After ten years in the US group, Wang Xing sinks


Text / Zhang Xiaowang was established in March 2010, the US group with a market value of 558.964 billion Hong Kong, is about ten years old.In the past ten years, the US group has developed from a website that only buys a group to a large-scale life service platform integrating take-out, group purchase, ticketing, hotel, network car, bicycle, finance, and even grocery shopping, becoming the third largest market value in China.Big internet company.On August 23, the US Mission Review (3690.HK) released its second-quarter earnings report as of June 30, 2019. The data showed that the total revenue of the US Mission reached 22.7 billion yuan during the financial reporting period, a year-on-year increase of 50.6%, higher than the market.The expected 21.810 billion yuan, adjusted EBITDA reached 2.3 billion yuan, net profit of 1.5 billion yuan, the US group achieved overall profit for the first time.However, standing at the intersection of the old and new decade, Wang Xing, who has always been radical, has had more thoughts – through the stage of rapid expansion, the next war of the US regiment, playing with himself.According to Zhan Finance, recently, the US Mission issued a full notice through the intranet, encouraging all employees to participate in a large internal discussion called “Better Decade”.This discussion will take the form of an online and offline combination to cover all employees of the group.Interestingly, the US team’s full-staff discussion did not focus on the business of the US group, but designed three major themes, focusing on organizational talent, technology trends and social values.Among them, the US group’s organizational talent development for the next decade is listed as the top priority.This means that the US Mission is becoming more rational and responsible when it has passed the stage of wild growth.Suddenly, talents have become more and more serious. Wang Xing seems to have paid more and more attention to talents.According to the US group, in the near future, the organization of talent construction has been discussed intensively within the US group. Wang Xing even mentioned it twice in a month.At the end of September, the internal communication will once again share the book “Leading Echelon”, proposing that in the next decade, the US Mission will let a new group of leaders at all levels grow up.At the end of October, Wang Xing once again pointed out at a training meeting: “I think more about organization and talent now. In the early stage, the company is related to the development of opportunities and opportunities. The more the company needs sustainable development, the more it needs”Building the organization well.” The implication is that if the past ten years is the creation of the US team’s hard power, then in the next five or even ten years, the US group with nearly 10,000 employees and 3 million riders will gather together to build a business.Soft power, talent is one of the most important.”Organization, it is more important now to attract and retain a group of talents. Everyone wants to seek common ground while reserving differences.” Wang Xing said, “A company has grown to seven or eight years, and culture has really formed. We are at this stage, I thinkThis is a very critical period for the company’s development. The next two years will lay the groundwork for the company five to ten years later. This is the time for real organization.” He also said that the US group will encourage internal training and selection.It is a culture that fits better, and on the other hand gives employees more opportunities for growth.In addition, according to Observer Network, as early as the end of September, Wang Xing said: “Doing one year, three years, ten years, I have been thinking about the next decade.What should be the group, the constant is customer-centric, who can serve and what kind of service we provide, this is from the perspective of business. More importantly, from the mission of the organization, how can we let the organization continue to iterate,Increasingly, how can there be a wave of talents emerging.” Technological innovation and social value are also the strategic concerns of the US Mission for the next decade.For technological innovation, the US Mission hopes that all employees will discuss: What will happen to the next decade, how will technology change, and what strategic opportunities it may have.Aiming at 100 million life service practitioners On October 15, Meituan University was formally established, and the principal was appointed by Mu Rongjun, co-founder of the US Mission.In the next ten years, Meituan University plans to cooperate with 1,000 colleges and universities to drive 100 million life service practitioners to achieve digital development and open up long-term development channels.This move is inseparable from the current trend of China’s service industry.Zinc Finance previously mentioned in the article “I am in the US Mission to the University”, according to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in the first quarter of this year, China’s tertiary industry accounted for 57.3% of GDP.Although the proportion is close to 60%, compared with developed countries, there is still a lot of room for growth.In sharp contrast, the digitalization process of China’s life service industry has just started, and the Internet penetration rate of China’s homepage catering industry has just exceeded 10%.In the past ten years, capital and industry have focused more on the B-ends of enterprises and merchants.Most of the most front-line practitioners are often overlooked.And how to deliver a steady stream of talents to the industry in the context of the digital economy link service industry has become a top priority.The establishment of the US Mission University is based on this initial heart.Chen Feng, executive vice president of the China Vocational and Technical Education Association and director of the School Planning and Development Center of the Ministry of Education, said that the establishment of Meituan University can not only find a path to improve development by improving the quality of all workers, but also find a path.A better way to fulfill the platform of corporate social responsibility such as the US Mission.Mu Rongjun, the president of the US Mission University, also explained the initial intention of the establishment of the Meituan University: “In the past ten years, the US Mission has been committed to promoting the onlineization of service products and connecting the industry to the Internet. In the next decade, the US Mission will turn to the cultivation of digital talents.Let the industry learn to use technology to operate. In the past ten years, we have been striving to provide more employment opportunities for the takeaway brothers and solve the problem of short-term employment survival. In the next ten years, we need to provide them with more learning opportunities and solve long-term career development problems.In fact, since 2016, the US Mission’s training colleges for the life service industry segment have been established. As early as the establishment of Meituan University, the US Mission has accumulated more than 30 million training sessions, and offline training coverage.More than 455 cities across the country.From the bottom up, the B-side 2019 beauty group has become a bit different.This year, the market value of the US Mission exceeded HK$500 billion and became the third-highest market capitalization company after Ali and Tencent. In this year, the US Mission achieved profit for the first time. In this year, the US Mission began to sink its hearts and start the US.The group university, initiated an internal discussion on the future talent construction and organizational adjustment.Also in this year, the radical beauty group suddenly became more gentle and cautious.Intensifying strategic contraction and stop loss has also accelerated the pace of profitability to a large extent.The US group was huge in March, and its acquisition of Moby bicycles withdrew from overseas markets. In April, the US group Xiaoxiang fresh closed three stores in Changzhou, and the business scope was also reduced to two stores in one city.The US group’s pre-order warehouse is also in a modest investment stage; also in April, the US group taxi “aggregation mode” is on-line, users can call multiple vehicles on different platforms at the US group platform.Under a series of measures, the loss of the new business of Meituan was narrowed, and the gross profit began to turn from negative to positive. According to relevant data, in the second quarter of 19, the gross profit margin of the US group was 9.1%, which was larger than the -76.4% in the same period of 2018.has improved.At the same time, since 2019, the US group’s layout on the B side has also accelerated.In May, Meituan launched an open distribution platform to speed up the operation efficiency of the target business and restart the catering supply chain platform. In September, the “Shantou Direct Employment” blue-collar recruitment platform was also used to help merchants solve the blue-collar recruitment.problem.The real trend of B is that in 2018, for the US group, among the many B-side businesses, catering is the most important.Especially after years of training and subsidies by the US Mission and Hunger, the mobile Internetization habits of C-end users have been developed, and the improvement of consumption level and level has made C-end users more convenient for life services, scene experience and other factors.More and more attention.This means that the B-side advantage will be more obvious in the catering service center with user experience as the core, and it will have more stable and considerable appeal in the long run.In fact, since 2016, the US Mission has explored this aspect.It has successively passed the SaaS cash register business, the catering open platform, the Meituan Financial and other services, and wants to improve the operational efficiency of the entire B-end business.The IPO prospectus provided by the US Mission to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange shows that the number of online merchants of the US group in 2017 exceeded 5.9 million, and the majority of the 5.9 million online merchants were catering businesses.Through the massive C-end users to attract B-end merchants, the scale effect is formed, and then the service efficiency of the merchants is improved through SaaS empowerment services, resulting in a long-term average cost reduction, and thus the control of the closed-loop ecology, which constitutes the core play of the US Mission.”The US regiment is only six months away from bankruptcy.” Wang Xing has repeatedly revealed his sense of crisis and cautiousness. This does not seem to match him who has always shown strength and radicality, but he has been with the US Mission for ten years.The growth of Wang Xing is not just wealth.From internal talent development to Meituan University, from the inside out, lay the foundation for the soft power of the next five years or even ten years; based on the C-end user base empowerment B, bottom-up, create a closed-loop ecology, the moat of the US MissionIt is being reinforced at one level..