The front line | Xiaomi camera finally tied with Huawei, Lei Jun awards Xiaomi camera department: already on the top of the world


The millet camera division’s year-end award this year is stable.”If you want to get the year-end award, you have to do it on the camera.” This is the only goal of the millet camera division last year.I remember that last year’s press conference, Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi MIX30 officially surpassed Huawei P20. As a result, Huawei’s release of mate20 soon overtook Xiaomi again. Later, Xiaomi was suppressed by friends in Huawei P30 series for half a year.Hard work.This time, with the 100 million-pixel “camera emperor” to attack the thunder of the thunder, and finally proud.Recently, the famous photo assessment agency DxOMark announced the camera score, in which the Xiaomi CC9 Pro scored 121 points, ranking first with Huawei Mate 30 Pro.Although the total score is the same, in the video, Xiaomi CC9 Pro exceeds Mate 30 Pro 2 points, not only the comprehensive score of 121 points makes CC9 Pro the first in the world, DxoMark also said that the machine is the best static and video tested.One of the imaging phones.The score shows that the machine also has the first video, the first texture, and the first zoom.Source: DoXmark On November 7, Lei Jun issued a full internal mail to reward Xiaomi Camera.Lei Jun said in the mail: “This is another major breakthrough in our core technology of mobile phones. It is a great achievement within us. It marks that the camera technology of Xiaomi mobile phone has undoubtedly reached the top of the world.”Focusing on the company’s advantageous resources, we must make the photo quality of Xiaomi mobile phone to the world’s top level.” In May last year, Xiaomi Camera Department was formally established, facing the perennial suppression of camera technology by friends, Lei Jun decided to die the camera, andTake Huawei as the main goal.”We want to surpass it in Huawei’s most concerned camera system.” In September this year, Huawei’s Mate30 Pro scored a new score of 121 points in the DxOmark imaging score, compared to the previous Galaxy Note.10+ 5G increased by 4 points.From the P20 Pro’s first three shots to the Mate 20 series to achieve multi-focal section coverage, from the P30 series with Leica three shots to the current flagship Mate 30 Pro, Huawei has been continuously on the camera in recent years, and repeatedly climbed DxOMark.Xiaomi, who once surpassed Huawei P20 as a small target, constantly used Huawei as an imaginary enemy on the road of camera upgrade.Lei Jun said at the Xiaomi CC9 Pro conference: “The speed of our progress is too fast. We completed the big goal of three to five years ahead of schedule. Xiaomi officially promoted the top mobile phone in the big league, with Apple Samsung and Huawei.The giants are on the same level.” The mail pointed out that Xiaomi’s investment in camera development in the first half of the year increased by 30% year-on-year, showing Xiaomi’s ambition on the camera.As early as July this year, Xiaomi set up a research and development center called “Xiaomi Finland Oy” in Tampere, Finland.Mainly research camera technology, signal processing, machine learning, video, image processing and other smart phone camera technology.Its office is close to the Tampere University of Technology in Finland, which has an advanced image research and development center, enabling Xiaomi to continuously reserve high-level talents in the field of camera algorithms.More and more cameras, higher and higher pixels, in the track of the constantly updated smartphone camera, mobile phone manufacturers are clearly caught in an endless competition in order to compete for users.This time, the Apple that lost to Xiaomi Huawei in the DxO rankings can be seen from the iPhone12 renderings exposed in the past few days. The series will add a camera to the iPhone11 series to completely upgrade the “Yuba” mode.If you follow this trend, the secret fear says: It has already died.