Internet music bid farewell to copyright wars, music community or become a new outlet?


Editor’s Note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Xiaoqian Notes” (ID: xiaoqianshuo), author Xiao Qian, 36 氪 authorized to release.Originally thought that the copyright dispute is behind, the Internet music market has been difficult to make major changes.But I never thought that after the new music products such as the music encounter and the singing of the duck music appeared one after another, the long-lost Internet music market began to be bustling again.At the end of October, there was news that bytebeat was developing a new product called “Music Gang”, which injected a fresh blood into the Internet music market; in recent days, Alibaba’s first domestic singing app sangThe duck went online and the vocal function. The new function was quickly popular in the Weibo and QQ space after the online launch. After that, the music social singer software of the byte jump incubation investment got the social app once it went online.The first place in the rankings; even the volcano video, quietly launched a volcano to sing, so that users can sing yangko with the star big café… with the support of Internet giants such as Ali and Bytes, new music productsIt is developing rapidly and targeting the young people.In the case of the end of the copyright dispute in the first half of Internet music, will the sudden outbreak of music new products represent the future development trend of the Internet music market?In a sense, the current layout of large companies is likely to be a common phenomenon in the future of the market.The copyright dispute in the first half of Internet music has ended. The emergence of new products with social, community and young people as breakthroughs may be the beginning of the second half of Internet music.In addition to copyright, a new front in the Internet music market is being opened.1 tone encounter, sing duck, music to help the outcrop community is gradually becoming a new outlet in the music field. I don’t know if you have found out that among all the new challengers, the encounter, singing duck and music help are the most typical three products.Although their core entry points are different, they are all about music social or community.The new app that first appeared in the public’s field of vision was an event. From November 2018, the social encounter with this social karaoke artifact quickly became hot in all major channels.The gameplay of its main songs is different from the popular K-song and sing-along karaoke artifacts in a gamified way. It is considered a new attempt of voice socialization.With the characteristics of socialization and gamification, the experience quickly gained a million-day performance and attracted a lot of attention from young people.According to the statistics provided by iResearch in January 2019, among the users who used the interview, men accounted for 46.25%, women accounted for 53.75%, and the gender ratio was more balanced.However, in terms of age distribution, users are younger, and users under the age of 30 account for 72.59%. It can be seen that the target users are mainly after 90.However, as the follow-up sounds were due to the hidden features in the app and the violation of Apple’s payment principle was required to be removed, the overall growth rate of the sounds slowed down and gradually entered a state of steady development.After the encounter, the one that ushered in again was the singing of the duck.As a music community for young people, Singing Duck is the first domestic singing app. By providing accompaniment sounds of dozens of musical instruments, users can easily achieve self-singing and self-singing. Not only that, but also can add drums, indicate rhythm, and replace.Popular environmental sounds.The new on-line harmony function can realize the harmony of one person and multiple characters.Cut from the tools, but not just tools, through the room sing and super topic two functions, to build a community for users, thereby attracting more and more like-minded “sound friends” to gather, and ultimately achieve community-based operations, and NeteaseThe cloud music community has the same purpose.This creates two different product lines and operations directions with the experience.In just half a year, singing ducks have been loved by young users after 95 years.According to previous reports from NetEase Technology, despite the fact that it relies entirely on natural growth, the singer MAU has maintained an average monthly increase of over 180% since its launch.After 95, the demand for the community is greater than the social, which can be seen from the operation of the B station and NetEase cloud music, and the singing duck is aimed at the needs of this group, providing them with a platform to display their talents and gain a sense of identity..Under this circumstance, some people in the industry believe that singing ducks is not only an entertainment software, but also a gathering place for “young people’s first musical instruments” and “playing music” enthusiasts to show their musical talents.From the current download and comment feedback of major app stores, the singer ducks not only have good downloads, but the overall user feedback is also very good.Taking Huawei’s application market as an example, the author found that the number of downloads of