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What is the first competition that combines business planning and machine learning for the industry?Artificial intelligence has become a new “kinetic energy” for economic development. The well-known AI, such as precision marketing, credit risk control, and face comparison, has been applied in different businesses.But this is just the tip of the iceberg of AI application potential.Just as the new retail concept has emerged in the last two years, there are not many surprises with artificial intelligence.In order to find new opportunities in the field of segmentation, explore the possibilities of combining business planning with machine learning.On November 8th, the “Creativity” artificial intelligence application innovation competition sponsored by the Fourth Paradigm, sponsored by Sequoia Capital China Fund and supported by Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business was officially launched. The competition was held by Yonghui Supermarket, IDC, Deloitte,Jingdong Yun and other industry partners co-organized, 36氪 as a media blessing.In addition to top capital, AI Unicorn, the competition’s strongest game “logistics team” also includes well-known business schools and industry giants.For example, Liu Jin, vice president of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Huo Jinjie, president of IDC China, Wang Yiquan, founding partner of Haiyin Capital, and Li Jing, vice president and CTO of Yonghui Supermarket, are among the many great gods, not just judges, but also guidance.In the competition, the proposition retail does not have a framework and threshold.Retail is a service that is closely related to life. Everyone can find pain points, slots, and value-raising points in retail sales, and such opinions, challenges, and innovations are all admission tickets..There are not only restrictions, but also no professional skills.Whether you are a startup team, a developer or a business person, a student or a researcher, whether you know the technology or have any experience, you can participate in the business insights, the fourth paradigm, if you want to use AI to try to solve the problem.Training and coaching based on a low threshold AI platform will be provided.The AI ​​accelerates to look directly at the business plan. This AI competition is not the beginning of the traditional code, but also the industry’s insight and business thinking, as well as the speed of AI innovation and landing.As the initiator and organizer of the competition, at the launching ceremony of the competition, the president of the fourth paradigm said: In the process of serving many retail enterprises, we have seen a large amount of data generated around the new retail scene.Driven by data, every innovative idea has the potential to generate great value. This is not only an opportunity for enterprises to improve efficiency, but also a new wave of innovation and entrepreneurship.Not only does he have this feeling.Zheng Qingsheng, a partner of Sequoia Capital China Fund, also believes that the competition is the way and means to quickly realize the commercial value of innovative ideas.For 36氪, at the starting point of the new decade of innovation and entrepreneurship, 36氪 also launched the entrepreneurial community EClub, which serves early entrepreneurial projects.In the ten years of resources, the entrepreneurs who lead the new business transformation are “completely out”.This support for the “Creativity” innovation competition is exactly the 36-inch EClub to accelerate the empowerment of the AI ​​industry, helping entrepreneurs and investors to achieve an efficient docking attempt.Under the reward, there must be a brave man, hundreds of thousands of bonuses, and tens of millions of investment opportunities. On November 8th, the “Creativity” competition will be open for online registration. Those who are interested in joining the AI ​​can sign up and participate in the retail industry.The AI ​​Solution Business Plan is a way to demonstrate your business vision, innovation insights, and solution design capabilities for AI applications in the retail industry.Before the deadline for registration on December 15, participants must complete the entire process from registration to submission of a business plan.On December 26th, the results of the competition were officially announced, and the expert jury evaluated the business plan and the defense.In addition to providing hundreds of thousands of bonuses, the competition also includes product validation and business incubation, and some projects have the opportunity to gain valuable opportunities for top VC investment in the country.The competition serves the project. For this purpose, the fourth paradigm and co-organizers will provide full “hardcore” support from business planning to landing verification, including the fourth paradigm to provide a zero-based machine learning platform training to enhance the participants.AI’s understanding; Deloitte, IDC and other top consulting organizations provide tutoring courses; Yonghui Supermarket will provide guidance from the retail industry perspective, as well as 36-inch media coverage.For the contestants, it is not just competition, but growth.The tide of intelligent change has come to the fore, and all industries are facing the challenges and opportunities of transformation.When you try to do it on a machine learning platform, you need to invest resources and the cost is very low. Why not try it?To register, please log in to the fourth paradigm official website, enter the special page, or click the registration link: