Who will ship the “Double Eleven” out of the country?


Editor’s Note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Financial Economics” (ID: caijwj), the author Xiao Xiaoming, 36氪 authorized to publish.This article has a total of 2,435 words, recommended reading time of 7 minutes | 鲤小明 Under the hot marketing of e-commerce every year, “Double Eleven” has evolved from the concept of “Single Day” to a carnival event for major consumers.In addition to the endless stream of preferential activities, “Double Eleven” has become a grand stage for products, and the local specialty products and good goods on the other side of the ocean have once again gathered on the cross-border e-commerce platform.For this “shopping festival” that emerged with the rise of e-commerce, I suddenly had a doubt: Every year the “black five” in the United States will make the domestic buying spree, and the foreigners know “double eleven”?What kind of water can China’s “Double Eleven” pick up abroad?01 “Blue countercurrent” in front of the Blue Ocean is located in Zhangwu, Zhejiang Yiwu Commodity City. Recently, he received an order to customize hundreds of mobile phone cases from the online store.Zhang Boss’s products have received praises from many consumers because of their unique craftsmanship.But the address of this customer made Zhang boss stupid: Thailand, Pathum Thani.According to the previous model, such a long distance, domestic goods need to collect a large number of orders will be assembled to ship overseas.Moreover, in the batch customs clearance mode, goods may also experience waiting time in the port.From domestic shipments to handed over to Thai guests, these mobile phone cases may experience 20 to 30 days of “national roaming”.If the mobile phone case is still able to catch a car to Thailand, then the old forest in the tea factory under the Wuyi Mountain is not so lucky.The road from Fujian to Thailand is long and humid, and the moment the parcel is opened in Southeast Asia, the quality of tea and tea sets will be gambling to some extent.The business of Lao Zhang and Lao Lin is in the national transport.When Chinese culture heads out of the country, at the same time, Chinese e-commerce has opened up the global consumer horizon.According to the third global cross-border trade report released by the French market research company Ipsos (IPSOS), as early as 2016, China surpassed the United States and became the most popular source of “Hai Tao”.By the end of 2018, the scale of cross-border e-commerce transactions in China had reached 9.1 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.5%.This shows that China’s cross-border trade is experiencing rapid growth.The more eye-catching details are the fancy mobile phone case of Yiwu, the spicy hot pot bottom of Sichuan, the tea set of Fujian, and the silk crafts of Hangzhou in the list of “What Foreigners Want to Buy” listed in this report.It is awe-inspiring. Compared with the grand narrative of the brand, the high-quality small producers and original brands with distinctive Chinese characteristics occupy half of the seats in this feast.Photo: Chinese fan selling in India From this perspective, Zhang Bo and Lao Lin are undoubtedly the beneficiaries of this wave.But joy and anxiety coexist: on the one hand, China’s special products ushered in the historic blue ocean; on the other hand, the small board of small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to drive out of the “countercurrent.”The pain point of e-commerce to the sea lies in the word “transport”: there are good goods that cannot be transported, not convenient, and not well transported.From a larger background, cross-border e-commerce logistics, and even China’s manufacturing exports face common problems.”Double Eleven” is coming soon.Who will get through the “Ren Duo two veins” that rushed out of the country to help SMEs go “going out” smoothly?02 Who is shrinking the width of Asia? Actually, Zhang Bo has already noticed the Thai latex pillow.Taking this opportunity, in addition to the mobile phone shell business, Zhang Boss also successfully launched the latex pillow business.Whether it is to send domestically to the country, or to send Thai products to the country, Lao Zhang is indispensable for the help of Baishi Logistics.In October of this year, Best Group officially opened two-way logistics between China and Thailand, and realized the “Taizhong First Order” for the direct origin of Haitao products.In the “hometown of express delivery” in Tonglu, Zhejiang, the goods from Thailand are received by the Best Delivery Courier and sent directly to the guests through the direct car.At present, Baishi’s “one-to-one” direct mail service can achieve efficient and stable cross-border logistics distribution in China-Thailand and China-Vietnam.This depends on the layout of Best in the import warehouse.In addition to the previous layout of Ningbo bonded warehouses, Baishi’s import bonded warehouses in Tianjin, Qingdao and Fuzhou have also opened positions, covering the country’s multinational logistics, B2B transfer warehouse, B2C one-off, bonded to general trade and other services,In terms of import, it has also achieved warehouse integration, integrated customs clearance, data mining, and even effective period management and constant temperature warehouses – to protect the import of goods.Also from Zhejiang Tonglu distribution, hundreds of “Chinese ingenuity” from Yiwu were handed over to the courier.Zhang’s custom mobile phone case “going abroad” problem has also been solved perfectly.Starting from Yiwu, the domestic express delivery arrived at the export warehouse of Baishi in Kunming, and it took only 5 days to be sent to the guests of the Thai government in Pathum Thani.5 days, 120 hours – these figures highlight the “power” of Thailand’s overseas warehouses.Baishi established export warehouses with Kunming and Nanning as fulcrums, established overseas warehouses in Thailand, and “door-to-door” and point-to-point services, which enabled China and Southeast Asia to achieve “one shipment”.Thailand’s overseas warehouse is not the “end point”. In a sense, it is more like a “bridgehead”.Based on Thailand, the construction of this “bridgehead” continues.By continuously building overseas warehouses, Chinese SMEs are able to target the cross-border e-commerce market throughout Southeast Asia.On the basis of Southeast Asia, further to the north, Asia’s “width” and “length” will be reduced.As early as January 2017, Best has opened its business in Urumqi’s export warehouse for export to Russia, Central Asia and Europe.The efficiency is higher, the touch is more convenient, and the distance seems to be getting closer.In the past, the “temperature” that could not be imagined by cross-border business was due to heart.03 “Smart Logistics” has created what it is possible to customize the phone case from Yiwu to Pathum Thani in Thailand, latex pillows from Thailand to all parts of the country.In the face of the overseas markets that are separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, how does Baishi achieve integrated and worry-free services from cross-border imports to overseas warehouses and export transportation?Information technology has narrowed the world to the platform of the Internet system, and at the same time allows the global trade and business to be controlled by this platform.As the relevant person in charge of the Baishi Group said: “From the perspective of cross-border exports, the sales model of Chinese merchants overseas must be multi-platform diversified, and logistics as a carrier of cross-border commodities in China, we must use information systems.Provide a full supply chain solution.” In the face of “Double Eleven”, consumers who are anxiously waiting never divide their borders.For them, the long holiday warming has already consumed all patience.At 0:00 on November 11th, the bell rang, and when the order was submitted with excitement, it seemed as if the goods had already been put in front of them – people have long forgotten and did not want to consider the long journey of multinational goods.The “fast speed crossing” of goods is their most urgent need.Eliminating the anxiety of all consumers and men who are waiting for the second time at home and abroad, building a logistics supply chain covering the whole process from shipment to receipt is the most assured guarantee for consumers.This is a revolution in the development of logistics to “smart”. The logistics system of Best and the multi-platform of digital online connect to build a “global village” for small and medium-sized enterprises and global commodities and consumers at home and abroad.Power and IoT technology have created a “global village” for human beings. In the era of digital e-commerce, “smart logistics” has given “a global village” a new concept of cross-border trade.The “high wall” of SMEs’ ​​import and export of commodities has thus broken, creating a classic slice of “Made in China” in the process of developing e-commerce in China.”Double Eleven” is coming soon, whether it is China’s SME products “remaining foreign”, or you want Haitao’s original “foreign goods”, a picture to see how they take the “through train” across borders.!.