sing ducks in Huawei channels has reached 5.66 million, and the overall score is as high as 4.1 points. Many users have reported that they are coming from vibrato.It can be seen that the singing duck is getting closer to the music community where young people gather.At any time, the singer’s fire broke out. There were a lot of imitation products on the market. From product logic and even page design, they all sang like singers. Although the heat is far less than singing ducks, it also shows from another angle that singing ducks reallyFire.The picture on the left is the singer interface, and the picture on the right is the other imitation products on the market. At the same time, although the music bang just launched is just a very basic product, it has 26 songs on the line, but these songsThe copyrights are all vibrato, and the slogan of “music gang, listening to current music, making friends with the same kind” is called out.Many people don’t understand why the music that is currently a music player is worth paying attention to.In fact, if you want to develop in the second half of the Internet, having your own copyright advantage is a basic condition.Some insiders believe that the future music gang is likely to become a social product such as Netease Cloud Music. It has the basis of copyright and then enters the entrance of music based on the size of byte-hopping traffic to create a new music social platform.No matter whether this kind of dream can be realized, but as long as the music-based headline music product has a copyright basis, then this can support the social development of the headline and the volcano, so the headline launches the music gang, and indeed has one stone and two birds.s reason.Judging from these market conditions, the three products, namely, the encounter, the singer, and the music, are not the same as the entry points for the hot market, but the labels of social and young people have been deeply branded on them.So, does this rare collective behavior presage the development trend of the second half of the entire Internet music?Why are these products quickly causing heated discussions?From the market background and the logic of these products, social and community are gradually becoming the main theme of Internet music products.2 sing, Tencent music people need a social community to ease anxiety. Looking back at the first half of Chinese Internet music, we found that two types of products have benefited from the background of the times and market demand. Among them, singing and Tencent music are representatives of these two types of products.By.However, what is embarrassing is that although they enjoy the dividend in the process of copyright war and music online, they are faced with the dilemma that cannot be ignored now and in the future.According to the data of Yiguan Qianfan, the data of the national K songs has to be ahead of the sing, and the overall growth rate of singing has slowed down significantly.As an online KTV that users are very fond of after 70s and 80s, they are overtaken by Tencent’s K-Curve. They are facing embarrassing problems in business, ecology, growth, and future. Entering one will not die immediately but it will be difficult to break through.The embarrassing situation.This core has a lot to do with the lack of social and resources.At the same time, although Tencent Music has been listed, it still has challenges in the diversification of commercialization. It is also helpless to watch Netease Cloud Music rely on the rise of social power.More critically, in addition to continuing to obtain traffic through top-notch IP copyrights, Tencent Music lacks access to user approval and monetization beyond copyright, which makes its current developments extremely awkward.A few days ago, Jay Chou’s new song “Say Good and Don’t Cry” sold more than 15 million in Tencent Music Online. It is a miracle of the entire Internet music industry, but it is not easy to copy such a case.From 2013 to the present, the paid music market has not exploded.According to industry insiders, the user fee rate in China’s digital music market is still only about 5%.From this point of view, Tencent Music wants to rely on pure copyright to realize the profit explosion, which will not be realistic in the short term.Under such circumstances, although singing and Tencent music can be kept at the current scale without socializing or community, but to truly achieve breakthroughs in user growth and revenue growth, the music social or music community is undoubtedly breaking the shackles and alleviatingA panacea for anxiety.And this reason has been seen by Alibaba and the byte beaters, and began to try the development of music products outside the copyright.3 Where is the new way out for Internet music outside of copyright?From Netease cloud music and the popular K songs, to the sound of encounters, singing ducks suddenly red, the community has become the development direction outside the copyright of the Internet music platform, which has become a basic consensus.But in addition to the community, the second half of the music is more important to social.How will Internet music develop in the future?From the product logic and operational strategies behind these cutting-edge music platforms, there may be some answers.