistake, its map service is unreliable, and it contains incorrect data, and its iconic feature Flyover has encountered graphics problems.The voice of criticism was so sharp that CEO Tim Cook could only apologize for the disappointing suspicious software.The report said that in addition to the general map investment, Apple also answered questions about the Safari web browser, the app store commission system and other issues.In September, the US House Judiciary Committee asked Apple to submit data and materials related to potential anti-competitive behavior.In addition to the above topics, the committee also sought Apple to clarify the following issues, including parental control applications, third-party payment systems, default user applications, and Apple’s own applications competing with other applications.