(1) The need to strengthen social but not only social music re-creation has been ignored by everyone. Although the audience, singing ducks, music gangs will be social or community, but they can suddenly erupt, the reason is more satisfied with the user in the musicOn the one hand, the appeal.From the perspective of products, you can see the sounds and sing ducks. You will find that the social + mode of the encounter is based on music and breaks the direct shackles of people. It is a new attempt to socialize strangers.But in addition to social help to attract users, the three interesting ways of playing songs, singing songs, and national lead singers also allow users to recreate music in UGC mode just like playing games.Although the singer seems to be a musical creation tool, it is the first original in China.However, after we have used it in depth, we found that his future development direction is not on the tools. The tools are just a way to attract users and provide users with a way to create. In essence, he is building a music community platform.In fact, from the current development trend of the App, it can be seen that the tool software is difficult to obtain long-term development, such as ink, only the platform has potential for development, and the singer is to integrate the user, produce the work, and finally form the formation through the innovative is different from singing ducks, and music is mainly focused on social development.This may be related to the origin of music gang, social has always been a heart disease of Zhang Yiming, this year’s launch of several social software is not warm, music help may be byte hopping for social layout, which is the community route to sing duckThe difference is large.Beyond socializing, making music products more practical and fun is behind the massive demand for music in the creative market.The sound singers are actually cutting into a small field in the big music market, but this is precisely the point of demand that can really impress young people.At this point, Li Yang, the person in charge of singing, has done a sharing and is worth thinking about.Li Yang said: In foreign countries, users have a strong demand for music creation, so a large number of musical instruments such as musical instruments have emerged, such as combat, rhythm and so on.In contrast, domestically, there are fewer APPs developed solely for such needs.Solving the need for ordinary people to create music may be an innovative value point.After the entire Internet industry has become more calm, it is really more user-friendly and makes the products more fun and more practical. The potential for such products to add socialization is even greater.(2) After the 95th, they need their own music community. In addition to starting from the demand for music re-creation, the atmosphere of the whole community also affects the user’s activity. Behind the rise of these cutting-edge products are a large number of young the development of the Internet industry in the past, you can find that each generation needs their own social space and entertainment tools.After 70 and 00, there is indeed a generation gap. This shows why 7080 uses WeChat now, but instead likes to use QQ after 95 and 00.Singing is a common hobby of human beings, but the points of interest of different age groups are actually different.Singing Tencent music, benefiting from the digital trend of music digitization and KTV online, they only need to listen to songs and sing online.However, the living conditions after 95s and 00 are far better than those after 70 and 80. Their understanding of music and the pursuit of music from childhood are actually different.After 95 00, they were able to listen to songs and sing online when they were very young. They also had more demand for music.Especially after 00, most of the time I learned musical instruments, and I have a certain musical literacy. They have a strong willingness to re-create music.Based on the early demand of the market, singing Tencent music can serve 70, 80, and 90 well, but after 95s and 00, you need a gameplay and create a richer and more extensive social space for music. This requires new products.appear.This is also the difference between singing and singing ducks.Young people and high-aged people have different understandings of music. After 70s, 80s may stay in the singing stage for singing, and after 95, after 00, they tend to be more creative and entertaining.The core of singing ducks is to hope that young people can understand, adapt, and create a song in their own way instead of becoming popular.This unique creativity is the expression of personality and self-emotion by young people.Therefore, starting from the needs of young people, finding practical tools to land, and then from fun creative tools to building a star community, has become a development path for Internet music products beyond copyright.Music social is the end of the second half of Internet music, but on the way to the end of the new and old products, the competition is to get more support from younger users.Beyond copyright, aiming at the re-creation needs of young users to gradually socialize has become a new user growth point for Internet music products and a way out for the future Internet music market.Behind the rise of singing duck music and music, it is bound to bring more excellent music products. When Tencent music singers also entered the game, the second half of Internet music will officially start..